An Open Letter To My Readers
Why Won't God Answer Your Questions?
I Pose Many Questions On This Page...
I wrote this letter to a reader who knew God and was commisioned to do HIS work but there was something lacking in his walk and he had questions and hunger for sharing. I was so taken with the message HE led me to write him that I felt compelled to publish it here. Perhaps someone else can relate.
It is a terrible thing that there are some true Christians that can't readily find fellowship in a church. I can't. I know others who can't. These people I refer to are very "in-touch" with Christ and willing to serve.

The problem? They are confused because they know of few, if any people who can agree with them or have enough understanding to converse or be of help to each other. Another way of saying, "no fellowship." They feel lost and lonely.

I leave that to you to decide "why." I think I know but that is up to you to determine. I am finished trying to make sense of it. If HE wanted me to understand it, HE would have shown me. Maybe HE will in time.

I understand your frustration but I don't know what to do. I can only go so far with the people, who are like me and suffer the same situation. I have come to the conclusion that we cannot be united in assembly. The Lord will not allow it. I will ask you to try to tell me why? I gave up trying to understand it.

It is as though God is doing with us... HIS people... the same as HE did on the day of "BABBLE" when HE confused the language.

I report this
without any understanding of my report.

Through ministry, I have had many relationships with many people and always we reach a divide. A point where we must part company and go our own way. Strange isn't it? It seems to be the will of God. HE brings together TRUE Christians who know the truth and then seems to say; "This is as far as it goes." "Go your own way now." I have never heard HIM say this to me but I feel that seems to be the message.

I confess; it is frustrating that HE will not tell me. Why will HE not tell us the things we need to know, when we think we need it?

All you are looking for is fellowship with God-loving, Jesus-loving Christians you can fellowship with and there ain't none! (excuse the slang)

You are sincere and looking for answers and support and HIS approval and love... why will HE not tell you and deliver you? Why will HE not just reveal a plan and purpose for you to follow? I HAVE NO IDEA! YOU TELL ME.

I have even allowed myself to be vain enough to think that if several of us who are called out of the "world" and the worldly church, might be strong enough to accomplish things that are forbidden us to know. We are mortals and evil by nature... Remember the things that God said about the people who were building the great tower and HE said "we had better confuse them lest they accomplish too much." (PARAPHRASED but you get the idea). Men are of Satan and always capable of falling. Oh yes! Jesus said it. "NO MAN IS GOOD, ONLY GOD" I know - I know - we like to think we are perfect Christians and every secret of the Kingdom may be entrusted with us. Ridiculous isn't it? But I hear from those kinds of folks.

That is the closest I can come to the answer.

I have seen this happen too many times!

Usually these individual relationships, between my readers and me, get to a point that it seems they must go on their own.

I ask myself and HIM; "If I were left there in the friendship, would my opinion or comfort that I may give them... not allow them to expand... or... is it that my understanding is limited and may interfere with a lesson HE will teach them directly and more perfectly that I can help them achieve? Or, would we jointly come further than we are allowed, given our human faults.... OR.... Were they snatched away because they were not supposed to learn certain things? I do not know! KEEP THAT THOUGHT IN MIND AS I WILL GO DEEPER.

Jesus came as our Savior. At least for those of us whose names are written in The Lamb's Book of Life. He was and is the test. Because many people fail to receive HIM after having the opportunity, they fail the test, therefore missing the Kingdom. If you put that all together you will come to ask if HE sent more people to hell than to heaven. It appears so! He did tell the followers on the Mountain, in HIS great Sermon On The Mount, "That few will find the path." He was speaking to those who were looking and HE said few of those would find the path to the Kingdom. That may come as a shock to many!

Keep that thought in mind the next time you see someone dismiss a servant of the Lord who is trying to help them receive HIM and find the key to the Kingdom.

There is a reason the Lord commanded me to begin and there is a reason HE brings certain people to me and then says; "this far and no further."

We are unique! I can tell you that. We do all share the common knowledge that our needs are greater than the world and it's religions are capable of delivering. They serve milk. We demand meat. They compromise. We demand no compromise. They teach false doctrine. We demand truth from God and God alone.

It seems we share common traits but as on the day of BABBLE, we are separated and if HE is still the same, HE does it to prevent us from "TOO MUCH." Too much what?

I guess it is because we are still human and surely some would "spin off" and create a 'human" church unto themselves. It may lead into ego, vanity and sin that the scriptures have clearly warned us. How many great preachers have fallen? They start out with the right attitude but the money, temptation and power overcomes them. Maybe we are too good for that? LOL 

Remember? The tree in the middle of the Garden? The Tree of Knowledge? The tree they ate of the fruit? Remember the next tree, the Tree of Life? HE banished man from the Garden so they could not achieve the next level, the knowledge or power that the Tree of Life would have provided. HE is the same. Are His reasons the same? I don't know. There is some reason we cannot know and be given the ability to benefit from HIS all knowing wisdom.

It appears; HE feeds us as needed to serve HIS purpose for us?

Lucifer's fall was because he knew too much, ego, vanity... more than he could handle. Ego. Vanity. Knowledge. All traps for mortal man. Mortal man cannot be trusted with divine things of God. Not as long as we wear these "earth suits" and are capable of falling as was Lucifer, a created angel... Adam, Eve and other creations.

Under that same category you can see why "A Rich Man Cannot Enter The Kingdom." OR... why gifted, gorgeous, Hollywood superstars fall and usually serve Satan. TOO MUCH TO HANDLE! Things and riches of this world are of Satan. The prosperity doctrine, taught in the New Age, popular church denominations deliver millions to hell each year. They love their golden (money) idols more than the wisdom that Jesus, James and Peter teach. Hell awaits. It becomes a curse.

Is that why HE keeps us walking in faith? Is that why we must learn patience? Is that why we must suffer?

I am shown things I do not publish. I wonder if that is why? Things that are not easily understood by me or a reader.

Even though it is lonely. Even though it means tremendous suffering... different levels for each of us unique servants. My level of suffering is tremendous. I am not even allowed a friend or help mate.

On the lighter side; I would be too strong for a mere, mortal woman to tolerate me in the flesh :)

Most people, even proclaimed Christians, cannot tolerate my truths. I don't even like me at times.

If I were allowed to be surrounded by my friends from and we were united, would I begin to rely on these friendships and support, rather than continually seeking HIM and HIS help.

Is that why
you are required to suffer and thirst? Surely our God would and could deliver us if that would be good for us... and HIS little ones.

Either there is a reason or HE is just cruel. HE is the author of "tough love." Only the "tough" in Christ, stand a chance.

What does that say about the happy little followers that run around with their memorized buzz phrases and memorized scriptures. Their little clubs and church functions that serve themselves and their needs. While people suffer, they comfort one another. Starving, hurting people of Christ suffer and not a hand from these phony, self-serving clubs, called churches. Our solid, scripture based guidelines are thought by them to be fanatical and against their false doctrine.

I bleed daily! I hurt worse than any of my readers. I cry out for relief. I cry out for HIM to bring me home. I do not like it here. Just about everything I ever loved has been taken from me. Is HE cruel? NO! There must be a reason.

Maybe this message skirts that reason?

In my life; HE showed me many things. HE healed me many times. I used to feel HIS love. Most days now, I do not. Most days (now) I even wonder if HE remembers me? As we grow, more faith is required. Some days I think it is more than I can endure.

I THINK it is tough love? 


After all, if it were easy and if I were constantly reassured by HIM, it would require little to no faith. So, please, if you are a "fair weather" preacher who feels the urge to tell me how wonderfully pleasant and rewarding it is to be a Christian... save it for the unsuspecting tithers in your fold. You know, the ones who prefer a feel good doctrine of pleasantries. The same who are probably taught the false "rapture" doctrine and "Once Saved Always Saved."

Enough of the realities of Satan-traps... back to the issue...

I know HE loves me and I know it is for my growth. As Elihu told JOB; "this suffering was sent to you to keep you from falling into a life of sin."

Is It that simple? I think so.

How much of this message applies to you? Go and figure and let me know if you are shown anything from above.

Your Friend,


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