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How Much Should Jesus Have Charged For His Teachings?

Can you imagine? Jesus preaching in the temple ~ his disciples guarding the entrance ~ charging admission to hear the word of God?

Listen ~ can't you just hear Peter hollering out? "If you have not the price of admission, you can not come in!"

I just have to air this out... because the truth needs to be told. These money-hungry, hell bound pitch men and women don't believe in their own product or they would not send themselves to hell for "A Few Dollars More."

To be "Christian" is to be "Christ-Like" and it seems to me that many of these multi billionaire TV Preachers ain't actin' too Christian! Seems like after they bank the first billion $$ they ought to be a little kinder about sendin' the messages and lessons out that God gave them for the spiritually needy... If it is from God, is it right for them to sell his messages? When someone may need the teaching but can't afford it ~ they don't have the money ~ should you deny them the wisdom of God?

How much is enough? Will multi millionaire TV Preachers ever preach the word of God and get it into the hands of the Needy without charging for it?

I know it takes a lot of money to produce a TV ministry ~ to produce their work on tapes, CD's and printed form but at some point-in-time when they are financially able ~ couldn't they lighten-up on the spiritually needy and use some of their own money ~ the money they have banked? After all, this money they have banked or invested was provided by charitable Christians. Christians who want their contributions to be used to spread the gospel and be a witness by helping the needy. I'm sure that if these crafty purveyors of the gospel told the people that their money would be used to build an empire for the Pitch-Man ~ there would be a lot less given. Therefore, I consider these hucksters to be guilty of man-made laws as well as God's law.

I listen and enjoy the messages delivered by many of these brilliant actors. There was a time I had been spiritually uplifted by much of what I heard. It was thought-provoking and educational. However, it is sometimes a lie sandwiched in between a lot of truth. To this day, I look forward to the sessions I spend in front of my television and when I was in the baby-Christian years, I learned a great deal. I am glad they are there and I don't want them to go away... I just wish they would live up to their own teaching about charity and giving.

The Reverend Billy Graham and his son Franklin are examples that all the other evangelists could learn from... As far as fleecing the believers for money. I just have one question for Preacher Graham... Why did you not stand up for prayer in school and other issues on which you remained silent? Preacher Graham did not use his connections and high profile to oppose those who took God out of our society. I will never understand that. Billy - are you truly who you appear to be?

It would seem to me that the purpose for Christian broadcast is largely to get the "word" out to the unknowing sinners who need salvation. However, most or just about all of the viewers who tune-in are already saved. That's a fact! Can you imagine a drunk, drugged-out, wife-beatin' redneck lookin' forward to the "Praise and Worship Hour"? Dream on! Just about all the viewers have been coerced into "belonging" as Partners or by joining the Pitch-man's club. You know ~ a regular contributor so you can "belong" to the club.

I sure have a lot of questions, that if answered properly may lead to some answers.

As I typed this I was listening to a TV program about the starving children in a third-world country. The Evangelist is asking for donations to feed the hungry children. He encourages us to use our credit cards. Probably just down the block there is a kid in your neighborhood who could use a hand up. The next Preacher talked about forgiveness ~ his message was good ~ his audio tapes are $30.00 plus S/H ~ the CD's were $40.00 plus S/H ~ the video was $69.00 Should only the affluent get this message?

To their credit, they did not suggest that this was to be regarded as a tithe.

What if a relative or friend would like to send those tapes to someone who desperately needs the teaching and guidance that these teachings may offer ~ BUT ~ that person is flat broke ~ wouldn't it be nice if the TV Preacher sent them out at no charge?

You say I don't understand economics? You say I don't understand business?
I do. Remember: This is God's work and standard business practices don't apply here! If the TV Preacher doesn't believe that, I would not buy his tapes.

When they are preachin' to the masses about God's (old testament) law and tithing, they should remember: The tithe was intended to be distributed to widows, orphans and the needy! Many TV Preachers would have you think that your gifts are a tithe. As far as I know those gifts received by them are used to fund TV time, operating expenses and very high life styles. Not to mention their investments in diamond mines, land deals and even race horses! I'm not kidding! One of the most famous had to sell a race horse and a diamond mine because he was running short of cash!

One large TV ministry owns hundreds of television stations world-wide and satellites (paid for by needy people). They are filthy rich and I mean FILTHY (pun intended) and they still charge for "God's word". Remember, these TV stations, radio stations and satellites were bought by contributions from believers, many of whom needed the money for life's basic needs! Maybe you TV Preachers could use a few of the millions of dollars that go through your hands each week to reach some sinners on your own What a novel idea.

Just A Suggestion To Rich TV Preachers...

It's your duty to distribute God's word world-wide ~ now that you have sooo much $$$ perhaps you could experiment with new ways of getting the message out to the world.

For Instance...

Why don't you have a telethon and give some money back to the Poor and Needy! Now that would be a nice Christian gesture and remember: "God loves a cheerful giver" ~ Perhaps you could practice some of your own philosophy ~ "Give and it will given back to you 10 fold" (or something like that).

It would become the most popular show on TV ~ Imagine all those gorgeous side-kick wives of the evangelists out among the poor folks, redistributing the gifts sent in by those who can afford it! No more pitchin' the Poor about "give and it will be given back to you 10 fold" or some such made-up mathematical formula. I'd bet (big money) some major cosmetics company would pay a ton $$$ to sponsor the show, especially to reach the market that wants long eye lashes and big hair-do's

Here's Another One For Your Consideration...

I'm repeating myself here but you must get this one...
I heard this about one of our famous TV Preachers - It is alleged that he had to sell a racehorse and a diamond mine. It was reported that the diamond mine was valued near two billion dollars? WOW! They say crime doesn't pay! Unless there is something I have missed here: If becoming a billionaire by selling God's word to the Needy (and keepin' it for yourself) ain't a crime ~ what is?

This particular Preacher has the spiritual gift of knowledge and healing To this I say "WONDERFUL!" BUT don't charge for it Why not redistribute some of those gifts ~ to the Needy ~ keep some for your operations and your cost of living but don't buy race-horses and diamond mines with the excess! Help somebody!

Note: Since I wrote this page several years ago (2003) one of the rich TV preachers has called for the killing of Argentine President, Hugo Chavez and has said that Ariel Sharon had a stroke because it was punishment from God.

Most of the people who send money to these purveyors of God's word are somewhat needy themselves. Many are elderly and some are down on their luck, just trying to make ends meet. They are desperate! Promises are made that if they give, God will return to them many times more. While that may be true, some folks ( me for one) resent what they (preachers) do with the money the Needy send to these brilliant pitchmen and women. You're just too rich! Give something back to the Needy! The Needy have sure helped them!

Don't Consider Money Sent To These TV Preachers As A Tithe...
God's (old testament) law ~ the "tithe" was required to take care of widows, orphans and the needy which was to be distributed
through the temple. Racehorses and diamond mines don't qualify!

Jesus really is coming back ~ or you'll die first ~ either way you'll meet him soon! Before that time comes, ask yourself: Do you really think it is right to acquire a tremendous fortune, far more than is justified, by marketing the universal truth of God's word? Especially when you get that money by preaching about tithing which is intended to go for the needs of the Poor.

I wonder if these rich preachers really believe that hell (or the second death) is real?

If you are given the spiritual gift of healing ~ DON'T SELL IT OR SHOW TREMENDOUS PROFIT FROM THE GIFT! If it was authorized by God It was given to you to use to glorify God ~ not to glorify or prosper you financially. In my opinion... if you use God's gifts of the Spirit to prosper yourself... financially... beyond reason... your gift is NOT authorized by God but comes from Satan... Your true God... the god of "the material" world.

Maybe I've missed something but then again: There were those "hucksters" mentioned in the new testament ~ remember ~ they offered Peter money to show them how he did his works from God ~ (The Hucksters Sold Their Works For Money) ~ Peter told them, "To take their money and go to hell!"

Yes, folks... purveyors of God's word are, perhaps, NOT OF GOD... Remember what Jesus said... Book of Matthew... "On judgment day many will tell me, Lord, Lord, we prophesied in your name and cast out demons in your name and performed many miracles in your name. But I will reply, I never knew you. Go away; the things you did were unauthorized."

I listen to several TV preachers every Sunday morning... Mainly to see what kind of deception they are teaching - it cycles and they all seem to key on the same topics on a given day, which proves to me there is a central power that instructs them.

Reach out and touch someone, without gettin' paid for it! That would be a real testament of faith!

Your Friend,


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