Gospel of John, Chapter 3, Verse 3 ... John 3:3

If So Why Does He Allow Evil Things To Happen?

I hear it all the time... "Why does God allow or make evil things happen?" I could be very terse and supply a brief explanation or quote some line of scripture but I won't! I have heard high-powered men-of-God stumble over that one and not answer it properly! I heard the daughter of one of the most popular preacher/evangelist give a lame explanation that went something like... "Well, we ordered Him out of our schools, etc." NO - NO - wrong answer!

Evil and horrible things happen to all people of religions of all nations and it has little to do with the fact that they were being disobedient. YES! I believe nations and societies fall because of their rejection of God and His Son Jesus - but - that's not what these folks are talking about.

This world is of Satan...
Satan is the "prince of air" he is the one who is in charge here on earth. There are those... as a matter of fact, almost 100% of the preachers and teachers will tell you that this world and all within it belong to God... Maybe so but mankind gave up our authority in the Garden of Eden. That's when the Creator kicked Adam and Eve out of the Garden and posted cherubs to prevent them from reentering! Since that day mankind has been cursed to work and toil and endure suffering. Don't take my word for it - read the book of Genesis for yourself! It's all there!

The Creator created a man and woman. We know them as Adam and Eve. These were God's creation and they were given authority over everything. BUT, they failed. Whatever you may believe the test to have been; they failed! They sold out to a "being" that we know as Lucifer, aka "Satan" or the "Prince of Air." Since that time, Lucifer rules and reigns over this planet. Planet earth is controlled by this "Prince of Air." In short; We sold out! There are a few of us here that follow the true God of the universe. However, there are very few of us. A "true" child of God or "Christian" is as scarce as a hen tooth. Lots of Sunday Morning Club Members lay claim but few qualify as true and tried Christians. Most are "friends of the world." Stay with me... you asked... I'm going to explain it.

According to the Book of Matthew... After Jesus was baptized by John The Baptist, HE went out into the wilderness, fasted for 40 days and was tempted by Satan. Satan took Jesus high upon a mountain (metaphorically speaking) and showed him the nations of the world and told Jesus he would give them to HIM, if Jesus would bow down to him and worship him. Jesus did not question the fact that they were Satan's possessions to give... Jesus knew that Satan owned it all! Satan could not have offered it to Jesus if they weren't his to begin with. Of course Jesus told him to take a hike!

Are you catching on yet?
When evil, horrid things happen to the best of us, it was
not brought on by God...
It was brought on by the fallen angel, Satan, who runs the show here on planet earth. Our ancestors, Adam and Eve sold it all to Satan and man was banished from the "garden." The only way back in is through the acceptance of Jesus and repentance of our sinful nature, which is of this world.

The book of Job is an invaluable tool... to come to understand how Satan attacks us and by remaining true and faithful to God we overcome Satan.

Many times Satan will heap evil upon us in one form or another... which may be in the form of sickness, accident, money problems, marital problems, family problems but these are trials that we must overcome with the help of Jesus, His Father and The Comforter and Teacher - The Holy Spirit. We are promised throughout the scriptures that trials and trouble will befall us but we must overcome - that is the way we come to trust The Lord and earn our way into the Kingdom as we achieve the spritiual physique required. All with the help of the Holy Spirit... Oh, I know, there is a preacher out there that will tell you salvation is a free gift and all you have to do is stumble through a sinner's prayer and BINGO you're saved and heaven bound! Horsefeathers!!!! Jesus said the way to the kingdom is hard and narrow and few will ever find it! (LUKE 13:23) (Matthew 7:21). He tells us to WORK HARD to make it. Does that sound "free" to you? Study, pray, repent, keep asking Him into your heart and resist evil and when the Spirit knocks - LET HIM IN!

Well... now you have the truth! This earth that Adam and Eve gave to Satan is a proving ground... a "trip" that allows us to become overcomers of the things of this world. To be "begotten" - "saved" or "born again" as a new creature! A new creature means a whole new being, not of this world! When you fully arrive you will have little-to-no desire for the "things" of this world of Satan. The material things... material things that those new-age preachers and most TV preachers promise you... you won't care so much for those material things of this world... material things that you will have if you just bow down and worship their false Jesus. Remember what Jesus said, "What good will it do if you gain the whole world but lose your soul?" (paraphrased as usual)

The "real" Jesus is not materialistic and your financial status or gain has nothing to do with your eternal soul. Prosperity of the spirit has nothing to do with materialistic prosperity of this world... regardless what those preachers who preach for cash tell you.

SUMMARY... Don't blame God for evil things that happen in this evil world. Strive to gain entry into the Kingdom of God.

Here's what our Lord had to say just before He returned to His Father: John 16: 31 Jesus asked, “Do you finally believe? 32 But the time is coming—indeed it’s here now—when you will be scattered, each one going his own way, leaving me alone. Yet I am not alone because the Father is with me. 33 I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.”

Your Friend,


P.S. If you did not catch the last line - "Jesus has overcome the world." Now, you can accept HIM, love HIM, trust HIM and by way of prayer, reading HIS word and resisting the ways of Satan, you can coast in on Jesus' coat tail. Not that we deserve it but HE suffered on the cross, so you can have this opportunity. Take it!

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