Devils In The Pulpit
These Men and Women Teach and Preach According To Their Own Understanding.

They are not aware! Perhaps some of them are aware but I am convinced that many of them truly believe they are teaching about the true God. They unknowingly spread their false gospel to innocent people who are looking for the true God of the bible.

Every Sunday Morning I watch the "TV PREACHERS" preach their beliefs. Normally, I agree with them through 95 percent of the sermon, then up jumps the lie. Usually that is the case. Rarely do I see an entire show that is free of false doctrine. The "Prosperity" Jesus is the most common, then the (pre-trib) Rapture lie, then "Once Saved Always Saved" then, who knows? It can be anything! I heard one British sounding devil speak on "The Path Is Narrow" and somehow this devil changed the meaning around to mean that Jesus was telling us "not to be narrow minded." UNBELIEVABLE! These preachers teach false beliefs that is beyond description.

I do not attend a church as I do not know of a church that I could attend and agree with their doctrine or preaching. I doubt that the pastors would want me there as they seem to know I do not agree with their teaching. I remind you that most of them are not aware they are teaching lessons according to the mindset of the Old Testament or a New-Age belief that is not new but ancient... so it is not deliberate on their part.

"FORSAKE NOT THE ASSEMBLY"... I don't. I have a few true Christians with which I "assemble" or exchange thoughts and worship. The Lord was clear. HE promised to be there "When two or three gather in my name." Besides, I understand that in the original language, the word we read as "Church" was "Assembly."

John Hagee is at the top of the list of misguided teaching. He preaches and sounds like an old time preacher. He is a talented entertainer... a Right Wing Zealot that constantly preaches the need for America to go to war against any and all Muslim nations. He appears to love a good war.. any war. Joel Osteen uses a different, soft-mouth style but runs a close second to Hagee... Osteen preaches a humanist, "Power of Positive Thinking" doctrine... straight from the mind of Norman Vincent Peale. He is meek and sweet-mouthed... butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. Many true Christians who know God identify these men as "false-????" you can fill in the blank. It largely depends on how well you know the "word" and your relationship with the Lord as to whether or not you can identify their faults. Many men of doctrine will not agree with this report but they are of the same belief system and their "belief system" does not agree with the teachings of Jesus.

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It is alarming that these men may influence so many innocent souls. In their own unique style, they are talented and charismatic but their misguided teaching may be fatal to the individual as well as the nation. Hagee may deliver 99% truth and then slips in the tiny, little sliver of false doctrine. The average listener doesn't catch it.
They simply accept it all as truth. Pretty slick aren't they?

Last Sunday morning the first words I heard from my television were from a preacher that I hear every Sunday. I had found very little evil in his sermons of the past but what I awoke to was alarming! I heard this preacher say the following.... "You know why God is not tempted to steal? Because he already owns everything!" WHOAAAAAA.......... I could not believe my ears!

In other words, this poor, mislead preacher worships a god (little "g") that doesn't steal or is not tempted to steal because he already owns it all. I still can't believe what I heard. This poor devil repeated that several times.

WOW! I was slapped wide awake by this poor devil and I realized what I already knew but had not been made so aware of... til that morning! These people believe what they preach. This same preacher really believes in the pre-trib rapture... he is not teaching what he thinks are lies... he truly believes in "Once Saved Always Saved" and all the other false "stuff" that the poor little lost sheep fall for. Then I was made aware of some other truths that are as alarming but too numerous to cover here.

Note: I believe in a rapture but not pre-trib. I have a page on that

The faces of the people passed before my eyes. People that I have tried to reach for years. People who I thought were just stubborn and refused to see. That morning I was shown (for certain) that they are not stubborn, they simply are not God's children. Then Mark 4:11-12 came to mind. 11 And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables: 12 That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.

Everybody is not HIS child. There are those who belong to the "world" or Satan. Take a look at what Jesus Himself said about those who belong to God and those who don't. John 17:9... 9 “My prayer is not for the world, but for those you have given me, because they belong to you."

When you hear it taught that "we are all God's children" realize that we are not all God's children. There are those who choose not to be HIS and there are others who were simply of Satan and were created for the "Waster."

September 12, 2005... For years I had been emailing, writing letters to the newspapers and doing all I could to tell the people what I was shown each day... warning them of the devils who were taking this nation to hell. I was shown to quit praying for them and and quit telling the people I had been trying to reach... but I did not accept it. The Lord told me to quit praying for them and to quit preaching to them... HE would not hear their pleas, HE was not going to accept them. I kept trying, then a good friend who also knows God very well told me that I had better stop or I would be in trouble! I finally quit after several years and I suppose the Lord was kind to me as I am still here but I wonder what I have given up because I was disobedient and did not quit at that time? Perhaps nothing? I suppose I will know in time. I pray it was forgiven.

The point is this: There are people who know another god... preachers, teachers and followers included. They truly believe it is the "real deal." Many scriptures warn us, such as; "do not cast your pearls before swine" (paraphrased as usual). There is no sense in trying to overcome God's will. HE has blinded them to truth and they will never know. They will never hear. I knew it because I lived it... now I also know because the bible tells me so. Many scriptures warn us and teach us. I pay attention to every word that Jesus spoke. Every word is fact! Every word means just what HE said. I think I finally really know this.

I hear their lies, I hope you do too.


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