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Jesus Said: "My Kingdom Is Not Of This World"
That should be enough to make an intelligent person understand that HE was not sent here to produce children or descendants - making the Da Vinci Code A Bunch Of Garbage!

I received so many requests to further explain and provide scripture... here it is.

John 18: 36 - Jesus answered, "My Kingdom Is Not Of This World."

I believe one of the main reasons for this money-making lie, The Da Vinci Code, is to establish God as being human to prepare the way for the anti-Christ - enforcing the belief of new-agers that we are all gods. Combine the lies...

Lie # 1: Jesus was the lover of Mary Magdalene and produced a child combined with Mary. Lie # 2; Jesus was God, born of a human... and you have the perfect setup for the anti-Christ!

According to scripture and my understanding: Jesus was The Son of God, not God. As long as HE was in HIS human body HE was a man... a human man. After HIS innocent life on earth and HIS resurrection, HE achieved HIS "perfect" status and HE now sits at the right hand of HIS Father. HE now judges the nations and every soul. While on this earth HE was a man... "a human man" and no human is GOD. That may come as a shock to many who read this.

For more on this I recommend you read; ... The page is down at the time. The reason is that it may be hard for some people to understand and at this time I do not want to confuse them. In time I will probably put it back up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Da Vinci Code is based on books that are not of the bible... books perpetuated by Dan Brown - the author and the demonic likes of him make a ton of money and mislead millions of people. "My people will perish for lack of knowledge."

Jesus is the Son of God - NOT THE FATHER OF HUMANS.

Mary was a loyal disciple of Jesus. She was one of three of His followers who remained at the foot of the cross as Jesus died. The three that were there; HIS cousin John, HIS Mother Mary and HIS disciple Mary Magdalene.

Mary Magdalene was the one to which Jesus appeared at the empty tomb and instructed her to go tell the rest of HIS disciples that HE had risen - Mary was a loyal disciple - she WAS NOT a prostitute as was taught and yes... Jesus was able to love a woman without having sex... Unlike the rest of us worldly, weak humans who think everything is centered around sex and no person can abstain. I did not say HE was not tempted but to be tempted and resist is divine. He was divine! He was the son of a human mother and the son of the perfect God. That is the belief that I know as truth. The human side of HIM could be tempted. The same human side of HIM that resisted the ways of the world... proving HIMSELF to be worthy to be The Perfect Sacrifice... The Perfect Lamb of God... The overcomer of evil that causes us all to fall but HE was strong enough to resist.

At the rate false doctrine which is (innocently) spread by most churches and money making books produced by satan-inspired, hell-bound, devils there is no limit to as to what our kids will have to listen.

Do you suppose the Son of God could be better than the rest of us? YES!

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