The King's 12
The 12 disciples of Jesus and how they died.
Excerpts from the novel "THE KING'S 12" which the Lord motivated me to write in August, 1993.

"The 12" were very brave and loyal to their death.

Jesus' cousin, James, was one of the first to engage the enemy. He was beheaded. He died as he had lived his life, courageously! James and his brother John were the wealthy sons of Zebedee and his wife Salome who was the sister of Jesus' mother, Mary, making Jesus, James and John cousins. Jesus' Aunt Salome was one of the three wealthy women who supported Jesus' ministry. Zebedee owned and operated a large commercial fishery and shipped their pickled fish far away. The fishery was located on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee.

Jesus' other cousin, John, (James' Brother) was imprisoned on the island, Patmos, later escaped and was the only one to die a natural death. He, like Matthew left a written account of Jesus. He will always be remembered as one of the major authors of an old and wonderful book. A book that teaches people about the Kingdom. The gospel of Jesus and the Book of Revelation are the two most known.

Nathaniel (Bartholomew) the doctor, a very proper and cultured gentleman, taught many of earth's citizens the ways of the Kingdom and brought joy to as many. He was killed somewhere in or around India because of his loyalty to Jesus.

Matthew, the former tax auditor, turned his pen towards recording Jesus' brief life on the planet. Matthew was a well educated and wealthy man. Amazing how he jumped at the opportunity to leave his lifestyle and wealth to follow Jesus. He spread the word all over the Middle East, Persia (Iran) and parts of Northern Africa. He was a gallant man, he served the Kingdom well and died a horrible death. He was burned to death under a bed of oil-soaked papyrus, asphalt and pitch. (I named my youngest son after him)

Thomas, the carpenter was a practical, serious minded sort. He fell to a lance on a hill in India where a church bears his name today. (I recently met a nurse in the emergency room at the Veteran's Hospital in Little Rock who was from India and attended that church! She was amazed that I knew about it!)

Philip, was hanged in an Asian city which was devoted to a "great snake" idol.

Andrew, Peter's brother, had quite an impact on Scotland, Greece and Russia. He was tortured and crucified. (St. Andrews, a famous golf course is named for him) Andrew and Peter were brothers and worked for Zebedee, the father of James and John, in the fishing industry.

Thaddaeus and Simon, were militant Zealots - they worked together and at one meeting converted 60,000 people. They died for the cause, killed by stones and clubs. The murderers were of course driven by the same force that was responsible for the death of all their brothers. (I named my first born son after Thaddaeus - 'Thad')

James, (the other James - the brother of Matthew) was stoned to death.

Peter, the big fisherman, the one Jesus relied on so much, was crucified upside down - at his own request... He said he did not deserve to be crucified upright as was his Master, Jesus. He had traveled and taught extensively. Peter died at about the same time and place as Paul.

Matthias, the one who replaced Judas was crucified.

Paul, who wrote so many books and worked so fervently for the Kingdom was eventually beheaded. Paul (original name SAUL) was NOT one of the 12 disciples. He was a devout hater-of-Christians! After Jesus was resurrected Jesus appeared to Paul on a lonely stretch of road one night and struck him blind. Jesus asked Saul, "Saul, Saul, Why do you hate me?" (paraphrased) Jesus renamed him Paul instead of Saul and Paul became a convert. Jesus returned his sight and Paul went on to be a major force for Christ and Christians.


These excerpts are from my first assignment from The Lord, The King's 12. A novel He instructed me to write in August, 1993. That was the beginning of my engagement in spiritual warfare. Miracles, healing, unexplainable mysteries, demons, protection by my Lord from burglars and who knows what else? It has been an experience that few have had and I thank Him for it! I love Him very much! I hope you come to know Him as well!

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