"I tell you this, unless you are born again, you can never enter The Kingdom of God"
Gospel of John, Chapter 3, Verse 3
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My name is Darryl Foshee. I use the name "John" on this site.

In May, 2002 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. One day as I was leaving the radiation treatment center, the Lord spoke to me, HE told me to register the domain name www.john33.com ... I thought, "Yeah, sure; John 3:3, that very popular verse is going to be available!" I came home... researched the domain name and it was available! I could not have been more shocked. I registered it and began writing the messages that I was inspired and led to pen. Since then HE has enlarged my horizons.

At my 5 year colonoscopy and inspection I was declared cancer free! I knew it four days after I was diagnosed May 13, 2002. Four days later, about 4 AM, May 17, I was up and getting ready for my sister to pick me up to take me me to the VA Hospital in Little Rock to have an "I-PORT" surgically implanted into my chest so the Chemo needle could be inserted into the synthetic device for the Chemo infusion. I noticed that for the first time in years there was no blood in my stools. There was no discomfort and I realized that I had been healed! THIS WAS THE FIRST DAY IN YEARS THAT THERE WAS NO BLOOD! My sister picked me up in the dark, early morning hours and I finally blurted out that I had been healed and I didn't know what to do about the surgery that would happen within a few hours... I reasoned that I would go ahead with the I-Port and speak with my VA Doctor within the next few days as I had an appointment with him before they began the Chemo. He refused to repeat the colonoscopy because he simply did not believe that I was healed. The doctor asked me who had healed me and I told him that God had! He did not believe me and pulled out large pictures of the cancerous growth in my colon and flatly refused to schedule another colonoscopy. My sister urged that I continue with the procedure and I was confused!! I agreed and rationalized that I would continue and leave it up to God to show me what to do.

Six weeks of chemo and radiation and then I was to "rest" for a month, then, surgery. I explained to the surgeons that I had been healed and they promised that they would put me on the table, examine me and if I had no growth they would not cut! I agreed but they didn't live up to the agreement. They removed the section that had been the host site of the growth but there was nothing there! They did not want to tell me the results and I finally made the hospital staff give me the results before I was to be released. THERE WAS NOTHING THERE!

My brother was buried the day I was diagnosed... May 13. He died of pancreatic cancer on May 9, 2002 after a seven-month battle. You can read about those accounts and miracles on my site www.john33.com/miracles.htm


I had been concerned by the vast numbers of different denominations... each one claiming to teach the truth. I knew there was only one truth and that truth is only found in the words of Jesus. I find no denomination that I can align with! They all fall short! All of the denominations contain a portion of man-made doctrine. As a result, many people are confused. Satan has been around a long time. He and his fallen ones have had thousands of years to infiltrate and establish false doctrine in most every denomination. I'm sure he started some of them.

One of the major denominations and their teaching had misled my mother and the result caused me to fall away from God. I lived apart from God for about a decade. The decade of the 1980's... I was wild and crazy! I lost everything... family, friends, money, worldly success... everything! AND... YES... I had lost my ability to communicate with God too! For the first time in my life, when I prayed, there was nothing there... this went on for several years.

After several years of prayer and reading scripture HE allowed me to fall back into the "fold." I was humbled and brought to my knees. The financial deprivation and loss of friends and family were at the top of the list of teachings. HE brought HIS teachings to me in full color! That began in the early 1990's and in 1993 I was JERKED back into HIS fold. HE showed me that I was to write an account of HIS 12 Disciples... "THE KING'S 12" was the title, I'm pretty sure HE gave to me that title. HE further showed me I was to record it on cassette tapes, which I did. I realized months after it was finished that it would be very appealing to the younger person. Although it has had tremendous effect on adults. I have seen mature, worldly women cry "alligator tears!" In my opinion and observation; it seems to anger some adults (males especially) who do not host the Holy Spirit... It is strange and inexplicable!

The moment I began writing the account, supernatural happening abounded! Every day was amazing, to say the least. Most of the pages in John 33 are based on factual accounts of my life. Demons, miracles, salvation, the "begotten" or "born again" experience, healing and many other topics which I write about are based in my own experiences and revelations from God.

I try to describe in detail what the Lord has given me and encouraged me to report but I am afraid I am not complete in my writing skills. I asked God when I was writing THE KING'S 12, "why HE did not get a professional writer or trained theologian to write it?" I will never forget the rapid answer HE delivered, "Because you will do it and they won't." At the moment I was not aware of the long term dedication and persecution that came with this appointment. It has been a lonely state of warfare. Spiritual warfare that only through the strength given me from God that I have been able to stand!

You see, it was not to end with THE KING'S 12, that was only the beginning! Since then it has been "ALPHA'S GUERRILLA," another novel that was given me in 1997. Then John 33, an ongoing mission that I worry I am not getting out in acceptable numbers. I have to remember that HE is driving the bus, I'm only here to air up the tires.

My mission is to present the simple truth of salvation without the denominational, man-made doctrines that work against Jesus' plan for us and HIS supreme sacrifice. I did not say it was failing, I mean that it is not without adversity. Many doctrine-biased theories have been introduced and taught as "gospel" truth. You must admit that all of the various doctrines cannot be true! Therefore, some folks could deduce that all are wrong but ONE doctrine. Any way you view it, it seems pretty absurd to believe that all opposing doctrines are truth. To avoid the impossible hunt for the one true doctrine in all topics, I simply go to the scriptures and through prayer and study I usually come out with a good feeling of "oneness" with Christ. I am led to publish my findings for your consideration. Have your minister, priest, rabbi or teacher examine my thoughts and let me know if I can be of help. Prepare yourself for a literal shower of scriptures but ask for explanations! Don't just scamper away with your tail tucked between your legs! That teacher is there to help you! Ask him/her to help you understand.

Many times a teacher or person who is explaining their position on an opinion pertaining to their doctrine, will quote a scripture that has nothing to do with the question you asked. You were looking for an honest explanation and they were concerned with side-stepping the question and "scoot" past the issue with an answer that will cover the fact that the answer is not based in scripture. They can't prove the point through the word of God but rather than admit it, they win the war of words and leave you in question and themselves in darkness. Jesus warns us that hell awaits those who mislead "a little one." A "little one" being a person who is new in their search for truth and the narrow path that leads to Heaven. I hope all concerned will be careful and be founded in the word of God and not doctrine... no matter how many generations have followed a doctrine or denomination that is not based in true scripture.

The purpose of this web site is to help the reader base their eternity in knowledge given us through the Holy Spirit and scripture... not doctrine. I believe it is good and It is 'OK' to discuss theory, thoughts and possibilities but do not teach them as scriptural fact.

By the way, I am not a preacher, reverend or pastor. I have no formal training in the field of Religion/Divinity.

I welcome your comments, you may send e-mail or fill out the form. Both links are listed... Remember, I do not accept donations, so let me hear from you.


I am amazed at the number of people who can find salvation simply through the doctrines of the various denominations. If it were not for the actual supernatural experience, I do not believe I could be sure of my salvation. The teachings from different doctrines and the claims they made were a source of disbelief and confusion for me. Had I not been willing to dedicate the time and effort to the reading of the Gospel of Matthew, I would not have been ready to receive the supernatural experience that came after several months of dedicated prayer and study.

I constantly hear and witness the arguments among the different denominations, the debates on television which argue about specific claims made through the bible. If I were a seeker of God, without the benefit of my personal relationship with God and His Son, I am afraid of what my future may hold.

I believe it is for this reason that God inspired me to publish the works He has assigned me.

Do not feel awkward or guilty if you are confused. This is the very reason I am so opposed to organized religions of man-made doctrines. You owe it to yourself to do this... Take the time and effort to pray and study the "word" for yourself. It is OK to research the materials available but it can be very dangerous if you are not empowered by the transformation that takes place within an experience referred to as, "begotten," "saved" or as some say, "born again." When this rebirth of your spirit takes place you are the recipient of an intelligence that comes from the Creator of all. You will then be able to discern the lies from the truth. Many times a person may wrongly believe they have received the "new creature" status, when in fact they may have been misled. It is taught in the scriptures that when you are truly transformed you are a "new creation." I maintain that you can point to a specific moment in time when this new creation took place. In my opinion and to the best of my experience and knowledge... IT IS SO MAGNIFICENT YOU WILL KNOW FOR SURE!

Many well meaning teachers and preachers are not intentionally misleading you... they are simply passing on what they have been taught as truth. If that teacher has not had the "experience" from God he/she will not truly know the difference. The doctrine that they preach may have been passed on to them by someone they respect and trust. It is an insult to them for you to even question their beliefs. I understand that and so should you.

Remember, just because a preacher, pastor or teacher has the credentials, does not make them anointed by God... That preacher is credited by man and man-made institutions... BIG DIFFERENCE! I have read that the vast majority of preachers don't even (truly) believe the (complete) Christian doctrine. I once read that the vast majority of preachers, teachers and representatives of the Christian doctrine do not believe in the virgin birth of Jesus! That information was based on an anonymous poll... not a public announcement by the preacher. That should trouble you... I think.

Within my own family I have seen and experienced the results of mistaught doctrine and man-made beliefs.

My advice to a new, baby Christian or "Christian-wannabe" is simple... Read and pray! God did not make it hard to gain the knowledge and understanding for you to achieve salvation, man did! They have made it so complicated and ritualistic that you have come to believe that it is only for the few who have spent years in the man-made school of divinity. Somebody should have told Jesus and His disciples because He only briefly taught them by on-the-job training and sent them out with the world's greatest mission of all time... the mission of pointing people to the Kingdom. I hate to tell you but in many cases it is for money and they don't care if you ever find the pathway to heaven... as long as you send those dollars. Jesus even told His "12" to not take anything with them, no money, no extra clothes, nothing! He instructed them that when "on the road" to stay in believers homes. Yet we hear the preachers telling us that if we don't send them money we are stealing from God and you're going to hell for that! It is God's will for us to help the poor and needy, so please try. I do too. If you attend a church, it is only right that you help support it, if at all possible. Some are able to do more than others... common sense and trust in God is the key. It is a good thing to help people. Some can do a little while some can do a lot. That's between you and God. In my opinion and interpretation it is better to give directly to the poor or needy than to an organization (church) that will probably use the funds for ski trips, parties and high salaries. You may not be able to take advantage of a tax deduction but the state and church designed it that way. Kinda stinky but that's the way most things on this planet smell.

In your search for knowledge and the pathway to the Kingdom, it is good to have someone with whom you can talk. However, it is better not to have anyone, rather than have someone who is not of the true spirit in your "inner" circle. It may take some dedication and work, after all, Jesus said that we should work hard to find the path. Don't let some person tell you it is always easy!

Your friend,


P.S. Many times an "experience" or "feeling" is mistaken for the actual "Born of God" moment. Be careful, be happy but go in prayer and give it time. I can't say any more on that but I have seen it happen. BE CAREFUL.

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