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What Do We Learn From The Animal Kingdom?

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While playing golf one beautiful, spring day I walked too close to a small cluster of bird eggs. I hardly saw the eggs, they blended in with the small pebbles on the ground so well I would have never known they were there - were it not for the little mother bird making such a commotion. The little bird would get my attention and try to make me chase her. It was obvious to me she was leading me away from her nest. I walked on so I would not disturb her hidden nest. This went on for several days as I played the little family owned golf course daily. I began to realize how brilliant this tiny little creation was. A strange attachment and love for that brilliant little creation of G-d warmed my heart so much that fifteen years later I am still moved. That beautiful little bird that was probably no more than a year-old was so dedicated and brilliant! Where did it gain that knowledge?

Usually I was alone as I walked the course each day - the magnificent intercourse between nature and myself became quite spiritual. G-d speaks to us in many ways but to me He seems to use His creations from the animal kingdom for many of my lessons. I feel a special bond for animals and admire their bonding with G-d and their obvious trust in The Creator. I have seen animals die quietly while showing extreme bravery and trust as they leave this realm. A little bird sitting in a tree suddenly falls to the ground - dead. It made no plea, no commotion, no hysteria just a quiet acceptance of the inevitable. I have seen dogs quietly go into hiding and die by themselves many times in pain and nothing more than a slight whimper when passing from this realm.

I know this will ignite righteous indignation within people who are sure that animals have no place in the next realm - The Kingdom of God. King Solomon, known as the wisest man on the planet, raised the question himself.
Ecclesiastes 3:21 ...
For who can prove that the human spirit goes upward and the spirit of animals goes downward into the earth?

Opinions are like noses; everybody has one. In my opinion, animals have a spirit. A spirit is eternal. I'm sure there was probably a lot written on this in scripture but Constantine and his panel who represented the church of that day may have chosen to leave it out of the compilation of scripture that makes up our bible - as they did with many scriptures.

Animals - pets - dogs - cats more accurately reflect the nature of G-d than most humans. Their love for their Master is unconditional - the animal's Master may mistreat the animal but they still love you. They will protect you at all cost even to their death. They ask for very little, just your love. They are eager to please you and are willing to be trained to do things that bring amusement and joy to their Master. Animals teach children at an early age about love and kindness. They are good for the sick, suffering and elderly. To give love and receive love from a pet is healing and lowers blood pressure among many other things. The Master and friend of a dedicated pet experiences a shot of love dozens of times a day. That has to be therapy of the best kind! We are taught that G-d is love, therefore, any little creature and creation of G-d that brings that experience to us many times daily must be of G-d. My favorite scripture that explains so much to me applies here: "You will know them by the fruit they bear."

Animals die with dignity. Many soldiers and police officers owe their lives to their dogs. As mentioned in the bible; A horse runs straight into oncoming arrows and spears as the rider guides the magnificent animal into combat.

I am convinced that if everyone was raised with a pet dog or cat there would be far less war.

A person who witnesses the birth of a litter of puppies or kittens and sees the wisdom, love and caring given by the mother is forever changed!

We are taught to call this all-knowing care and wisdom "intuition." That's just a word that inadequately describes something far more miraculous than we can contemplate. I refuse to use the word as it thwarts the supreme influence and wisdom of The Creator which is available to all of His creation.

Ever wonder how a baby fawn knows what to do from the time it hits the ground from the mother's womb? How did that little bird know to hide and protect it's nest that I referred to in the opening paragraph? How do Salmon know to return to the exact location they were spawned and brought into this world? These Salmon are gone for years - swim thousands of miles in the ocean and return to the exact stream in which they were spawned! Ducks are hatched in Canada in the spring/summer and fly to Mexico in the fall only to return to the exact pond they were hatched many thousands of miles north! I won't write it off by uttering that one word "INTUITION" and smuggly think that I understand the process because I know the word.

The Creator loved them so much that he created many species and equipped them with with reproductive measures to insure an abundance. They were created for us - for our learning and enjoyment that is priceless yet it is free!

I have noticed that people who don't like or are not liked by (normally) friendly, loving animals usually have an abundance of character flaws. I'm sure there are situations that this theory does not apply - I'm speaking in general terms... rule-of-thumb.

Well... you ask, "What does that have to do with the title of this page...

Simply this: That induction of knowledge which is induced directly to the animal is direct from our all-knowing creator G-d. The knowledge is not passed through genetics or a "crash course" taught by the mother but received from G-d. Imagine all things, all knowledge is present throughout the entire universe. Imagine it as a frequency or invisible "protoplasm" in which we are surrounded and is not contained in anyway and not subject to shielding as are other forms of energy.

In order to continue you must imagine this as an infinite sea of protoplasm which engulfs everything. Imagine it as the all knowing Spirit of G-d - omnipresent and complete knowledge in all things.

This is much like the airwaves that surround us, on a much more finite scale. Literally thousands of radio frequencies surround us but the antenna tuner on your radio determines which frequency or station is picked up and amplified through the circuitry. The thing that determines the resonant frequency that is tuned into the antenna (which you hear) is determined by the size, shape and the values of the electrical components that make up the antenna. You can change these values by simply turning the tuner.

Then imagine that each living species has its own cranium, shape, size and values as determined by the way the brain cells are connected. Like your radio that is exposed to thousands of frequencies it only receives the frequency that the antenna is tuned to. In other words; Your brain is a highly sophisticated antenna. Therefore; required knowledge from each species receives signals and information that applies to it. A tiny bird with the created cranium as related to size, shape and values receives different intelligence as a duck which has its own unique size, shape and genetic values. Going across the spectrum of species - a horse receives information and guidance that is unique to a horse's antenna or cranium / brain values.

Get the idea? An Anglo thinks differently than an Asian. An African-American thinks differently than an Eskimo. Each different race / species of human being have different shapes and sizes of craniums. Genetic wiring of the brain cells, or values is determined by the genetics which are passed on to their offspring. Therefore, we are all different and think differently because the intelligence we receive from all knowing G-d of the universe is determined by the individual species which ultimately is credited to the Creator through His design of each species.

We have all heard of adopted children who have not seen their parents since birth grow up to find they have the same likes, dislikes and characteristics as the parents who had no influence on their upbringing. Their skills and talents are much the same as their biological parents. Siblings who are separated at birth and raised by parents of different cultures and races when united in later life find that they share the same likes, dislikes and skills. Their antennas are picking up much the same information from all knowing G-d's sea of protoplasm which contains all knowledge and solutions.

When we pray, imagine that our antennas tune in the answers from this infinite sea of truth. Everything from healing, learning, answers to problems... we can also interact with this all knowing sea of G-d's knowledge and broadcast our requests for the Creator and His servants to address and may be passed on to others who may be the object of a particular prayer. The Rosicrucians are a mystical organization who deal with the spirit world. I believe they say that "thoughts have wings." It's the same principle but a different entity... not Christian but effective.

These are God's universal laws of physics that both entities use but in different ways. Some forces use HIS principles that are not pleasing to our Creator. They are rebels, ungodly, sinful... describe them any way you choose but you get the idea... same principles used either correctly or incorrectly. Used for good or evil. Used to glorify God, from whom every good thing comes or claimed to be their own powers... powers they claim to possess.

The brain - the organ - the flesh - is the component that handles the incoming message from the spirit (Entity) you serve. If you are a Computer Geek you compare this to "RAM" - the PROCESSOR or the SPEED of the processor. The incoming signal is from the World Wide Web - a linking of many minds, ideas and opinions through the linking of thousands of remote computers. Some good, some bad, some right, some wrong. That's because the WWW is of man and mankind - IMPERFECT! However the PROTOPLASM of G-d's wisdom is perfect. Your PROCESSOR (brain) determines how well you handle the information.

Some of the break-through discoveries by geniuses like Einstein were received from the Creator's infinite mind. It did not... it could not emerge from a hunk of tissue. The information was received by a very fine, super antenna and processed by an unusually fine processor. A genius.

Just my thoughts,


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