Jesus, born again, rapture, saved, salvation, tongues, forgiveness, miracles, demons, astrology, healing, homosexuality and much more!

Jesus Replied...
"I tell you this, unless you are born again, you can never enter The Kingdom of God."
Gospel of John, Chapter 3, Verse 3 ... John 3:3

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Introduction How this site was inspired and its purpose.
Demons Are demons real or did Hollywood create them? Who are they? What are they?
Miracles, Divine Miracles I've been healed! Divine Miracles that I have experienced and seen. Supernatural!
Once Saved Always Saved Is This Doctrine and Theory True and Of The Bible Or Is OSAS A Man Made Doctrine?
The Fall In The Garden Did God Design The Fall In The Garden?
Are You A Genius Or A Super Antenna? What Do We Learn From The Animal Kingdom? Where Do Thoughts and Ideas Originate?
Abraham The Father Of Major World Religions - Muslim, Jews, Roman Catholic - Three Major Religions From The Loins Of Abraham.
Born Again One of the most misunderstood terms. What does it mean? Are all people born again who think they are?
Speaking In Tongues Speaking in unknown tongues is one of the most controversial topics in the Christian faith.
Rapture - The Rapture of The Church Does The Rapture Occur Before The Great Tribulation? Why do the teachers and preachers teach a false doctrine?
Forgiveness Must you forgive everybody who wrongs you? What does the bible have to say about this?
More On Forgiveness Typical wrongful teaching about forgiveness.
God's Will, Not Our Will Understanding The Reason For Praying And Accepting God's Will And Not Our Will.
The God Of This World The God Of This World Is Satan. False Teachers Mislead Many People Through Religion.
Is Jesus God Probably no question (or teaching) in all of philosophy and theology has spawned more debate than this one.
Wolves Jesus Warned About These Wolves Disguised As Sheep.
Is Jesus The Only Way To Heaven? How Can This Be? Can't All Good People Go To Heaven? You may know them as HIS laws.
Abortion Is abortion murder? You be the judge for now. God will finally be the judge. Take a look at this amazing picture!
The Sabbath Who changed it? Why was it changed? Time to find out!
Loosed - Bound - Whatever You Loose On Earth is loosed in heaven and whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. Two different scriptures. Was the meaning the same? The way I am led to believe... for your consideration.
Paradise: Do We Go To Paradise When We Die? Or do we sleep in the grave until the trumpet sounds?
Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged "They" Use "Buzz" Phrases To Enable The Misled User To Appear To Be Knowledgeable While Seeming To Win The Argument. Most have no idea about the meaning of the scripture.
Hell What is hell? Is hell for real? Will God really send you to hell? Is the "second death" the same as hell?
Different Degrees Of Hell? Are there Different degrees of punishment? What did Jesus say? Do you believe what Jesus said?
Another Revelation Of Hell, Don't Miss This One! This is one of the most alarming messages I have ever written.
Astrology Here was my answer to a prayer.
The Twelve (12) Disciples How the 12 disciples died - excerpts from THE KING'S 12.
Can a Rich Man Enter The Kingdom of God? According to Jesus a rich man can enter the Kingdom but it will take a miracle!
In God We Trust Should it be on our money?
The Wheat and The Chaff For the KJV Fundamentalists "Story of the Wheat and Tares" Have you been losing friends and family?
Healing and Healings Divine healing by God. Why are some people healed and others are not?
Homosexuality Is it wrong? Is it an unpardonable sin? Is it worse than any other sin?
The Watchman What are the duties of a Watchman? Do you know a Watchman? Are you a Watchman?
The Cross - Calvary - What Does It Mean to You?
Angels Are angels for real? What are they? Why did God create them? Do they protect us?
Evolution Is there proof of evolution? Is it part of God's plan of creation?
Drinking What was/is Jesus' position on alcohol? Did Jesus drink wine? Is it wrong to drink?
Did God Create Evil? Here's a great lesson. A very good analogy.
Tampering With The Word Ongoing
The Church and Organized Religion Is this the way your church is governed?
Bible Translations Are the modern bible translations good or bad? Be sure to check this out! See how ridiculous this problem really is.
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Marriage, Children, Sociopath, Psycopath and The Dangers What To Look For That Ruin Healthy Relationships.
Does Your Church Teach a Prosperity Doctrine? Is your God the god of prosperity and wealth?
The True Church Is There One True Church That Was Promised By Jesus? Which Church Is It?
So, You Want To Be A Christian This is a 6 page series, a concise, helpful guideline for sincere seekers of truth. What to look for when searching for your church/denomination. Some startling facts that you may not find anywhere else. It may not be the "feel good" religion you think it is.
The Unpopular Truth False Doctrines Are Made Popular By Famous Evangelicals And Preachers... They're A Part Of The System.
Aliens and UFOS Aliens - UFOS - how they will be used to deceive mankind and the church.
Strange, Paranormal and Inexplicable Events Orbs, Big Foot, Aliens, UFO's, Familiar Spirits, Ghosts.
Is The Earth Flat The bible indicates that earth is flat and I agree because the facts prove it, just as the bible indicates.
Is God In Control? If God is in control why does He allow such evil? Let's talk!
Who Is Israel? Take a look. I thought this article was interesting. What do you think?
Devils In The Pulpit These Men and Women Teach and Preach About Their God... The Lesser God. They are not even aware.
Big Questions Call For Large Answers Is the flood for real? How old is earth? Where did oil originate? Was a species of man here before God's creation in the Garden? What is the New World Order and who ushered it in?
Will Your Pastor Make It To Heaven? Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Is the church "selling out" for a tax-free status under the 501 (C) (3)
It Pleases God To Do It This Way This message concerns truth revealed to HIS children.
Why Won't God Answer Your Questions About Your Purpose? That says it all.
Are Your Prayers Answered In These Last Days In recent months I have seen a tremendous upheaval in most every person's life.
Trust God Only A message given to me 15 years ago - what does it mean today? It looms large and heavy!
In Search Of The Ultimate Experience Absence of the ultimate experience is the reason for Greek myths and religious denominations.
The Unspoken Truth The unspoken truth is the same as a lie. Deception by any name is a lie. Are you guilty?
God's Laws Of Physics God's Laws - I Refer To Them As God's Laws Of Physics - Just Now We Are Seeing The Underlying Science In His Divine Brilliance.
Chemistry God's chemistry at work
Spiritual Cocaine Power of Positive Thinking - Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) - Mind Over Matter.
What's Wrong With Christians? The way the world views Christians and what's wrong with them?
Fallen Angels? Not the fallen angels that were cast from heaven with Lucifer... I'm speaking of "normal," everyday people you brush against daily. Take a look.
How Much Money Rich preachers, television evangelists. What if Jesus had charged for His sermons?
Are You Happy? This is one of the strangest messages I have ever been led to pen.
Why Most Christians Are Misled (Mislead)The truth about being "saved" or "born-again."
Da Vinci Code - The Da Vinci Code Jesus Said: "MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD." Read It!
More On The Painting Of The Last Supper Painted by another artist. For those who are "taken" by the Da Vinci Code.
Understanding Very important to understand... for all who want a relationship with God.
The Church - Organized Religion When Did Jesus Instruct His Disciples To Establish Brick and Mortar Churches?
Testers - Jesus Is the Ultimate Test There Are Many "Testers" Sent By Jesus, Have You Met One? Did You Pass The Test?
The Two Party System We Have Been Taught That The 2 Party System Is The Best System... Is It?
Are You Saved? Do you practice the teachings of Jesus? Or, do you simply give "lip-service?"
The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) This was not authorized to be included in the compilation of scriptures that we call the bible. Very interesting! The Da Vinci code is discussed here.
Treatment of Animals Teachings by Jesus according to the Essenes, members of a monastic brotherhood of Jews in Palestine from the 2d century B.C. to the 2d century A.D.
Jesus and The Cat The Gospel of the Holy Twelve. Translated from the original Aramaic by Rev. G.J.R. Ouseley. These Scriptures do not appear in the King James authorized version.
Right and Wrong Who knows? Many people do not know the difference between right & wrong. God declared, " I will write my laws on the hearts and minds of my people."
If I Were The Devil A beautifully written piece by Paul Harvey. Based on fact and common sense.
The Most Important Scripture For The Seeker Of Truth A very serious and important issue - don't take it lightly.
Luck Is there any such thing as luck or is it from the spiritual realm?
The Decline of Mankind Jesus said that when he returns, the world will be as in the days of Noah. It is obvious to me that we as a society have regressed to that status.
The Apostate Church Seems That Most Churches Now Qualify For That Title. What's happening?
Baptists are joining the "tongues" movement.
This morning, 5-8-11, I was watching the TV preachers and I saw Baptist Preacher, Ron Phillips, alongside Pentecost Evangelist, Perry Stone together and Phillips is a "tongues" advocate now and he is preaching "tongues" as gospel! The Baptists are going for the tongues doctrine! WOW! I know some folks that would roll over in their graves if they could see this day! One World Religion In View.
The Book Of Job Explained MOST READ PAGE IN THE SITE! Most every person and especially those who are of a spiritual nature, question "why." Bad luck, unfair circumstances or undeserved horrors come to good people... "WHY?" After you understand "JOB" you might understand much more!
The Road I Traveled The first 25 years of my life, to be continued. "While Mother Prayed"
Two Novels For Your Consideration THE KING'S 12 and ALPHA'S GUERRILLA
New Page In The Works

I do not accept donations

This Website Is Not In Any Way Intended To Be Regarded As A Doctrine! It Is Simply The Way I See Things And My Interpretation Of God's Word As Applied To Everyday Life. Hope It Helps! There Are Many Interesting Topics Linked.

Since 2002 I have been led to write that which the Holy Spirit gives me. I have learned one thing in particular... No person can see the truth unless the Holy Spirit of God leads them into it. All of the truths and factual accounts are of no use unless the Spirit of God directs the person. I hope the pages in this site can bring about some help in these trying times.


This site is based on my understanding and interpretation of the scriptures that I have studied. Much has been lost because of time, culture, interpretation and the person's reasoning. The way we read scripture can be greatly misinterpreted because of lack of understanding of the languages and translations. I have struggled with the thought of taking down this site because of these factors. Every time I take down the site I have the strong urging to put it back on the internet. I hope and pray that you understand as you read through the topics.

On this site I discuss important topics that churches may not address and especially when you are seeking input. I feel that most of the messages on these pages are inspired and given from God and help people better understand scripture. Some churches are of the "world" and not entirely of God. Those individuals who host the Holy Spirit are of "The Church" to which Jesus made reference when HE told Peter that Peter was "The Rock" upon whom Jesus would build HIS church.

On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit arrived, as promised by Jesus and settled on the disciples. Peter announced the Good News to all people present. The people who spoke different languages heard him in their own language and understood. Three thousand people received the Spirit that day and that was the day Jesus established HIS church. Those who have been "Born of God" see and understand things differently from that moment of spiritual birth. It may take a while to realize just how differently you perceive situations but you truly desire to obey Jesus' commands and you have a different attitude about most everything. You will strive to please your Father and obey HIS will. "All who love me obey me." This remnant comes from all nationalities and all walks of life and are not limited to any one denomination of any name. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you are "Born of God" and a new creature. Some will go back to the ways of the flesh and some will grow in God. (Matthew 13, parable of the sower)


Topics such as Born Again, Once Saved Always Saved, Tongues and Pre-Trib Rapture are dealt with on this site and my opinion about these topics as well as all others are confirmed only by my interpretation and understanding of scripture. For example, I feel that forgiveness is one of the most misunderstood topics! This brings another important thought: People who do not believe in miracles or demons simply prove that they don't believe in Jesus because Jesus spent much of HIS time in ministry casting out demons miraculously healing people.

I am shown that the changing of the Sabbath was brought to fruition by the Roman Emperor Constantine at the Council of Nicaea (Nicea), 325 AD, when they began creating a world church, which was recognized and approved by the state and united with the state. Today, the 501 (C) (3) is the reward for being a "State Regulated Religion" and binds church and state together as an accepted church-state union. Constantine's newly formed church included many doctrines including some of those of the Pagans, who were invited as part of the Council of about 318 Bishops of churches in that part of the world.

Barnabas, a disciple of Jesus' teachings disagreed with Paul. Could this this be the reason they separated paths? I wonder.

Paul's instructions as found in Romans, declared that the Roman employees were appointed by God and he instructed the Jews to obey the Romans and gladly pay their taxes to Rome. On the other hand, Barnabas' writings did not flatter Rome. Therefore, I believe that Barnabas was not favored by Constantine and his writing were not featured in the assembled Canon which was the result of Constantine's Council and the Canon became the basis of the Bible.

Jesus taught the Disciples to travel in pairs of two, stay in the homes of the people who invited them in and gave them room and meals. They taught and preached the Good News from their homes. No temples! No hierarchy, no finance, no board, just truth and blessings from Jesus' disciples. In contrast: It appears to me that Paul agreed with and established temple worship among the newly founded Christian faith: The Temple required a board of humans who argued, disagreed and fought among themselves which led to turmoil and problems, which still do to this very day in many individual churches. This was not the way that Jesus instructed HIS disciples to spread the Good News (Gospel)... at least not the way I read the scriptures.

The council at Nicea met and the new world church was formed, over 300 years after the resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Constantine and his 300+ Bishops were the works of man. It is believed by the church that they were led by the Holy Spirit. I have a slight problem because it is a combination of all doctrines, including pagan beliefs, even some pagan holidays were acknowledged, such as Easter and Christmas.

There is much truth and wisdom in the bible, it is the word of God. After studying the gospel of Matthew for many days, I was on the path to being Born of God, an experience that was unforgettable. When you read and study scripture pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit of God to interpret and understand the meaning of the words.

I do not trust any man who is educated by men to direct me into the Kingdom. I will only trust the Holy Spirit, not men. Most churches celebrate some of the rituals and celebrations which are founded in Paganism. Christmas and Easter, to mention a few of the most common. The Christians have abandoned the original intent. For example, Easter was a tribute and celebration to and of, the fertility goddess. That's the reason for Hen Eggs and the Easter Bunny as symbols. Churches today, some knowingly and some unknowingly, practice and celebrate Pagan rituals but that is not explained or taught by the churches of man-made doctrines. The once pagan holidays have changed in that which they celebrate, they now honor the birth and resurrection of Jesus, which is a good thing.

The modern evangelicals and churches still do not teach biblical facts such as the warning from Jesus that A Rich Man Can Hardly Enter The Kingdom of God. You need to know why. Why did Jesus say this and why is it important for you to know? The Evangelicals will lead you to believe that God is a materialistic God and the excessive abundance of money and "worldly things" are from the true God. There is nothing wrong with a man acquiring wealth but wisdom and help from the Holy Spirit are needed to stay on the narrow path and not put material before God or Jesus. I personally think that the god of this world will not allow a true man/woman of God to acquire excessive riches. Work on that for a while:)


Why do some people receive healing from sickness or disease and others do not? A good question and I'm still looking for the answer. I've experienced miraculous healing yet I am in need of healing for another problem as I type this. I'm suffering from severe back pain which has been diagnosed to be arthritis of the spine. I'm still praying and waiting. Be sure to read, I'll report the healing (which is way overdue) on that page.

How I Came to Experience The Born Again or Born of God Experience

I Can Only Tell You How I Prepared Myself For The Born Again Experience... For Your Consideration...

Please understand that to be "saved" or achieve salvation is determined by God. HE will send the Holy Spirit as a gift to you when it pleases HIM. I can only say that we can ready ourselves to receive HIS Spirit.

How I achieved salvation... Here it is in simple steps... Open one of the four gospels... read a verse or two... pray, in earnest... read the same verse again... be sure you understand and "feel" the message... read the next verse, pray, continue in this fashion til you finish the short little book. It only took the book of Matthew for me. I came to know Jesus through that one little book! Then I began to study the entire bible. You may need to "study" through it multiple times. Stay with it until you feel as though you know HIM like an old friend. If you are able to achieve this, pray that God will send HIS Spirit and anointing. This will happen in HIS time, not yours, pray that it be soon. The growth increases with time, dedication, your heart and willingness to truly be HIS son or daughter.

Eternity is waiting! You want to come to know Jesus... any of the four gospels should do it. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John all contain the life of Jesus and HIS message. Each book is from another view point and each book has another little treasure for you. You will come to know Jesus and more importantly, you should come to LOVE HIM. THEN HE WILL ENTER YOUR HEART! When HE comes in, accept HIM and keep HIM! HIS Spirit will live in you and you will grow.


Dear Reader,
I extend an invitation to ANY preacher, teacher, rabbi or priest to contact me and offer an opposing view to any topic presented here! If it is in good taste and "proper," I promise I will publish it in it's entirety, unedited with your contact information. When you do this I reserve the right to offer my answer to your rebuttal... a debate for goodness and education of God's word. You can then respond to my answer! I am interested in presenting truth and if a reader can help... Please do so! I am open minded, God minded and if your point is backed by solid scripture and makes the point you may have won my support on that topic!
MANY THOUSANDS will have the opportunity to consider your point, therefore, you will have won a major decision for God and you will have my support! Please do your part and respond! Thanks!


I do not accept donations

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the authorities,
against the world rulers of this darkness, against bands of wicked spirits in the heavenly regions.
(Ephesians Chapter 6 Verse 12)

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