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What Does God's Word Say And What Do (some) Scientists Say..

There is a tremendous amount of time-wasting verbiage that can be written on this subject. As far as I am concerned it is too ridiculous to give it much thought or waste very much time on such a pitiful theory!

Get Over It! It's a silly, satanic theory that only a fool could accept.

This is one subject that makes me so ashamed of the human race that I don't even want to discuss it ~ But ~ Let's try.


Satan likes to disprove the bible - that's all there is to it! Many well educated teachers are not born-again or have enough sense to see through the idiotic reasoning of evolution.

While we contemplate this disgusting, demonic topic, somebody out there tell me....

Why don't we find some whales with partially formed legs ~ assuming they are evolving into land creatures.... OR.... Why don't we find some whales that are growing gills ~ assuming they are becoming sea creatures?

You can't find'em 'cause this is the way the Creator made them!

I love the theory that Ducks evolved from Alligators - According to Evolutionist's theory - The Gator's scales became feathers over the years. Embarrassing isn't it? To think that some folks can believe this rubbish. If you buy into the theory of evolution you'll probably buy anything!

Respect yourself ~ Don't embarrass yourself any longer by considering such a foolish theory.

If there was an ounce of truth in the theory of evolution we would see creatures that were in the evolutionary stage of mutating. When a malformed mutant or freak of nature occurs they usually die (if they are not assisted by man).

The universe is unfolding EXACTLY as the Creator designed. If evolution theory were a credible theory there would be no order. The scriptures are the greatest testament to this as the biblical prophesy is "right on" and EXACT. This 1,700 year-old book has writings that date back many centuries before Christ. The books of prophecy are "right on" and the new testament is amazingly accurate! No... friends... this universe is unfolding with extreme order which is not a product of random evolution.

Some people have a hard time accepting the biblical account of creation. They get hung up on the six-day creation. Each of those "days" probably consisted of thousands of years. Folks were taught by unknowing teachers that every word in the bible must be taken literally. These folks have hurt the message and intent of the bible. It is impossible to hang on every word of the bible - one reason - the translation from Hebrew, Greek or Latin to English is not always exact.

For instance: Jesus taught in parables ~ stories to get the message across, not to be taken as literal happenings.

Don't misunderstand me! I believe in all accounts recorded in the bible, such as the global flood of Noah's day. I just understand that finite details may not be 100% accurate because of translation, culture and difference in times.

If you get to know The Lord (in a personal relationship) you won't have a hard time understanding the truth. If you are a Christian and believe in evolution, (that's an oxymoron) you should pray for more wisdom and understanding. If you are not a saved, born-again Christian then I can better understand your lack of understanding.

Good luck in your quest for truth... I would normally say, "Godspeed in your search for truth," but if you're researching this topic... you probably don't believe in God... YET.

Your friend,


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