The Decline of Mankind

Jesus said when he returns, the world will be as in the days of Noah..

The world of Noah's day and it's inhabitants had become so rotten and evil that God destroyed it all by flood. It is written that the reason was because of the cross-breeding of an evil line of beings with the women of earth.. it is happening again. Jesus said it would. There are several different interpretations of the lineages of both the females and the males referred to in Genesis 6, but either way, the product was evil. The beings were blood thirsty, flesh eating, cruel inhabitants. Only one living human was pure in his lineage, Noah. Noah's sons were from a good father, approved by God. Eight people were allowed to live. God destroyed the world by a global flood but this time it will be by fire. According to scripture, after Jesus comes back for HIS few, the earth and heavens will be destroyed. So much for the 1,000 year kingdom on earth. Must be a gross misunderstanding in interpretation concerning that scripture in Revelation. I can tell you this... Scripture says "they" will reign with Jesus for 1,000 years but it is not said that it would be on earth. That part is added by man. The true Jesus tells us that HIS kingdom is not of this world (more on that later, on another page). Jesus tells us that the road will be narrow and very few will find the path. How few? The last time there were eight survivors and seven of those eight were allowed to continue because of Noah. This time each of us will be judged as individuals and the purity of our earthly father will carry no weight. "Few will enter."

It appears we are about there! When I go to the grocery store, the mall or most businesses, I feel as though I am in a hostile environment. Rarely do I feel warmth or evidence of the Holy Spirit. People are rude, impolite and seem to have an attitude that is hostile and evil.

I'm from the South but have lived in California and traveled to many other states. I was always happy to get back to "Dixie" where people were friendly, caring and just downright sweet. That's not the case anymore.

I don't want to bore you but I want to assure you that I'm not naive.

I'll use a phrase from my era; I'm hep! I can't be accused of being naive. I'm from Hot Springs, Arkansas. Hot Springs Prostitution and Horse Racing made Hot Springs a favorite destination resort. Therefore, I am no stranger to prostitutes, con artists, thieves, murderers, drug dealers, addicts and many other such professions and life styles. Somehow, the Lord placed a "hedge" between these people and me. I knew them and rubbed elbows but I always felt a void and was never "one of them."

I want to say a few things about some of the entities that came out of this town, the birthplace of the Assembly of God.

The Assembly of God Denomination was born right here in Hot Springs. Rex Humbard was among several famous televangelists who came out of here or came here for their final "touch up" before fame and fortune. Hot Springs is an important vortex which will become obvious in the last days. A vortex that permits the spirit that enables the children of the light as well as spirits that enable the practitioners of the dark side, to enter this dimension. Mount Hermon is the most famous of all vortexes. It is believed that was where the transfiguration of Jesus took place and where the fallen angels entered this realm. I have heard that there are 13 such vortexes on the planet.

I'm not convinced that all who profess to be "children of the light" are of "the light." Ever hear of a mystical place called the crossroad? Use your imagination. That's all I have to say about that.

My Hometown...

Did you Jew'em down son? Anytime I made a purchase my dad would always ask that question. Dad was not prejudiced against the Jews and I certainly was not! "They" trained me in sales when I left home at a very young age. A group of Jewish businessmen took me under their wing and taught me the ropes. I admired and respected this "race" of geniuses! That was simply the way my dad thought and his way of asking an honest question and did not imply disrespect. That's the way my father talked.

The Hot Springs merchants, in my hometown, were mostly from Chicago and of the Jewish lineage. I never bought a shirt or article of clothing at retail because I had been trained from childhood to "Jew'em down" on the price. I thought that was the way to do business. The town was full of auction houses and I unknowingly learned "the con" simply through "osmosis." I sold newspapers and "pink sheets" on the streets, in the bars and houses of prostitution. "Pink Sheets" were the race results of that day and contained the next day's entries for the daily racing at world renowned, Oaklawn Park Race Track, which had been established in the late 1800's... the turn of the 20th century. Gangsters, including the likes of Al Capone frequented Hot Springs. This was a dangerous town in which to grow up. I knew more about this side of life by the time I was 14 years old than the normal person learns in a lifetime. I left home at 14 for California, and was expecting everybody in California to be light years ahead of me and I was sure I would be at a tremendous disadvantage. On the contrary! I was amazed at how sheltered and innocent the kids were as compared to what I was accustomed to in Hot Springs.

Let's talk about the decline of mankind...
At this writing, Gregg Williams is suspended for his involvement in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, under which bounties were paid for causing injuries that would take targeted players on opponent teams out of games, due to their injuries. Williams is the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints and has been in the press for his speeches to his team. I wish I could publish them here. He offered money, a bounty to his players to hurt and destroy the opposing team's players. We're talking criminally evil. He instructed his players to "Kill the head" and he was talking about the actual heads of the players. He instructed his players to cripple the other players. Williams told the men that while they were in the pile, after a play, to touch and effect the head. Here's one of many quotes from Yahoo Sports Page...
“We’re gonna swarm. We’re gonna dominate the line of scrimmage. And we’re gonna kill the [expletive] head. Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head … continue to touch and affect the head.”

There was a time in America that this man would be in prison. Today, so far, he is rewarded for his evil disregard for human life and decency. This is just one area of moral decay to which this page points.

I quit business in the mid 1990's because of dishonest workman.

I told the Lord that I would starve before I would continue in a business that I had to overcharge the customer to pay for the dishonest and thieving practices of the workman I had to employ. In fact, I almost starved because I made my promise good. I could not continue in that business and serve God, therefore, I suffered financially... beyond words.

I see the decay in our workforce. Tradesmen that I hire to do common jobs around my home show a willingness to loaf, overcharge and run backwards to not honor their agreement. There is little honesty and honor in our society today. I'm discouraged!

As a Christian I am supposed to love my fellow man or so we are taught... but are we? "Liars, loafers, thieves, druggies, drunks, dumbed-down." Just a few of the descriptions that roll through my mind daily to describe our society and the people I must deal with to just live.

Paul instructed the church to have nothing to do with evil people, on the other hand some preachers and teachers are taught to forgive these people. Is this why so many people are confused and say that there are many contradictions in the scriptures and the way they are interpreted and taught?

Confession Time! I'm Not Proud To Write This!
I'm writing this as I would speak if we were old friends. Please don't be quick to judge.

Prior to my calling to honor and serve our Lord I was engaged in the fine art of high pressure sales. Therefore, I am not naive about these things either. In 1978 I wrote a training course on high pressure, objection-free, in-home closing. It was entitled, "Nothing Happens Til The Sale Is Closed," which became very popular. "Closing" used in this example is a term given the "creme de la creme" of salesmen. A "closer" closed the sale! We (closers) did not "baby-eye" or charm the prospective buyer into the contract. We used techniques and methods of manipulation and control that were foreign to the typical sales person. It was pure dynamite and hardly ever failed. However, many people use the techniques today which are taught but not understood. These methods are right out of my six cassette series which I wrote, recorded and sold in the 1970's and 80's. I see them commonly used these days but the techniques are not understood and I can tell they are just programmed into these sales people who are selling to unknowing buyers. These days It's really not so important for the user of these techniques to be highly skilled because the buyers are not armed with the divine knowledge of discernment from the Holy Spirit anyway. In my day more people were armed with Divine knowledge and they were harder to sell. The buyer of that day knew the value of a dollar and it was harder to separate them from their money.

My point and confession is simply that I was wrong in teaching people these techniques. I was serving Satan and did not know it. I was ignorant of God's nature! I, like so many other new, baby-Christians thought I was "saved" (begotten) and I was but I was ignorant of God's will in those early days. I wrote this material a few years before I backslid and went to live in hell for a decade. Coincidence? I don't believe in coincidence so I guess it was proof that I had not arrived.

I can use this page to make another point. Sometimes, we as Christians may have had an experience of the Spiritual kind and we may truly believe we are Born of God but still lack understanding. It becomes more obvious to me each day that there are degrees of everything. That's another page but a good reason that we should be humble and careful when we represent or attempt to speak for God. I am constantly aware and fearful that I may mislead someone. I have threatened to stop this website because of this realization but the Holy Spirit tells me to continue. I can only trust God that HE has HIS hand on me and on those who read my contributions for understanding. People have questions and they need direction. Some of us are called to fill that duty and we are not perfect... far from it but I pray we are blessed by God to do HIS will.

Sorry, I rambled but I was led to write that. Back to business... "The Decline of Mankind."

I am led to believe we are in the last days and the final showdown. Therefore, be prepared to live among a declining morality and do your best to not join them in their decline. I am depressed about it and it shows. I have seen it within my own family and friends. Some of us are moving closer to God's will and some further away from God. It seems to be beyond our control but the Spirit that lives in us determines which way we advance. People are not aware. I'm sure of that. They feel justified and "right" while their evil nature is becoming more evil. They are blinded. I know I'm not blinded because I become more aware each day of my human nature. I see it and am not pleased with those fleeting thoughts which include disgust and shame for the people I run across in my daily routine. Few are good and decent. You never know when your actions may serve as a "helper" to a person that spends much of their time in Spiritual warfare with devils and your good and decent interaction may help them. God works on my heart daily. HE keeps me humble. You must have HIS blessing and discernment. It's a mess! Mankind is declining!

How are you doing? Can you relate to what I'm saying? Make no mistake about it, our society is becoming more evil. It became accelerated about 2001. I wonder if it had something to do with the fact that we elected an occult president that previous year? Could be! About that same time, Jerry Falwell and the Religious Right crawled into bed with politics, a church/state marriage from hell. The self proclaimed Christians can't see it themselves. Their preachers preach the political message from the pulpit. John Hagee is the worst but most preachers are guilty. They confuse their evil nature with the will of God. You may be one of them? Take a long look at yourself. Eternity is at stake. Good luck but it was determined long ago, before the foundation of the world. Perhaps earnest prayer will help? It can be retroactive, I seem to know that.

Your friend,


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