(John 3:3)
Consider this topic to be a serious warning!
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In the year 2014 I was instructed by the Holy Spirit to become aware of UFOs and Aliens because mankind and even God's children will be deceived using these entities as the tool. I immediately began to research videos and all available information. After several months of research, my favorite television channel, THE HISTORY CHANNEL began to report on these topics on a weekly and regular basis. Amazingly, over 70,000 secret files have been released by various countries/agencies and made available to the public. One of the programs is called "HANGER ONE." These are actual reported UFO happenings around the world. I had a head start because of the message delivered to me by the Holy Spirit. I was instructed to warn the people that evil deception would cause many people to doubt their faith.

After I began to watch the videos I began to be depressed. For many months I thought it was entirely because of a medication I had been taking for heart arrhythmia (AFIB). After a while, I was shown that it was because my faith was being undermined. I assumed that the church or a government agency would make an outlandish claim that Jesus was an Alien or some such thing and an earth-shaking new belief would be responsible for causing many people to lose their faith but in fact it was simply my faith that was being shaken by the claims made by the pro UFO community. I had no idea that my faith could be weakened by the evidence presented by the testimonies of the UFO society! The various videos and shows that are shown are very subtle but soon it can be very easy to begin to wonder if all I had been so sure of was not as "cut and dried" as I had accepted. After a short while most any person can easily begin to doubt... before you even realize what is happening. I truly believe that by attacking my faith I was shown how disastrous it could be and that this was God's plan to show me how the coming deception would be effective and possibly destroy peoples faith.

The reporting Ufologists are very subtle as they attempt to lead the viewers to believe that Aliens created man and they give them credit for the creations of the true God. If God's kids are not careful they can be influenced to consider these claims as fact. BE VERY CAREFUL! This may be the great deception that we are warned about in the scriptures. "If it were possible even the very elect will be deceived." (paraphrased) The fact is, the so-called aliens are fallen angels! They are supernatural... they can walk through walls, defy gravity and appear as anything! I am led to believe that this deception may be the most dangerous lie in the history of man. It can take you to hell and confine you to an eternity of suffering and misery. These fallen angels conduct themselves in a supernatural and spiritual way... not as any material being. Everything points to them being fallen angels with supernatural powers.

I don't recommend that believers/followers of Jesus stick their head in the sand and simply refuse to allow their children to watch the reports but the followers of Jesus should be careful to teach their children the facts according to the New Testament. The easiest pathway for the UFO community to sell their teaching is by way of the Old Testament and the story of creation in the first few chapters of Genesis.

To give you a glimpse... according to the bible, we are told/taught: Abraham is/was known as the father of many faiths, as well as the Jewish faith which is the foundation of the Christian belief. Abraham (then Abram) was from Ur.... which is located in present day Iraq. Writers of this topic tell us that Abram's father was of the highest order of Sumerian Priests and highly regarded. Secular (and especially ufologists) writers of this topic tell us that the Sumerians were said to have been taught by "beings" from another planet who were here on earth to mine gold, among other elements. The account in Genesis, chapter 2 is the exact way the Sumerians said that these visiting "gods" created man... created from the dust (elements of earth). They created man to do the hard work.


Here's the creation described in Genesis, Chapter 1... 26 Then God said, “Let us make a man—someone like ourselves, to be the master of all life upon the earth and in the skies and in the seas.” 27 So God made man like his Maker. Like God did God make man; Man and maid did he make them.

Here is the Genesis, Chapter Two Creation... Genesis 2:7. The time came when the Lord God formed a man’s body from the dust of the ground and breathed into it the breath of life. And man became a living person.

In the chapter 2 creation there is no mention of creating man in the image and likeness of God. The "Lord God" FORMED a man's body... Notice in the Chapter One Creation it states that the man will be created like his maker or in the image of his creator.

You will notice in the chapter two creation that the "Lord God" FORMED man from the dust, while in the chapter one creation "God" CREATED man from nothing! It shouts to me that two different entities are named and two different methods are used in the two creations.

This is why there are many people who believe that the bible teaches two different creations. The first creation in Genesis, chapter 1, "God" spoke both, Adam and Eve into existence at the same time, on the 6th day.

In the second chapter creation the "Lord God" formed Adam from the dust and breathed life into him on the first day... After a long period of time, HE then put Adam into a deep sleep and removed a rib, which HE used to create Eve, HE actually cloned Eve. It does sound like two very different creations! The creation in the first chapter is the one that sounds like the miraculous God and father of Jesus, whereas, the creation in the second chapter sounds like a method used by mortals... (creating Adam from the elements of earth and cloning Eve from Adam's rib)


That which we refer to as UFOs are recorded in Ezekiel as well as other books of the bible and there may have been many more that the Council at Nicea may not have allowed into the Canon which became the foundation of our bible. I BELIEVE THERE IS SOME MAJOR REASON AS TO WHY GOD HAS ALLOWED THESE EXPERIENCES IN MY LIFE. It has come to mind that science (NASA) (HUBBLE) may allow aliens to be used to mislead the church and God's people in the last days. Aliens and UFOs are reported to do extraordinary things that defy the laws of gravity and physics... sounds more like the supernatural acts of angels.

I am led to believe that we must reconsider who Gog and Magog are.There are many theories but none of them can justify the number of warriors that will come against Israel in the final battle... 200,000,000 and John was very certain about hearing this unbelievable number! Read about it in the Book of Revelation, 9th chapter and Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39. These beings will kill 1/3 of all mankind!

The bible tells us that God himself will destroy 85% of the attacking horde in the mountains, north of Israel! Only God could do this! Two hundred million attackers against the tiny nation of Israel. I feel sure it would be near impossible for these two hundred million warriors to be human! However, if we're talking about 1/3 of God's created angels who were cast out of heaven then it becomes believable and even more believable that God would have to intercede. I'm led to believe that these warriors are the fallen angels that we believe to be aliens. These are the Fallen Angels who want to defeat God and Israel. "Israel" is the name of a people and the tiny country takes the name of the people! These demonic entities are coming in the last days to make war on HIS people. At the same time they will deceive the people as they work their miracles and cause millions to fall. IT'S SPIRITUAL WARFARE AS NEVER BEFORE SEEN.

Aliens are divided into many categories... Grays, Talls and Reptilian are three main categories that I have seen reported by MUFON. There are 160 (known) different types, which are recorded in a (once) secret manual issued to certain people in a government agency that deals with aliens.

The files were ordered to be released for the public to see. The government agencies, our military, airline pilots, etc are still required to keep their secrets concerning UFO sightings. We have been lied to for so many years that it's hard to admit that it could even be a possibility. After very much study and viewing of videos and testimonies by intelligent, responsible people, I am without doubt that these things are for real!

I will repeat myself... There are many theories but none of them can justify the number of warriors that will come against Israel in the final battle... 200,000,000 and John was very certain about hearing this unbelievable number! That number is believable when we're discussing 1/3 of God's created angels, especially when you consider that God created and runs the entire universe. Remember... 1/3 of the angels fell from heaven.

Since the crash of UFOs in Roswell, New Mexico, 1947 alien encounters have increased dramatically... over 70,000 case files have been kept secret until the files have begun to be released within the last few years. They are shown weekly on the very popular HISTORY CHANNEL. YES FOLKS, THESE THINGS WE ARE LED TO BELIEVE TO BE ALIENS ARE REAL BUT THEY ARE FALLEN ANGELS POSING AS ALIENS!! Many people will choose to believe that they are here to save mankind and earth. They're here to take you to hell! That's my opinion and what I am shown and led to believe.

In the book of Peter, Peter tells us that Jesus will destroy the earth and the heavens by fire. I believe that the reason HE must destroy the heavens as well as earth is because the "heavens" are chock-full of "alien" beings. These are evil beings which the book of Enoch describes in great detail. Enoch describes them as fallen angels. The book of Enoch is full of useful information which was not allowed into the Canon by Constantine at the Council of Nicea (325 AD). I strongly suggest that you read the Book of Enoch! You can Google it!

I had wondered many times why our Lord would burn the heavens in the end times. I knew why HE would burn earth... to rid HIS eternally, saved followers of all evil and bring down HIS "New Jerusalem." HE had used a flood at one time to rid the earth of evil beings and would use fire the next time. WHY THE HEAVENS? I simply did not know or accept Aliens as fact and I had not considered fallen angels but that was several decades ago before HE began to educate me on this topic.

In Genesis, chapter 6 we learn that Noah was the only person left on the planet who was perfect in his generations. That is only in the King James Version because the modern translations have changed it. "Perfect in his generations" simply means that Noah's DNA had not been polluted with the genes (DNA) of the crossbreeding that had already taken place on earth. Some students of scripture believe that the crossbreeding was between the lineage of Cain and the perfect DNA of Adam through Adam's third born son, Seth. All others had been polluted by the lineage of Cain... or "aliens."

This (6:9) is only in the King James Version, the modern translations have already been changed.
Genesis 6:9... These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Genesis 6:2 reads...  That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

The "sons of God" mentioned in 6:2 could very well be fallen angels or "aliens". Some theologians think that the "sons of God" were the Godly lineage of Seth, Adam's 3rd born son. However, the offspring from the human lineage of Seth and the human earth women would not have been giants as was the recorded result of this act in the bible.

Note from John: Cain was the first born and he killed Abel, (the second born) and Seth, the third born was said to have been the exact duplicate of Adam, or "God's blood."


This act of interbreeding is the reason God created the flood and destroyed all living beings except for those that God loaded on the ocean going vessel that Noah and his workmen built over the 100 years it took to build it. It was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet tall. That is a very large vessel. The size of a modern, ocean-going vessel of today.

Some theologians believe that "the sons of God" were the fallen angels and I am one who recognizes the possibility that the "sons of God" are that which we believe are aliens. JESUS SAID THAT WHEN HE COMES BACK IT WILL BE AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH! That makes it pretty clear to me. REMEMBER! The reason God caused the flood and destroyed all life was because of the interbreeding between "The Sons of God" and the earth women. That sexual union produced flesh eating giants!

Ruins of ancient cities are being found under the oceans of the world! Modern, advanced cities that were obviously inhabited by highly advanced civilizations who, I believe, were the product of the fallen angels that were ejected from heaven, by God... just as the bible records! People have been so misled and lied to by evolutionists and brain dead professors that would rather believe that we evolved from green slime and that the bible is superstition. These people are educated fools and dumber than dirt. Those cities are 30,000 to 40,000 years old and even older. Much older but the older ones are harder to date. The Garden, Adam and Eve may only be 6,000 years old but the fallen angels and earth are ancient beyond comprehension. Remember, the serpent was already there in the garden... some of us believe that was a reptilian, upright being that was cursed to slither on his belly after misleading Eve and ultimately Adam. Its all recorded in the first chapters of Genesis. One of the reported species of known aliens is the reptilian species. Coincidence? No!

People who have been abducted report the sexual interbreeding or the harvesting of the seed from male abductees and the harvesting of the egg from the female abductees. Who knows what that union will produce?

It is reported by UFOLOGISTS that there are several species of aliens. "Grays," "Talls" and "Reptilian" are the main 3 categories. I understand that there are 160 different types of aliens that are known about by MUFON and a government agency that deals with aliens. Yes! it's all for real! Most everyone I know don't take it seriously. We have been lied to for so long that our people simply don't believe they are for real... Get over it, it's fact! The world governments recently began to release their secret files concerning UFOs and Aliens. I repeat: It's for real!

A note about Noah's ship... People have the idea that mankind of that day was primitive and ignorant... incapable of building such a ship. WRONG!! Take a look at the pyramids... we can't duplicate those today with our technology and computers. Those people were actually advanced and far more capable than we are today. There were ancient civilizations that were further advanced than we are. Was it alien technology? After all, the fallen angels taught mankind about mining, metallurgy, they taught women how to use make up to make themselves more alluring. They taught man many other areas of advanced technology. If you read the book of Enoch, you will know that is what caused God to throw those fallen angels into dungeons and are awaiting their punishment... for that which they taught mankind that God did not want man to know. A few of the things included pharmaceuticals, creation of weapons, make up for women to make them more seductive and alluring. "Man" is hung up on evolution. Get over it! We didn't evolve from monkeys, we were made by the most brilliant entity ever.... GOD!

I may need to come back and add/edit this page to be more exact but that's all I have for now.

Be careful! I have seen the danger coming!

Your friend,

John (Darryl)

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