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  {Ref: Ephesians - Chapter 6 - Verses 10 through 17}
Caleb settled into the control chair of his sleek star runner, set  the  controls for emergency evacuation, engaged remote pilot and  painfully drifted in and out of consciousness. The pain was excruciating. Caleb had not clad himself in full armor... once again he would suffer agonizing pain. He dug the fiery darts from his chest, knowing that his shield would have protected him. When would he learn to put on the full armor when confronting  Mesmerizer's hoards of evil warriors? After all... Alpha designed this method of  warfare and his law required that all agents engage in war only when fully clad.


Alpha Command is an organization comprised of unseen agents as well as human agents, engaged in spiritual warfare. Caleb was a good agent but a renegade, tested many times, had always endured... he works alone... coming close to defeat but each time able to get a message to command. 

It was common practice for Alpha to dispatch  agents to rescue him and bring him back to headquarters... Always punished for his mistakes, he would take  the punishment and fall back into Alpha's service. This time would  be no different... he thought. 

The rest was up to Alpha  Command to bring him home. As he drifted in and out of consciousness he recounted his last few hours...

She was beautiful! The music was perfect! She handed him the glass. This drop-dead, gorgeous, beauty was trying to establish eye contact, he looked down to avoid it. Her male friend certainly noticed, how could he not? The last thing Caleb needed  was another relationship gone bad. "No more women of the world" was the solemn  promise to himself. Caleb knew he had no business there, these people were not his friends and this woman was strictly off limits. What had led him into this situation? Was he bored or just plain crazy? 

In this case Caleb would agree that the philosophy of the Religious Outpost  was correct. "don't go there" would have been their position. But he did go and now he would pay and pay dearly. He did however leave a thought with her ~ ~ she at least knows that there is a better life awaiting her if she chooses to look for it. He would have been alright had he kept his thoughts on business.

Caleb's mind raced, "all too many people confuse virtue with lack of opportunity." He further rationalized... "perhaps he afforded himself too much opportunity!" He pictured the last moments there with her... Caleb had  allowed his mind to follow her flowing, sensuous movements... NO ARMOR! Immediately Mesmerizer's  agents attacked! When an Alpha Command Soldier engages without full armor, he's vulnerable to the powers of Mezmerizer! It was no secret... Mezmerizer's troops know all too well!


Messy's agents are no match for Caleb when he's properly clad in full armor, his walls are cluttered with dozens of awards for defeating the evil warriors from Mezmerizer's kingdom! However, without full armor he can lose his very life. Once again, he doubted his worthiness as a Command-Strike-Pilot in service to Alpha. His rank was unequaled in the Ephysian Planetary Command. Every "star" was well deserved and his battle injuries were equaled only by the emotional wounds he carried.  

How he loved to play with the forbidden things of this world... to live like a free spirit with no allegiance to anyone or anything... sampling the things of the world but always having safe harbor with Alpha. He would learn soon... this way of life is far too dangerous! 

Drifting in and out, constantly praying... surely Alpha would forgive him once again, after all, Caleb was sure he had finally learned this lesson!


The landing port appeared on the screen as Caleb was coming out of his unconscious state. Alpha had accepted Caleb's petition for pardon....

Caleb reflected... knowing how his conduct upsets the religious outpost members! The fact that he associates with non members of the outpost gives them reason to blackball him and excommunicate him! They've insisted for years that Caleb conform to their doctrine and conduct. "Stay within the confines of the outpost and don't give the non-post members any thought at all." After all, it's safe here in the Post and you can't get hurt! Caleb would not... NO! He could not conform, he felt the call to take the knowledge to the entire planetary complex.

Much to do! He busied himself with docking his Star Runner which he had named "BIG RED 3" ~ His magnificent ship was the fastest in the entire planetary complex... Capable of warp 3 progression!


Caleb was deeply scarred, a stubborn streak marred his ability... a fault in his makeup had prevented him from reaching his full potential  in his service to Alpha. This was the capital reason the outposts didn't accept him... there was no love lost... the outpost's methods didn't appeal to him! A crippling stubbornness  that would not let him conform to the rigid, man-made rituals of the outposts.

Mesmerizer had infiltrators in most of the outpost chapters and that turned Caleb cold. These infiltrators would quietly impose Mesmerizer's doctrine... even make it appealing to the unknowing Post Members. Many  of the outpost leaders taught Mesmerizer's doctrine without realizing it. They made these false teachings a part of their doctrine... misleading the  members. Caleb saw through it and it sickened him. As a result he kept his distance from the Outpost Members. He seemingly did not belong anywhere! 

Perhaps that's why ALPHA had recruited him to HIS service. A stubborn, hotheaded, talented soldier who simply would not conform to the systems established within the religious outposts.  Caleb would only answer to and serve Alpha.

Caleb's nature was to wander... time after time he slipped into that dangerous war zone that belonged to Mesmerizer! The "ZONE" was no place for a soldier from Alpha Command, especially alone. That was Caleb's way. Never knowing or caring how far he wandered he would invariably go too far. Deeper and deeper, he had a ravenous appetite for flirting with the "things" of  the world. Then it would invariably happen... he would  encounter someone worth saving and that would bring him back to his senses, immediately realizing his purpose and his inherent mission in the kingdom. Throwing all caution to the wind he would find himself dangerously involved with the  enemy. Venturing where outpost members would never consider going, always becoming dangerously involved with the enemy. On occasion it was necessary for Alpha to dispatch the powerful, invisible agents to rescue him. 

The outpost leaders viewed Caleb as a "lost" soldier... ALPHA VIEWED HIM AS HIS MINISTER OF GUERRILLA WARFARE!


Caleb's home was on the main planet of the Ephysia Planetary Complex. The time was just after the turn of the 21st century.


The outposts required that people become  members of the post in  order to be entitled to all of the benefits. The members give a  percentage of their income to maintain their class "A" membership status. These outposts have established themselves as chapters of Alpha but they don't agree on the teachings of the Ancient Book of Alpha which was left for them as a model by which to live their lives. Some of the outposts have even written their own book to replace the original Book of Alpha. Each outpost has a different doctrine and is confusing to many of the citizens of Ephysia. Each outpost leader may teach their individual doctrine to their members and much of  the doctrine is written by the outpost leaders themselves. Most of the outposts are led by Mezmerizer through his servants, who are disguised as ALPHA's servants but the members are not aware of these counterfeits.


There is a tremendous battle being waged by the disciples of Alpha's Son (Alpha II) in a far away galaxy on planet Earth. Conditions were much the same as here on Ephysia. It seems that the universal laws of Alpha are just that... UNIVERSAL! Caleb is not aware of the other galaxy or that he is facing the same warfare as Alpha II's Commandos are facing on Planet Earth.


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