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Q. Is it an unpardonable sin?

A. No

Q. Is homosexuality any more sinful than adultery, lust, greed, murder or any of the other laws of God?

A. That is debatable but I say "sin-is-sin." Any act of sin committed with and by either gender is destructive and against the laws of God, and of man.

Q. Why is it so hated by the heterosexual-based religions?

A. Because it is viewed as a very disgusting abnormality by the heterosexual community, religious or not.

Don't Get The Idea...

That I condone or defend homosexuals! I certainly don't! I don't condone adultery, greed, lust, murder, dishonoring your father or mother or the breaking of any of God's laws that we are to live by. Those sins are wrong but they are not viewed as being as "disgusting" by most normal people. You see ALL NORMAL PEOPLE break (some or all) of those other laws, so, since they, themselves are guilty of breaking those laws, they feel they are not as bad as those who commit the homosexual act. Sin is sin. Whether it's with a person of the same sex or the opposite sex. An unrepenting person who cheats his brother out of money or property is no less guilty of sin than an unrepenting homosexual. Society simply views the former as less disgusting and "normal." The cheat is simply viewed as a dishonest person who is hardly ever persecuted by the church, as long as he pays his tithe. Sad isn't it? Do you suppose the church could go back to basics and perform the way the Apostle Paul told them to? (1st Cor. Chapter 5 for instance)

According To Scripture, God Viewed The Act As Disgusting...

He said the land would "Vomit Them Out." (Leviticus, Chapter 20)

The Old Testament: Calls for death to both parties. (Leviticus, Chapter 20, V.13)
The New Testament: Condemns it as a justifiable capital offense. (Romans, Chapter 1, V. 26 through 32)

Now God demanded the same penalty for breaking other laws too! So the practicing homosexual (who does not confess his sin and repent) will be kept out of the Kingdom of God the same as a blatant adulterer who does not confess his sin and repent. Is The Homosexual's Hell any hotter than the unforgiven adulterer?? I don't think so but that is a matter of interpretation and opinion.

This Is What Makes...
the Homosexual Community so wrong: They sell their sin to the world as being an "alternate lifestyle" which (they insist) is justified and sanctioned by God and society. That's the lie and the big sin that (most folks believe) will send them to the 2nd death.

Remember: God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for their acts of homosexuality and sin. Need I say more? It was strongly suggested to us that most practicing homosexuals don't believe the bible anyway. If that is true ~ can that be a big part of the problem?

If a community of adulterers or murderers were to present their sin to the world as "condoned" and "an alternate lifestyle" they would be just as guilty as the proud, flaming homosexuals. Hell's gaping jaws await all who sell their sin and "alternate lifestyle" as good, normal, right, sanctioned, justified or any other description that is deceiving... which may cause others to fall. Don't get mad at the "messenger," the messenger is just repeating God's words... you know, the one who created the universe.

If the homosexual person...
confesses his sin before God and repents he/she can be saved. He or she is no better, no worse, no different than any other law-breaker. They are just viewed as being more disgusting by the heterosexual community, religious or not.

Does this mean if he/she ever sins again he/she is doomed to Hell, (Whatever Hell Is) ? I hope not -- or we are all doomed. All of us sin but we should not be proud and arrogant. We should all refrain from sin. If and when we sin, confess it as sin and repent. God looks upon the heart and you can't fool Him.

If You Are Proud And Arrogant...
about your sins and sell your sin to the world as an alternate lifestyle (as many of the homosexual community do) society will become nothing better than a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Which, by the way is the attitude among many homosexuals. It was suggested by someone that homosexuals should humble themselves to the word of God and not flaunt the abnormality. It was further suggested that demonic control is to blame much of the time. Many folks agree on that. Some do not.

Do You Think...

If the parents had raised the (homosexual) child in the church (Synagogue) and the church had performed as Paul instructed them that there would be a whole heck-of-a-lot fewer abnormal people? Could it be that we have simply fallen away from God and these are the results of a sinful, rebellious society?

Tell Us What You Think

A friend just called after reading this page. She brought up the idea that, "because some homosexuals are born that way that it should be considered non-sin for them. Because it is natural for those born with those desires they should be free to live that lifestyle." She further suggests: "If it was a conscious choice made by that person it is quite different."

What do you think? Let me hear from you.

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I just can't shut-up now!

If it all sounds unfair, remember, this life is very much unfair! According to what we are taught from the bible... this trip is a test! Have you not caught on to that fact yet? Ask any blind person or the mother who just lost an infant child or any other "victim" of life. We don't understand these things. Don't hold God responsible, our parents (Adam and Eve) chose this for us (according to scripture). We are passing through Satan's Kingdom here on planet earth. Don't miss the boat out of here! It's hell if you do!

Take care... and... ask God for wisdom, you won't get it from a human!

Humans Can't Even Make An Apple,
Much Less Explain The Universe Or God's Plan For His Elect.

When man can make a good eating apple, I'll pay more attention to mere man. Until then - I'll trust God.

Remember; God Loves Us All, He Gave His Son So We Could Overcome All These Set-Backs. It's Called Repentance and Forgiveness of Sin, The Foundation of Christianity.

Your friend,



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