Why Aren't Most People Happy?
Most People Are Unhappy!

Once upon a time people were happy. At least compared to the typical family today. Of the many people I know, few of them are satisfied with their lives or the lives of their families. Usually families are divided by divorce or remnants of several families are now joined as one. The same household may consist of children from several different marriages and unions. Drugs are a major factor in the typical family today. One or more of the family members are dependent on drugs, alcohol, anti-depressants or some type of medication or treatment.

Once upon a time, the typical family was united and Godly. Geographics and culture were major factors in the degree of influence God played in the typical household. As a general rule; the closer to God the family was, the more united they were. The church was their rock and church members were solid friends and were there for each other in times of need. The children were well groomed, clean, polite and showed respect for their parents. They were taught manners... each member was expected to be polite and courteous to the other. If not, a spanking was assured.

Compare that picture to the typical, middle class, household today. Weird haircuts, tattoos, unshaven, ungroomed, pilled-up, smoked up, shot up, drunk, filthy language, rude and none of that "churchy" stuff. Maybe this is not the scene in your house but I'm talking about the average or typical household. Perhaps variations of degrees of the aforementioned and maybe not all of them but you get the idea.

It all starts with God. The introduction of God to the family is usually the role of the parents... therefore, the lifestyle of the kid is the result of the parent's influence. USUALLY! The problem is simple; the parents are rotten and hell bound themselves.

Fact is; It's too late for most families. It's that simple!

That covers families that are messed up. Now let's take a look at the other possible scenarios that may have brought someone to a web page of this title.


Money problems.

Disease and sickness.



Going to jail or facing prison.

Abuse of all kinds... marital abuse, child abuse, parental abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse... did I miss something here?

Losing your home.

Losing your car.




Usually the absence of God is the root cause of all of the above.

Fact is; Most people are not going to ask God into their lives. They are convinced that He does not exist and help comes in a bottle, a pill or a new wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, car, house or some other gadget "as seen on TV."

Fact is; it's too late for most people. It's that simple!

When there is no place left to run and nobody left to turn to... try God. Or don't. Whatever you think. If you chose to "try" you can begin by reading www.john33.com and studying one of the four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Any one of these little books, found in the bible, will tell you about Jesus, the son of God, who has all the answers. This is why some people who are in prison find Him... they don't have anything else to do so they read about Him, study Him and pray to Him. A person could try it without going to prison. Maybe so. He has saved a lot of us!

Good luck,



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