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There is plenty of evidence that angels are "for real." Many of us have had experiences of our own that we give credit to Angels. Many people have had experiences with Angels that they called: Luck, good fortune, close calls, good timing, wasn't my time, miracles, etc. Fact is: Angels are here! They carry out the will of God. The bible is full of references to Angels.

If you are a "Christian" and don't believe in Angels ~ You're not a Christian!


I became very close to the Angels. I felt a closeness that is beyond description.
The two "Agents" that I refer to in the novel are Angels. I called them "Zenith" and "Mobius" they are, in my thoughts, Michael and Gabriel.

These magnificent Angels came to my rescue many times. It's pretty obvious they saved my life in an armed robbery of my house. There have been many times that "odd" or "strange" things happened that saved me from harm.

Here again: I am so grateful that God has allowed me to have these experiences, makes it so easy to love Him and His magnificent family.

I'll look forward to publishing your experience here.

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