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Astrology is one of God's many truths, a truth on which we are not to base our beliefs.


A dozen years ago I was involved in an ongoing battle with a "white" witch. This witch was the host of a popular, local, talk-radio show. I knew that our debate the next morning was going to be based on astrology.

I knew that there was a certain amount of accuracy in astrology. I had seen it all my life and as a christian I could never understand how such a forbidden topic could be as accurate when describing the traits of certain people and their astrological signs. I had always been taught to stay far away from the science of anything based on the stars. I was a Christian and knew the Lord Jesus very well but I could never understand how it could be.

Knowing the next morning would be the moment I would have to make this confession which was going to weaken my "witness" as a Christian... I engaged in a very powerful prayer for wisdom and guidance from my Father in Heaven.

Here's what HE showed me...

All physical beings are a part of the universe. Jesus told us that His Kingdom and therefore, His Father's Kingdom is not of this physical world. This explanation below deals with "physical" man, not "spiritual" man:

I feel sure that HE told me that "astrology was one of His many truths!" HE was/is the creator of all, including this science. However, it is only a small part of HIS total truth and we are not to base our faith on a minor part of HIS total and complete truth. All science and laws of physics are HIS creation but simply because there is some truth in it, we are not to make it our source of direction. This is but one of HIS many laws of physics and was not created to be worshipped or trusted as a power under which to pattern our lives.... these are only a MINOR PART of HIS laws of physics. We all know how fish and wildlife respond to a full moon as related to feeding frenzies, etc... Because fish bite on a full moon, at night, does not mean we are to worship a full moon... a little on the simple side but you get the idea! He went on to show me that we are to believe in HIS total truth through HIS Son Jesus! The scriptures tell us that there will be those who worship the "creation" instead of the Creator! Many will not make it into the Kingdom because of this form of "Idol" worship.

Recognizing that ALL THINGS are under God's creation we must know that to pattern our lives after HIS creation is not approved by HIM. God created the oak tree but to worship the oak tree or conduct our lives according to 'how" an oak leaf curls at the tips is as sinful as it is to shape our lives according to the stars... all of which are HIS creation... Of course I only used the "oak tree" as an example... to my knowledge there is no such practice. There may be some degree of accuracy in these in-part powers, such as astrology, but not to be worshiped or acknowledged as to how we live. These natural laws of physics are not 100% accurate! There is truth and substance but not to be a governing influence. To trust something that is only partially correct can get you killed, maimed, busted financially in addition to violating God's laws against it, which can send you to hell... if you even believe in hell. I do! READ MORE ON HELL

I have a pretty sound theory on this subject but that is not the purpose of this page.

WARNING! Do not play with these partial truths... it can be very dangerous! You see, the Prince of Air, aka Lucifer, aka Satan and his little helpers can enter your world when you willfully participate in these material gods. You are opening the door to possible horrors. Stay clear of these things!

We are to believe in HIS TOTAL TRUTH through HIS Son Jesus!

Jesus sent The Holy Spirit (comforter) to us 50 days after Jesus ascended to Heaven. The Holy Spirit, aka, "The Comforter," arrived 50 days after Jesus ascended and the Holy spirit entered into 3,000 people that day. That day is known as the "Day of Pentecost."

Man always wants control! Man wants to possess power, the power to be that of a god. The ability to know the future and what to expect in the future. Therefore, many men try anything and all things that promise this supernatural power. I will trust God... the one God... I'll trust God and believe in HIS SON JESUS to be my source of "power." The only power I need. Any more than this will result in chaos as only God knows what is best for us. Mankind has never done anything right! Besides, man can't even make an apple! Why would I want to trust a being that can't perform a most basic task of God. Man has succeeded in perfecting,,, "killing, wars, prisons" and all the other things that comprise this material world that belongs to Satan.

Come with those of us who know HIS complete and eternal truths... come with us into the Kingdom!

Just my thoughts for today, May 25, 2008.

Your friend,


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