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"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against bands of wicked spirits in the heavenly regions."
Ephesians 6:12

If you don't believe demons are real how can you believe in Jesus?
Jesus spent much of his ministry on earth casting out demons. Therefore, you
must acknowledge them as fact. If you don't acknowledge the existence of demons you really can't acknowledge the existence of Jesus. Looks like a lot of folks think the bible is a buffet, where you can take what you like and leave what you don't like. I think you have to accept the whole thing as it is, untouched, unspoiled ( without spin ) by man-made religious theories. For example, consider the Gifts of The Spirit, they are scriptural, therefore, you have to accept them as fact. Demons are scriptural so I wonder why is it so hard for most folks to believe they (demons) are responsible for a lot of sickness, crime, addiction, sex perversion and so on? (OK, I'm through preaching)

They are for real, I promise! You probably have had experiences with them too. You just thought it was bad luck, coincidence, natural lust and so on. Whatever happened may have caused a bad outcome (even ruined your life) and you just thought "that's life." Wake up and smell the coffee! That's why God gave us that little handbook to learn from and live by. We can read about demons and how they try to destroy us. Remember; It's the bible, not a buffet where you choose what you decide to believe and ignore the rest.

According to scripture, 1/3 of the angels who were created by God followed Satan (known as "Lucifer," the most beautiful of all the angels) in his mission to overthrow God and take over the Kingdom.

Up til now you just thought you were unlucky. Careful now, don't go around telling people "the devil made you do it," they'll think you're trying to be funny and they won't even laugh. If you want to be looked upon as "the village idiot" just go around telling people about demons. Can you see what a good job our Godless, ignorant society has done? They've brainwashed most folks. They laugh at scriptural facts and think it's in good taste. Just plain ignorant. Yet these unknowing people (who laugh) are favored by our "chic" society. You, the students of scripture, are viewed as uncool or weird. They've got all kinds of names for the knowledgeable few who didn't buckle to the pressures of our "chic" friends. Oh well, to paraphrase the Son of God, "The road is narrow and few will enter the Kingdom." (I thought I was through preaching)

First week of November, 1993. I had just finished recording
THE KING'S 12, I wrote the novel in August of 1993 and then recorded it in October. Let me tell you, I had walked in the spirit for several months while writing and recording the little novel. I was really in-touch with the Holy Spirit. I can't begin to describe the feeling. SUPERNATURAL is as close as I can get.

I was busted... broke... financially embarrassed to say the least. Recently divorced and highly persecuted. Persecution beyond your wildest imagination. Only a few people actually knew. The rest of the world just thought I was down on my luck. Even the natural elements would come against me. When you are persecuted to the extent I was... inanimate objects come against you.

For example... One day I told my friend that I was not leaving the house, going to stay in all day, couldn't take any more misfortune. About that time I heard a loud "BANG"... a large limb had just fallen out of an oak tree and smashed the hood of my one-year-old Cadillac. This kind of stuff went on for over a decade. I studied the book of Job a lot. That was good! I really learned a lot in that decade! In the first place I (really) began to study the bible. I wish I could put my (learned) experiences on paper and have it not lose any of the impact. I can't... guess that's why we have to learn on our own.

Anyway, I took leads (sales leads) in Louisiana. I was running (working) my leads and Wednesday morning had some time on my hands. I went into a little cafe, for coffee, which was next to the motel in which I was staying. The booth in which I was seated kept shaking! The big guy in the booth behind me kept rocking the seat so much I could hardly drink my coffee. I turned to ask him to "settle down" and The Lord spoke to me. He said, "Leave him alone." I knew where it came from, I was so used to communicating with The Holy Spirit while writing
THE KING'S 12 that I immediately recognized the source. I did not say anything to the stranger behind me but it did make me start listening to the their conversation. After listening to them a while I realized they were both preachers.

I very humbly said "Thanks" to God for hushing me, after all, I did not want to offend any of His Servants.

As I was walking up to pay for my coffee God kept telling me to go introduce myself to these two guys. "NO"... "I'M NOT GOING TO" I kept telling Him. I went back to the room, He said, "Get your portable tape player and go meet those guys." Father-God and I argued for quite a while.

AFTER AN HOUR OR SO... Miraculously Enough, They Were Still There...
I walked up to them and introduced myself, explaining that God had sent me. They said, "sit down," they prayed for guidance and blessings on our meeting. Everybody in the adjoining booths and nearby tables left in a hurry!

The little guy wore one of those funny little Aussie-looking hats. Turns out he was a missionary to the Solomon Islands and Australia. The big guy was an associate pastor of a very large church there in Louisiana. After listening to about 10 minutes of the novel, THE KING'S 12 the little guy said, "Turn it off" ... "God sent you to us" "we are to help you with this." He began giving the younger, big fellow instructions. I have the gift of discernment (most of the time) and I clearly saw a demonic presence in the younger, big guy's eyes but I brushed it aside, I didn't trust my feelings.

They insisted that I come to the Wednesday evening service that night but I declined. I had already set appointments with prospective buyers and I needed the money, not to mention, it was the right thing to do (honor a previous commitment). I did not know then but now I know why God had me decline.

The next day (Thursday) I was going home. Before I left town I was "led" to drop my tapes off at the church. I left them with the church secretary, no one else was there.

As I was leaving town I had a vision, (a knowing) that my house was going to burn. I cried out and asked God to send an Angel and stop the burning. I remember telling God that the master tape of
THE KING'S 12 (the only recording) would burn. Everything I had left to my name was in that house. I prayed in earnest for about 10 minutes, then I had a peaceful, easy feeling. I knew everything was "OK."

I pulled into town at midnight. I had forgotten all about the "vision" I had.
Pulled my car into the front yard, opened the front door of the house and a rush of natural gas hit me in the face! Like an idiot I went into the gas-filled house. The house was built in the 40's and the heat was supplied by gas space heaters. When I left town I left three heaters burning to keep the pipes from freezing if the temperature dropped as had been forecast. Well, the flame was extinguished in two of the heaters, spewing gas and the third (in the kitchen) was still burning! The house was full of explosive, natural gas and I was not blown up! I guess the fires went out at about the time I had that vision eight hours prior. God sent those Angels and they kept the house from exploding and burning.

I wanted to let the house "air out." I called my ex-wife explained the situation and drove out to her house. We were on good terms. I visited for a few hours before returning home. My former wife asked me repeatedly to stay there and not go back to that old house. Something inside kept telling me I had to go back.

I was putting the key into the door and at that moment a hideous, screaming Demon started screeching and screaming! A noise I've never heard and it was not 10 feet from me. Where it was I don't know, sounded like it was just off of the porch, I walked over to the edge of the porch and heard myself saying: "Shut-up! I know who you are and I know what you are!" It shut up! I couldn't believe it! I was not even shaken! I wonder what that Demon looked like? I went into the house and started the space heaters, said a prayer that if He (God) wanted me to die then so be it. Otherwise, "take care of me," it was up to Him and I trusted Him.

It was cold in that house! I leaned out of bed to see if the fires were lit. They were not! All of the fires were out, the heaters were spewing gas. The house was full of gas. I did not even have a headache! How can that be?

I called the gas company and told them what had happened. The man assured me there was nothing wrong, he could not explain it but he went on to say he was going to replace the "big valve-looking thing" because if anything happened to me he wanted to be able to show that he had done all he could. He went on to tell me, "there was nothing wrong" ( with the valve or whatever it was ). I didn't bother to tell him it was a demon. No sense in having him think I was a "NUT CASE." God just wanted to show me that he would take care of me... I guess. Whatever the reason, I love God and thank Him for showing me! Makes it so easy for me to believe in him. I wish all of you could have His presence made so clear to you.

Several days passed, I wondered why I had not heard from the church in Louisiana. I called them. I got the Pastor on the phone, I had not met him, only his associate pastor. Told him who I was and he said, "OH YES, he is just now listening to your tapes, I'll put him on the phone." The young Associate came on line: He asked, "Do you speak in tongues?" I answered, "No I don't." "Well", he replied, "I'm going to give you the name of a pastor up there in Arkansas that will work with you." He continued, "We can't help you on this until you show evidence of the Spirit by speaking in tongues." I told him; "FORGET IT" and hung up the phone. I immediately started fussing at God: "Why did you send me down there for that?" God answered!! "I did not send you there for them to help you - but - for you to sink a harpoon deep into the heart of the enemy!" {NOW THOSE ARE IN MY WORDS BUT THAT'S THE WAY I RECEIVED THE MESSAGE!} It was several years later that the meaning of the message became clear to me. I did not understand the message at that time. Later we'll talk more about the meaning of that message. Now I realize he was preparing me for the message I was to convey in the novel

My lesson and the message I am to convey is that "tongues" when misused by the organized church is from hell.


I will write more about these things and my experiences with them. It will be interesting to hear what some of you have encountered.

Your friend,



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