I believe in the flat earth theory, it makes a lot of sense. If you believe the bible then you must acknowledge it as fact. It makes more sense than the theory that we live on a sphere or a ball. I have many reasons to believe that the earth is flat. If the average person researches the subject and that person is reasonably intelligent and has enough background they will agree with many of my thoughts on this page.

Consider a few of the obvious facts. In light of the fact that NASA lies to us on a continual basis. The reason is money and motive.

Money: NASA receives upwards of 40 billion dollars per year plus many benefits by cooperating with a government that also lies to its citizens about many things. I know it is hard to believe and for many years I could not accept it but it has become so obvious that I was forced to accept the facts. As for motive: one of the motives is to deny the existence of God. Politicians, the people who make our laws and govern the nation do not acknowledge biblical standards. Our founding fathers did but those days are gone. There was a time when this democratic republic was governed by the people, for the people. Now we are simply producers and laborers for the new world order.

In 1969 and the 1970 decade: When the space capsules re-entered earth's atmosphere and became glowing red hot then they splashed into the ocean why was there no steam? The answers they give are total bull malarky. If the earth is a ball why do we not have any real photos? All Nasa gives us are composites, not real pictures. Even Neil Tyson, famed astrophysicist says the earth doesn't look like that which NASA publishes... he says that it bulges at the equator and that ain't the way NASA shows it in their phony composites that we are led to believe are real pictures. NASA lies about everything... we may or may not have a space station but it is believable because it is only 225 miles up. Therefore they do not have to go through the Van Allen Radiation belt and it is well under the dome which is at least 7500 miles up and possibly 15,000 miles at its highest point.

Consider this fact: There is no way a human could live after passing through through the Van Allen Radiation belt. So much for going to the moon. No, we did not go to the moon. At least not the moon that is a quarter million miles away and over 2,000 miles in diameter. However, the sun and moon within the proposed dome are both about 30 miles in diameter and about 3,000 miles altitude. They are the same size and nearly the same altitude. This is the model that looks right to me and seems to agree with bible scriptures that refer to this topic. Scripture tells us that God put two lights in the sky, the greater light for day and the lesser light for night. The domed model sounds more like the model referred to in the scriptures. When I look up at a full moon, I believe I'm seeing a moon that is 30 miles in diameter and about 3,000 miles up. 

Plenty of evidence to prove that we did not go to the moon and land a space craft on it as Neil Armstrong was supposed to have done. I suppose it could have been true if we went to the moon that is under the dome and 3,000 miles up. Look into it for yourself, don't take my word for it but above all else, don't put your faith in NASA - a lying bunch of phonies that have the world believing a bunch of bull malarky. It's all about money and selling a Godless world on more ungodly lies. Keeping you convinced that we evolved from a green slime and no Creator (no God). If it begins to sound wrong then you are catching on. Hitler said that if you tell a lie loud enough and long enough the people will believe it.

We're taught that the seasons were caused by the sun being closer and further away? How does 2,000 miles make this difference simply because the earth tilts and brings the northern or southern hemisphere a few thousand miles closer or further from the sun! The sun is 93 million miles away, how does a few thousand miles make such a difference? It's supposed to be summer because we're closest to the sun.

Let me go over this again...

If you live in the USA or in the northern hemisphere: WHEN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE TILTS TOWARDS THE SUN BY A FEW THOUSAND MILES, we are experiencing summer and when the northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun we are experiencing winter because we're further away as earth is tilting away from the sun by a few thousand miles when they tell us that the sun is 93 million miles away and they actually make you believe this. This is a complete lie. Go figure for yourself.

Why doesn't the earth's atmosphere get sucked out into space by the all powerful vacuum? What is stopping the 14.7 PSI atmosphere from being sucked off our planet? Unless we are contained within a closed dome... now that is reasonable.

According to the biblical explanation, the firmament is the structure above the atmosphere, conceived as a vast solid dome. According to the Genesis creation narrative, God created the firmament to separate the waters above the earth from the waters below the earth. The bible tells us that there is a domed covering over the earth that separates the waters above from the waters below (earth's oceans). This domed ceiling is either 7,500 thousand miles at the highest point or 15,000 miles high, I can't remember for sure which is believed to be correct by the Flat Earth Society.

Fact: Atmospheric sprites and the nuclear tests from the 60s from operation fishbowl clearly show it hitting a wall or dome of some sort. How does it appear they are hitting a wall at a specific altitude if they are not?

Fact: If the earth is a ball why can you view Polaris (the north star) all the way from the 30th degree parallel south in the southern hemisphere? This alone disproves a round earth.

Ever heard of curving water? Water doesn't curve, especially when you consider the difference in the miles of depth of the oceans. Show me how you make large bodies of water curve so perfectly and hold the round shape. The popular answer is one word: "GRAVITY." That one word answer doesn't work with me. The science community doesn't even know what gravity is. However, the average high school dropout knows that gravity is the reason that water can maintain a round sphere that supposedly looks like the fake composite images that NASA leads you to believe that is the true picture of earth and it simply is not true.

We don't even know what gravity is! Curve some water for me and I'll pay attention to the ridiculous theories presented to mankind through our schools, churches and NASA. If I were willing to pound on these buttons long enough I could give you dozens or hundreds of reasons to make my point but just for the mental exercise, you do some thinking. Use keywords and phrases such as "flat earth" and do some very interesting research and learning.

Of course there are round water droplets because of surface tension but a water droplet is tiny, the earth's oceans are enormous and surface tension does not apply here.

Schools and churches have sold out. They're sure they know because they've been taught the same evolution logic. Evolution is pure nonsense. If you really believe that the duck evolved from the alligator because scales became feathers and such rot as this then you're lost. I would suggest that you simply accept the biblical expanation about creation.

Yes, God actually created a flat earth with a dome over it to contain the atmosphere and the firmament which is explained in the bible and was so readily accepted for thousands of years before NASA and the world system dumbed us down through schools, churches and NASA, the best liars of all time.

The ball earth theory is 500 years young and the best way to help make people not believe in God or a creator is to sell them The Big Bang Theory. A system that teaches an evolving, round earth and belief in evolution. If people understood that the earth is flat and has a dome over it they would believe in God because there is no way to say that a flat earth with a dome can be produced through "Big Bang."

There's plenty of evidence, simply use Bing, Yahoo or Google and your brain. The average reader reading this think they know better cause they've been taught this Big Bang and Evolution stuff their entire lives.

The New World Order System demands that you be dumbed down to believe this rot so they can tell you anything and you won't question it. There is no limit to the level of education that they teach this rot. The higher you go in the education system the less likely you are to believe in God. What a shame! I suppose it's another way of saying that the longer they can brainwash you, the more ridiculous the lies they can make you believe.

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