God's Will - Not Our Will
Understanding The Reason For Praying And Accepting God's Will And Not Our Will.

When we are shown truths we should tell others... Here's one such truth.

The Lord teaches us in the prayer HE taught HIS disciples to pray "Our Father's Will Be Done." We know it as The Lord's Prayer. I knew the reasons but here is one reason I felt the need to publish.

A man was dying. This man was highly regarded by the church members. The church members were praying for a healing. They were good and faithful members and had no doubt that he would be healed. He died! I am told that some of the members were angry at God because HE did not heal this man. Obviously, they were angry because "their" will was not done. There was a reason...

What They Did Not Know...
I had prayed with this man soon after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. During the prayer the Lord gave me a message to give to the dying man. There was no doubt it was from God. The message came to me as another person was praying aloud and I was praying silently or listening... The Lord actually made me stop the prayer from the person who was praying aloud and deliver the message. I was ashamed to tell that person to stop as "I had a message from our Lord." I did interrupt and I really do not believe I knew the message until I began speaking it. I may have had some idea but not to my knowledge. It came to me in words that I did not use. This happened nearly a year before I started
www.john33.com and I was not well versed in formal scripture and formal terms. As I delivered the message I heard myself saying that, "IF THIS MAN WOULD MAKE A COVENANT WITH THE LORD AND HONOR IT, HE WAS ALREADY HEALED." I was sure of it as I delivered it. I explained to him and to the person who was praying, that I had a message from the Lord and it would not wait.

In the first place, I would not have used the word "covenant" I am sure I would have used the word "agreement" or "promise." I heard myself delivering the message and was not humbled or had any feeling as I delivered the message. As I type this I am greatly moved as I remember the miracle. However, at the moment I delivered it I was numb... no emotion at all.

The reason the man died was because he did not make the covenant until he was hours near death... I waited each day as I visited him in the hospital to hear him say it. I would pray with him at his bed in the hospital and the prayers were from the Spirit of God! I knew it! I had completely forgiven this man of all wrong doings and my prayers were not obstructed by the sin of non forgiveness. The prayers were pure. It did not happen because he never made the covenant. He may have done so in a state of unconsciousness but I don't believe so.

The members of his church were never told about this conditional healing that had already happened... if he would have made the covenant. So, you see the faith of these people was weakened because they thought God did not answer their earnest prayers and in truth God had answered it but it was already made conditional on this man's willingness to make things right with the people he had sinned against. That was part of the covenant... "that he ask certain people to forgive him... to tell them that what he did was wrong and not of God."


These people had been turned cold towards God by his sins and I believe many, if not all would have seen the light of God if this confession had been made. In other words, his sins would have been reversed and would have become a healing witness and caused many to turn to God. You see this man had a reputation among many of the business people he had done business with and some of them felt they had been cheated in business by this man who they deemed a hypocrite. However, he wore another mask when in the company of his church friends. At least this was my observation. In short, he led two lives. One as a church going man of God and another life as a ruthless business man. Some business dealings were very honest and fair while others were not as clean and honest. My dealings with him were unfair as he cheated me out of a tremendous sum of money that I had coming... Literally millions of dollars! I forgave him while he was on his death bed and I prayed in earnest for his healing.

SUMMATION: If the church members had simply asked that God's "will" be done and if they had accepted that lesson taught us by our Lord, they would not have been bitter and would have not doubted God at all. This is why it is so important to ask HIS will be done and have faith that HE knows all, what our needs are and what can be done. We only see in part. HE knows all.

Better yet... What if this man had made that covenant? What if this man had made his confession public and his healing made public? The testimony could have done so much for so many. The evils of Satan would have been reversed and become goodness from God, bringing many to God? Bringing full meaning to the scripture; "all things work for the good of those who love HIM, who have been called according to his purpose." Even though this man had failed, he could have been washed clean, fully restoring him and using him in service to the Creator and eternity with Jesus. Seems so simple... Truth, Confession, Repentance... so simple.


I saw him "Born Of God" or "Born Again" with only hours left on his death bed! He did not understand what was happening! He kept saying things like, "Everything Is Different!" I knew what had happened, I could see it! I could feel the difference in him. He felt it too! His preacher did not understand because he thought he had already had the experience.

Timing is everything. Don't let the sun go down without confessing and repenting. A lesson for all of us. At what point in time did it become too late? I wish I knew.

After much thought about my life, I finally realized that there was a horrible sin from my youth that I had not thought of. I had paid for an abortion but for some strange reason, I had never thought of it as being on me! I had reasoned through the years, after I was Born Of God that the sin was the sin of the girl. How completely ignorant and foolish of me! I have been praying for years that I be forgiven for that horror story. The woman that introduced the idea and made the arrangements had cunningly and shrewdly made me feel it was not on me. What a fool I was! Of course at the time I was young and did not know God and time heals so many things. I had been a fool for so long! The guilt is still with me since I became aware. Stay on your toes!

Your friend,


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