Born Again or Born of God mean the same thing.

This page explains why you must be born again of the spirit to enter the kingdom of God. To be born again is the same as to be born of God.

John 3:3
Jesus answered and said unto him,
Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Jesus explained to Nicodemus that to be born again was a Spiritual birth. "That which is born of Spirit is Spirit and that which is born of flesh is flesh."

It may be important for you to properly understand... I happen to believe that every word Jesus spoke is very important. Jesus was speaking to a Pharisee, who did not properly understand.

NOTE... LET ME SAY A FEW THINGS BEFORE WE GO FURTHER: Your fellowship with God is a personal thing. But, the common trait of a person who is anointed by God, is a kinder, loving, understanding spirit that yields to the wisdom and leadership of the Holy Spirit of God. You are Born of God, or as is taught today, you are "Born Again."

To be "born again," or to be "born of God," is not merely a professed state of being that happens only because you say it is so.To be Born of God or Born Again, is the infusion of the Holy Spirit of God and spiritual transformation into a "new creature"... Not to be taken lightly. There are millions of Christians today who claim to be BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS. I'm sure a few of them truly are born again or born of God but I am afraid that the large majority have simply proclaimed that status and are not truly born of God (or born again). Regardless what they call it, they are not a "New Creature" as the scriptures describe it, they just unknowingly claim it. Most of the time, you can tell by the way they live.

Back to the topic...

The Terms: Born of God - Born Again - Saved - Born Again Christians: All are used to describe the status of a person who has achieved the "New Creature" status. Meaning that the person has been anointed by the Holy Spirit of God and has changed in heart, spirit and thought. As the scriptures declare, "we are a New Creation."

There are those who use this term that have no idea what the true meaning is. These people use the term loosely... ALSO; some of the foulest sinners I have seen, claim to be born again.

LET ME MAKE A VERY IMPORTANT POINT HERE AND NOW: I don't believe you can practice the two commandments Jesus taught us unless you are born of God. When we are changed, our attitude and LOVE for God and fellow man changes and we are able to practice the two commandments that Jesus gave us... "To love God with all our heart, mind and soul" and to "Love our neighbor as ourselves." Jesus tells us that if we truly keep and practice those two commandments all of the other "10" will be met. Consider the magnitude of that! It is no small thing! We are led to believe it is simple and easy. Without the indwelling Holy Spirit of God it is impossible.

Until we are truly BORN OF GOD we are not able to do that. After the change, we are no longer consumed with desire for the things of this world. We feel love and goodness for God and especially fellow Christians (Brothers and Sisters in Christ). I know that Jesus instructs us to love our enemies and to pray for them but I don't know that you will feel this love for people who are not of God. It is hard for me to practice that commandment when confronting devils... You may feel compassion and understanding for those who are not brothers and sisters in Christ but perhaps not the same love we feel for God's children, our brothers and sisters in Jesus. The Apostle Paul instructed not to even eat with them. I do not love a person who calls Jesus a devil or molests a child or many other filthy and cruel acts. No, I do not believe a person who commits those acts are a "Neighbor." That is up to you to decide and interpret.

Check out the scripture, (NIV) John 1:12 Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God— 13 children born not of natural descent, nor of human decision or a husband’s will, but born of God.

A few chapters later, in chapter 3, Jesus speaks of being "Born Again."

Born again: (NIV) John 3:3... The scripture is interpreted two different ways.

Today's common and popular belief : A person is "Born-Again" of the spirit while in this flesh body. A transformation takes place that makes you a "New Creature." A New Spiritual Creation. Along with this born again status, a new understanding seems to replace the "old being" that lacked in matters of spiritual things..

You will notice, in the scriptures above, it reads "Born of God" not "Born Again." In this chapter John is speaking of all those who receive Jesus while living. In other modern translations, it may read "born again." That is the problem with the modern translations! The meaning is changed many times. It concerns me! Remember, I use the King James or the Geneva Bible along with the newer translations, never alone! Always confirm with the Geneva or the KJV!

Now I will address the term "Born Again" and the context in which Jesus was speaking.

My interpretation and understanding on the scripture, John3:3, Jesus was making reference to the resurrection after physical death, which is required to enter the Kingdom. Flesh cannot enter the Kingdom (1 Cor 15:50).

1 Corinthians 15:50... Now this I say, brethren, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God; neither doth corruption inherit incorruption.

Be Patient... To Be Sure We Are On The Same Page Let Me Repeat:

In order to convey my thoughts, I use the terms "begotten" "saved" "born of God" and "born-again," in the same context.

John3:5Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God. 6That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again.

Verse 5 - The only way I can interpret "born of water".... refers to the natural, human birth... not baptism! If HE were referring to baptism, that would mean that we cannot enter the Kingdom unless we were baptized while living. Baptism is a ritual performed to make our proclamation publicly known. I am sure there will be many souls in the Kingdom who were "saved" or "born again" but died before they performed the ritual of baptism. That's the only way I can see it. Born of "Water" means the physical birth. Remember the thief on the cross, next to Jesus... Jesus promised him that he would be in paradise with Jesus. Well, that thief was never baptized. Simple example but makes the point. A person who has been cloned does not meet the criteria of being born of water.

OKAY. You are born again. Now what?

The natural spirit (and body) of man is of this world. Greed, lust, different faults that make some people more (or less) worldly and evil (evil by nature) than others. When you are "born again" as some say, or "Begotten" all of that changes. You have an awareness of right and wrong and you want to do the "right thing." You see things differently than before and you have a different, kinder nature... a more caring and loving nature. It is quite obvious that you are a changed person. You above all will know it. Others will see a difference in you too.

You are now led and taught by the Holy Spirit of God. You now know the difference between "right" and "wrong"... it is written in your mind and heart. That is... If you don't choke it out and not allow it to grow.

You are now a spiritual embryo. Pray for guidance and strength to endure your most exciting trip into eternity.

You still have temptations but your heart says "NO." That's the "born of God" or "born again" spirit, in conflict with the natural (earthly) human.

Just because you have had the "experience," does not mean you are guaranteed the "Kingdom." You have to endure... walk-the-walk... honor God and Jesus, Love them with all your heart and mind AND love your neighbor as yourself... In other words; "Keep His Commandments."

(I'm preaching now, just a little)

Your eternal soul and spirit are at stake. Jesus said; "I tell you this, unless you are born again, you can never enter the Kingdom of God." (John 3:3 )

If you are to make it to heaven you must be born again. Those who are truly born-again (begotten or saved) really know that they are different... they know they are a new creation!

As far as I know, you will know the moment it happens! This is according to my own experiences and understanding. For years I could remember the hour and date that it happened. Over the years I can only remember the month and year but I will always remember the experience. There was no doubt! I knew I was a new creature! From that moment I was a different person. I saw things differently. I had a "different" love for God and others. Had I not been aware I would have been confused. I had been reading the Gospel Of Matthew and praying for months before it happened. I was ready but I did not know for "what."

(Be careful - Satan is powerful)

After several years I "back-slid" and became a sinful person and lived a sin-filled life. I was in rebellion... mad at God. For ten years I rebelled and lived in hell! This was a test and I (temporarily) failed. It was hard coming out of it but thank God I did come out of it and returned to God. I have been punished and brought to my knees by God but it has been a very worthwhile learning experience. I am sure that I am a stronger person and more faithful for having been to hell and coming out of it. Pray that it never happens to you though! It happened to King David too! So please don't write to me and tell me that I was never "saved."

Let Me Make A Very Important Point Here...

Some people may say that since I backslid I was never "born again" or "saved." Many have fallen away and returned! I don't recommend it! It may not happen, you may not be able to return... Be careful!

( 1st Corinthians, Chapter 12 ~ Makes This Issue pretty Clear )

Allow Me To Spend A Few Minutes On The Tongues Issue...
"Tongues" is a gift of "The Spirit" and "few" have this gift. The tongues issue is grossly misunderstood. The reason for the gift of tongues was and is for a person to deliver a message to a person(s) of another language. Incoherent, unintelligible uttering are not the same thing as the true gift of tongues.

The nation of Israel had failed to heed God’s message which HE gave through their own prophets, so the Lord told them that at a future time they will hear HIS message through tongues (languages) other than their own.

To sum it up in a few words, Christ likeness is the manifestation of being filled with the Spirit, and the scriptures do not tell us that our Lord ever spoke in tongues.

However, there are congregations that teach their followers that they must speak in tongues to show "the evidence of the Holy Spirit." These congregations further teach that you are not of the "Holy Spirit" unless you show evidence by speaking in "tongues". "Tongues" is indeed a gift from the Holy Spirit but in no way is it scriptural that you must speak in "tongues" to show evidence that you are "born again" or filled with the "Holy Spirit." In fact the Apostle Paul said that it was one of the lesser gifts of the Spirit. As far as I know - most heaven-bound believers do not speak in tongues! I'm not convinced that I know anybody who genuinely speaks in tongues.

If you belong to a church or group who encourage you to speak in tongues or in any way try to teach you to speak in tongues... Leave That Church! They are teaching a false, man-made doctrine from Hell.

Remember! I said "tongues" is a gift of the Holy Spirit and a few people have the gift.. YOU ARE NOT TAUGHT TO SPEAK IN TONGUES!

It would be no different than teaching a person one of the other gifts, such as, the gift of healing. There are those who are gifted in the healing gifts but it is brought about through prayer... The gift of healing (usually) is through prayer, it comes from God. The reason for tongues is to benefit the church and is for a purpose... Not some "club" of members who believe this elevates them in the eyes of others.

Read 1st Corinthians and 2nd Corinthians in it's entirety! You will plainly see that the Apostle Paul was scolding the church at Corinth for their immature handling of the tongues issue. Paul plainly explains that 'tongues' is a minor gift and should not be misused. He was being as kind as possible while trying to correct the improper handling of the tongues issue.


No. Many people are misled here. The claim to be "born again" has become a fad and many think that all they have to do is profess it. That does not make it so. If you can't remember a time in your life that you had a real experience that you can identify... an experience that changed you... you should take it to God in prayer. Remember: It's a personal thing and that's between you and God. "YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THE FRUIT THEY BEAR". If the person professes to be "saved" or "born-again" and they continue in a life of sin and immorality that is calculated and planned, I would say "OF COURSE THEY ARE NOT SAVED!" OR - They may have been "Saved" or "Begotten" but they are backslidden - As King David did and as I myself did! If this shoe fits you, pray, beg, study, ask Father God to bring you back! Repent! Don't miss the boat!

It's even scriptural: On the day of judgment many will say to Jesus, "I cast out demons in your name" and Jesus will reply, "Depart from me, I never knew you".


No... One of my favorite T. V. Preachers teaches this but I disagree. To be "born again" "begotten" or "born of God" is a gift from God, it may be the result of a prayer but it is not automatic! To simply say a string of words in the form of a prayer and expect to be "born again" is foolish. It's a heart-felt thing that must come from the heart and soul then granted and freely given to you from God. When you are born again or born of God you will know it! It is not a mild "state of being" that is simply achieved by uttering a simple "lip" prayer and then professing it. To be begotten of the spirit or born of God is felt! You will have a change of heart and mind! You'll know it! However, it may start with the simple Sinner's Prayer or any prayer to your Father In Heaven.


No. Everybody's name is not written in the "Book Of Life," some people will never be "born of God," "born again," "saved" or "begotten."


Of course I can only offer what I know. God may see fit to have that happen in many ways. But according to what I know... You have to have a genuine desire and "want" to become different than you are. Perhaps there is a void and you want to fill that void. Maybe you are being led by the Spirit... nudging you... urging you to find something that makes sense... a relationship with HIM. If your name is written in the "Lamb's Book of Life"... You will lead a miserable existence until you are "Born Again" and spiritually united with your Spiritual Father.

My advice: You should pray. You should read the bible, not just any part of the bible but the part that tells you about the "ONE" who came to save you - that "ONE" is Jesus.

Don't just read but study any one of the four gospels: MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE or JOHN. These short little books give you a first hand count from these individuals about the life of Christ, Jesus.

As far as I know and feel, reading the Old Testament will not make you ready for The Holy Spirit. Study The New Testament to ready yourself for The Holy Spirit. Since it is sent from Jesus, you should study JESUS... That's the NEW TESTAMENT.

Since Jesus is the one who made it all possible you should come to know him by reading and studying his life. For me it was the Book of Matthew. While "Matthew" is a very short book it took me several days to complete it the first time because I would read a few verses and pray for understanding then read it again. When I was through, I felt as though I knew Jesus. I felt like he was an old friend. After several months of prayer and "getting to know him" I had a tremendous experience!


Lightening... thunder and heavy rainfall... July, 1971... Hot Springs, Arkansas... Central Avenue, just south of Oaklawn Park Race Track: I was getting into my car, I had just left a small corner grocery store. The moment I got into the car I could feel His presence. I knew He was in the car with me as well as I knew my own name... I knew Him... "Jesus!" I kept crying out to Him, "You're Here" "I Can Feel You."

Tears overwhelmed me and I began to cry uncontrollably because I had never felt such love as I felt at that moment. When the "Holy Spirit" entered me It was as though an electrical wire touched the back of my neck and in a flash I was free of pain and could turn my head. I was healed in that instant of a chronic disorder that had been associated with a facial paralysis. I had recovered from the paralysis about 6 months prior but chronic neck pain had "hung on" and was a constant reminder that I was not completely well. In that "flash" I was healed of that physical condition and at that same moment I truly came to know Him and love Him. In an instant I was "born again"... Actually I was "begotten" but I knew it to be "born again."

I hurried home and tried to explain to my wife what had happened, she said she understood but I knew then as I know now, she could not have understood. Not her fault, until you've experienced such a thing you simply can't understand or perhaps even believe such an experience in its fullness.
Years later she experienced an instant healing, I'll tell more in the "Healing Section."


Do you want to know if your name is written in the "Book of Life?" Make yourself "ready." Your heart must be in it... you can't "fake it" it just won't work. Keep knocking, keep asking, pray for the experience and when you feel "the calling" ask HIM in! It took months for the experience to come to me, it may be much quicker for you. I prayed much, I made the trip down the aisle everytime the preacher made an alter call and I'm sure it was well over a year, maybe two years, (forgive me as I repeat myself) then while coming home from a small grocery market it happened! I had the unmistakable experience! I knew it was happening and I was over powered with love and an experience that is impossible to describe. I was different from that moment on! I just had to repeat it... please forgive me!

To paraphrase the Son of God, "The road is narrow and few will enter The Kingdom." The more experiences I have with the world, the more I realize "just how narrow the road must be." As far as I know, all you can do to make your heart "right" and "ready" is read, study the gospel and pray. A miracle from God himself would surely help.

As far as I know: All you can do is get "ready." It is entirely up to God to send the Holy Spirit. When The Holy Spirit comes, receive HIM! HE may not come again. When you are "born again" or "born of God" there is no mistaking it! It is a wonderful experience. When it happened to me I felt a love that I had never experienced before! It's impossibe to describe it!

Much of the time we can't be ready to be "born again" until we have hit "rock bottom." Then you are more likely to reach out and take the hand of God when the opportunity comes. When you don't have any place or anybody to turn to for help. You may have a void, a dark emptiness that leaves you feeling "dead" to life. However, if your needs are met financially... if you are loved, happy and secure you may not feel a need for anything. In that case you may be a poor candidate for reaching out for help from above.

You see... a rich man (usually) trusts his riches and not God. He or she doesn't feel a need for anything more. It depends on the individual... many are born again while at the peak of their success but I'm sure many more are born again of the Spirit or born of God when they have no place else to turn. I give thanks daily for the hardship and health condition that caused me to seek HIM. Nobody else could help me. When God came through and "saved" me I became HIS disciple. I was born again and I now had a personal relationship with HIM. I was begotten of the spirit, as HIS child. My body (flesh) was still of this world with the same needs and temptations but my Spirit was of God.

Two Different Explanations Of "The Eye Of The Needle"

One explanation I have heard: "The Eye Of The Needle" was some sort of passage into the city, very small, very low and hard to pass through. The camel had to actually get on it's knees to get through. A measure to protect the citizens from attack.

Here's the other explanation: The word which was translated to "camel" from Hebrew - was actually a word that means, a heavy braid, almost like a rope, which would be impossible to go through the eye of a sewing needle and not a camel. I don't know which is correct.

To me it doesn't matter which is correct, I get the idea! Don't you?

Maybe a well-versed, well-read, knowledgeable person will help us clear that up.


Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to witness and tell others. Jesus said, "If we are ashamed of him - he will be ashamed of us in front of the Father where we are concerned." (paraphrased)

Your friend,


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