Is It Murder? Should You Consider An Abortion?

I hope this page helps answer a few questions for you. First I would like you to read a letter from my friend, Crystal. Crystal is a mother and understanding person. She has seen life from many sides. She has seen as much as just about any person you are likely to meet. She also knows God! I hope you can benefit from her knowledge and avoid pain, suffering and a troubled spirit.

Here is her latest letter to me, answering a question, to which I had asked her opinion, concerning John 3:5 and natural birth. 5 Jesus replied, “I assure you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit."

From a Reader:

When you are conceived in the womb you are being developed to be born into the world. You are alive inside your mother's body! You are already a human being made in the flesh inside the body of your mother. Your mother's body helps your development and protects you until you are strong enough not to perish outside the container of her womb! 

Therefore, an aborted baby is a living person who has been murdered while it was being developed in the womb.

It is alive before it ever leaves the womb! That is why when you abort it you commit the act of murder! The shedding of innocent blood. It has been given a Spirit  from God! It is that Spirit, within the baby that causes the quickening when the baby begins to move around.  

The baby has already met all of Jesus' requirements for the definition of a human being. It was born of the water of it's mother's fluid! It was given a Spirit from God because it came from God. In the scriptures it is recorded that God said of one individual, "I knew you in the womb!"   

I, God, knew you in the womb. I gave you life! I created you! God said I already knew you when you were wrought or created in the secret most parts of the earth. That secret most part was in the womb! The baby goes home to be with God! 

It doesn't have to come out alive on the table in delivery! It doesn't have to say the sinner's prayer which is man's ritual! It is created and ordained by God.

A picture is being circulated that says it is from surgery on a 21-week-old fetus...and the fetus is holding a doctor's hand

This is a true story according to the mother who had the surgery, Vanderbilt University, (where the procedure took place) and the photographer who took the picture. 

This Is A Baby! Please Do Not Kill Babies!

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