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I have come to realize how dangerous the modern translations are when used alone. I feel that it is permissible to use them but never alone! Always use them alongside the King James Version or the Geneva Bible to get a more accurate understanding. There is a great deal of difference! Be careful! We have enough trouble understanding the King James Version.

Old English, the "language" used in the KJV, is hard for most people to comfortably read and truly understand (some scriptures). These folks may benefit from using a modern translation alongside the KJV. I will say it again; BE CAREFUL.

There's a lot of controversy about the different modern translations. I like to use either the "New Living Translation" or the "Living Bible" but I check it against the KJV or the Geneva Bible.

We are seeing the word of God being changed daily. I have different copies of the King James Version that do not read the same. You can plainly see that the Lord had to send the Holy Spirit to HIS kids to give us discernment. I can plainly see that "man" and organized religion are changing the meaning of the true word of God. Most preachers will not agree with that statement but many preachers don't know. They know a "Jesus" but it isn't the true Jesus. Now remember - SOME OF THEM DO KNOW HIM AND ARE TRUE SERVANTS OF GOD. So don't tell people that I said all of them are not of the true Jesus and true God.

Back to the bible...

Some versions are extremely helpful to many of us. I always keep a Red Letter King James Version side by side for insurance. Perhaps most folks don't need to be exact but if I'm going to read the scripture I want it to be accurate.

Had it not been for the first modern english version I would not have come to know the Lord at that time. In 1970 I was given a version of GOOD NEWS FOR MODERN MAN which contained only the New Testament. It helped me come to know Jesus as my friend and savior because it was so easy to read. In later years I wanted a more exact understanding.

I recommend a legitimate, modern translation for fast reading comprehension and enlightenment. When you study I would put the KJV or the Geneva Bible side by side with the modern translation and use them both. The modern translations give you a pretty good idea but if you want to be exact I believe you should rely on the KJV or the Geneva Bible. I find many scriptures that the modern translation simply will not provide what I need to know. For example... In the last days Israel will be attacked by many nations, God tells how many of the invaders He will kill. I can find this number in the KJV but nearly all of the modern translations avoid this number. The scripture to which I refer is Ezekiel 39.2 - read it for yourself.

KJV: And I will turn thee back, and leave but the sixth part of thee, and will cause thee to come up from the north parts, and will bring thee upon the mountains of Israel

In other words he will destroy 5/6 of them... or about 85% of them in the mountains north of Israel. You won't find this number or anything like it in most of the modern translations. The NASB, modern version is one of the few that gives the number.

There are flaws in the modern translations. I believe the modern translations are a great help but should be used with caution for exact understanding. The footnotes in the Geneva Bible are great! I read that King James did away with these footnotes when his translators created the KJV. I learned that he did this because they did not flatter the "kingship." In other words (according to what I have read) the KJV became a political document. Check out the Geneva Bible... but if you don't have access to a Geneva Bible use the KJV to confirm the new translations.

While the word of God never changes - man's influence through the translations does/can change the word. However, reading from a language that is of another country and language (Old English, KJV) may slow understanding and reading comprehension.

The answer? Use both, the KJV and a modern translation together and pray for divine wisdom. The modern translations for faster reading and the KJV or Geneva Bible for accuracy.

Hope this helps.

Your friend,


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