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The Two Party System
We Have Been Taught That The Two-Party System Is The Best System... Is It?

"United We Stand - Divided We Fall"

The bloodiest president ever to hold the highest office of the USA was the first Republican President... Abraham Lincoln. Old Honest Abe is credited with abolishing slavery. We are taught that slavery was the reason for the War Between The States. It was not! I'll leave the (truthful) history lesson to someone else - I want to make a point.

The two party system has divided America and is a major cause for the USA to fall away from God. The two party system creates strife as each party plays with minorities and specific segments of society with one goal in mind - to win that segment over to their party for their vote, regardless of the merit of the issue at hand... just get votes! It is evil - it has destroyed our country and way of life. We are divided and as the old adage goes: "United We Stand - Divided We Fall."

I am nonpartisan but consider the following example...

As of this writing, the Grand Old Party (Republican Party) has pandered and catered to the religious sector (This writing is during GW Bush's second term). The religious sector has sought favoritism from the same party. They seem to have forgotten that the purpose for the church is to worship God... not to be used for political favoritism. I know there are those who are screaming at me right now. I speak truth. Those who are screaming (at me) are political zealots disguised in religious garb. I figure they will have eternity to consider their wrongs. Hey, it's your problem, not mine, I'm just warning you for the sake of soul-saving. You can say the same thing for all special interest groups. It's just plain evil! As JFK once said; "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

Special Interest Groups put their goals above the good of the country and the people.

Under this form of politics/government - we have allowed socialism to flourish and be called "liberal." The 2 Party System has allowed fascism to flourish and be innocently referred to as "conservative." It has pitted labor against management and big business against the entrepreneur. The wealthy against the poor, family members and friends estranged and so on. Yep! Everybody hates everybody!

It has divided our people by race, religion, politics, family and class distinction. This nation was founded on ONE PEOPLE WITH GOD AS THEIR LEADER! Charlatan's and greedy people began to overthrow our once pure intent. Then along came the New World Order ... And you thought the NWO was just recently dreamed up by Bush 41? No. He did announce it on TV about 1990 and then worked to usher it in. But he only announced to the people what the new way of life is to be called. It rode in with Honest Abe, and other infamous leaders... then... perpetuated by our recent leaders.

Friends - just because a cannibal is born into a cannibalistic family doesn't make cannibalism right! Just because a brainwashed, wrongly taught parent or society teaches which forms of government are "right" DOES NOT MAKE IT SO!

I can just hear some folks screeching, "He's a Commie." No I am not! I am the most patriotic American you know - BUT - the evils perpetuated by the Republican and Democratic Parties are NOT AMERICAN! They are the ANTITHESIS of what America stands for. By-the-way, if Rush Limbaugh or any of his followers are reading this ... "antithesis" means opposite.

Make no mistake about it - It's planned - It's no accident! "My People Will Perish For Lack Of Knowledge"

It's time for Americans to rethink the terms and definitions we have been taught to call "good."

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