Baptists Are Speaking In Tongues Now?
Baptist Preacher Ron Phillips Is Now A Tongues Advocate!

Hold The Phone! Update! Today's date is Sunday, 5-8-11. This morning I was watching the TV preachers and I saw Baptist Preacher Ron Phillips alongside Pentecost Evangelist Perry Stone together and Phillips is a "tongues" advocate now and he is preaching tongues as gospel! Does this mean that Baptists are going for the tongues doctrine? I have known some folks that would roll over in their graves if they could see this day!

As of this writing: Since Phillips started his "tongues campaign" that's all he talks about. I check the man's sermon most every Sunday and his message is about hardly anything but tongues and tithing. He, or one of his associates may read this and "change up" but that is the situation as of late July, 2011. Did the economic depression bring about this change? Reminds me of the old song: "faster horses, younger women, older whiskey, and more money."

I cannot say it enough! If there are people who have a true gift from God, I am in your corner! I applaud you and am happy for you. I truly mean this! I want all God has to offer. It's the false tongue I am warning about.

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