Battle With A Demon

September 7, 2009

A few days ago I was doing battle with a demonic person. A person who called Jesus "Satan" and in one email he would be a Jew, in the next he was an American Indian... He was clearly demonic. Before I had completely arrived at that truth, I was trying to help him.

He challenged me... he asked why God could never grow legs or arms for amputees. Well... I had wondered about that in my past but figured there was good reason cause I knew God could but I had never been confronted.

I prayed for Christ to tell me.

He told me!

Within a few minutes it was clear! HE explained that if miracles of that magnitude were common, evil people, disguised as "religious" would mutilate innocent people to see if they were of God. Sometimes it would be a common ritual... as the snake handlers do... testing our Father. My Lord went on to explain to me that there were many other things that the Faithful would have to accept on faith so the devils could not hurt his "Little Ones."

Thought you might be interested in hearing how our Lord works (even) through people like me, HIS most lowly servants.

Darryl (John)

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