God's Laws - I Refer To Them As God's Laws Of Physics
Just Now We Are Seeing The Underlying Science In His Divine Brilliance

Beneath God's laws are logical reasons determined by physical factors, structuring HIS laws of physics. This opinion speaks to God's laws of physics, applied to health, economics, love, spirituality and every other aspect of life in this physical realm. Even in our daily lives today.

God gave instructions to HIS children for order and success in every aspect of life. To mention only a few places this can be found we look into the books of Genesis and Leviticus. These laws, as we refer to them, were marvelous instructions for healthful living as well as moral conduct. Medical instructions that are being recognized today as proven protocol in medicine. One such fact was just recently discovered, less than 20 years ago, concerning circumcision on the eighth day. On the eighth day, the amount of prothrombin present actually is elevated above one-hundred percent of normal... and is the only day in the male’s life in which this will be the case. Day eight is the
perfect day to perform surgery. Vitamin K and prothrombin levels have peaked. Vitamin K is responsible for the necessary clotting of blood to prevent excessive bleeding... Just one case-in-point.

HE ordered the system of JUBILEE. This divine method of governing the economy was based on incremental 7-year cycles which were packaged within the major 50-year cycle of JUBILEE. At the end of each 50-year period all debts were forgiven and ownership of all leased properties was returned to the original owner. It works! This divinely-inspired practice required businessmen to temper their expansion and limit all of the wealth ending up in a few pockets... The situation which has enabled later day dynasties to rule the world... we see that today.

HIS instructions for moral conduct is the perfect model which has been totally abandoned in the USA for the last forty+ years. Most all other segments of society hinge on these values. Health, marriage, family, economy, government, to mention a few areas are all healthier when HIS instructions are followed. We have seen what happens to a society that abandons HIS laws. The results can be read in Deuteronomy 28.

God's natural laws of physics and the original covenant which centered around the practice of HIS physics was made between God and Abraham, the father of the Jews. God's chosen people, the Jews, observed HIS physics as LAW. Good Jews practiced the law and were highly successful in business as well as health, morality, warfare and family. This has not changed to this day... Various denominations of Christianity that closely imulate the Jewish laws such as Mormon and Seventh Day Adventist, to name a few, all experience well structured, affluent communities within the church.

At a point-in-time, The Creator, deemed it necessary to send HIS representative to earth as a role model and the "way" to live within HIS laws without the strict ritual which had been practiced. These laws of physics are necessary to achieve eternity by developing the spiritual physique necessary to make the transition into the Spiritual Kingdom, referred to as HEAVEN. Jesus' supreme sacrifice would end all other sacrifice and establish the NEW COVENANT. God's human-born, begotten, Son, Jesus, was to be the role model. I have (what I believe to be) divinely-inspired theories as to "why" but none that would be accepted by the broad range of readers who are segregated by background, culture and varied levels of knowledge and understanding. My theories would be argued by most religious denominations and that is not what I want to convey in this page.

Stock market:
The stock market is the heartbeat of our economy. I see God's laws of physics violated daily in the affairs of man... the stock market is a prime example of this violation. The markets are near perfect in intent and establishment of God's law of physics applied to economics and commerce. I believe the very concept inherent to the markets was introduced by Jews who incorporated HIS guidelines... THE FREE MARKET! As long as the markets are permitted to run freely, as designed, they are a near perfect method of commerce. However, when the markets are manipulated, sure failure is guaranteed. Throughout history we have seen bogus governments that manipulate currency, markets, courts of law, state religion and sentiment, to mention a few topics. We commonly refer to that as either a Fascist or a Communist form of government... Either of those forms of government encourage big business and government to operate as one.

I see the manipulation of the markets on a daily basis. The two major Bush appointees that are major players in this manipulation are, Ben Bernanke, Chairman Federal Reserve and Henry Paulson, Secretary of the Treasury. Their antics are being recognized all too often, therefore, the need to call on large business leaders such as Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft, the richest man on earth... AND... Warren Buffett, one of the richest men on earth have both been instrumental in helping our executive branch of government manipulate the markets... another proving point that we have become a fascist form of government. The rest of the world sees this and are abandoning our currency and affiliation with America in business and military affairs.

When the normal flow of God's laws are violated, the results are catastrophic! We are beginning to see the results. The recent housing collapse was the result of our president's appointees manipulating the rules governing lending practices for the purchase of homes. The goal was to promote a ballooning economy which was not based in God's natural economic laws of physics. An economy that was manipulated by unscrupulous tactics. The "domino effect" becomes the ruling factor in our future. Unscrupulous brokerage firms packaged these "junk" mortgages as bonds and sold them to financial institutions and were it not for the intervention of government policy, their collapse would have been a certainty. The government intervention will be at the expense of the citizens... The brokerage firm that designed this method of packaging these junk mortgages in the form of bonds was none other than our current Secretary of the Treasury. He was then CEO of Goldman Sachs, the most respected brokerage firm on planet earth! After Paulson pulled that unscrupulous act, Bush appointed him as Secretary Of The Treasury!

America was founded on God's laws of physics and grew to be the model government of earth's citizens... representing opportunity, morality, fairness, freedom and supreme military power. Our nation has been on the "slippery slope" for several decades but finally pivoted over to total destruction with the installation of the Bush family as the top executives of our system.

The USA is now guilty of most every trait of a rogue order... known as the New World Order. America is no longer a society and government that honors and abides by God's laws of physics but a "Banana Republic" governed by a fascist driven mentality. America is despised by the world and has been accused of violations that are considered the destruction of freedom and democracy. America is fast becoming a third world nation which in coming years, will be populated by Mexico and the working, poor populace of a once great nation... no more middle class... only the elitist and working-poor. Our current president and his administration are loyal to the cause of surrendering our sovereignty to the New World Order which was perpetuated by the Bush sponsored North American Union, signed into treaty in March of 2005 in Waco, Texas between President Bush, Fox of Mexico and Martin of Canada. This North American Union will unite those three countries as a pawn of NAFTA and The New World Order.

Religious leaders are instrumental in the blossoming of a fascist government as history reminds us of Germany, 1930's and others too numerous to mention. These religious organizations are unaware of the far reaching influence of the very doctrines they promote. They encourage their members to vote for any candidate who abides by a few guidelines, such as abortion. The political candidate's ability to govern by enforcing God's laws of morality, economics, justice and warfare are ignored. These religious leaders are oblivious to the true sins committed by their political candidate as long as they are against abortion. Therefore, the only requirement of the political candidate is to speak against abortion and that candidate receives approximately 30% of the country's vote... regardless of their moral flaws on other issues, such as war or a sound, fair economy for all.

Special message to the moral majority: The fact is that these "endorsed" anti-abortion candidates do nothing but talk about the abortion issue. If the elected candidate ever acted on abortion, they would lose 70% of the vote... they must have the pro-abortionist to stay in office. Simple arithmetic!

Their continued plan: Get the leader of the Religious-Right to endorse the "conservative" candidate, in effect, lie, to the 30% to get his man into office, then the candidate will perform for the 70% who will keep him there... abortions continue to flourish, everybody's happy! The Religious-Right leaders are "selling" your block of the vote! You are being made a fool! Do you really believe God considers you a "good and faithful servant" when you continue to buy into the lies? Isn't it time to replace the religious leaders? It appears that you are looking to the wrong leader for power when it comes to abortion or moral values. "My people will perish for lack of knowledge."

Time out: If an honest leader of the Religious Right stepped up to serve... the "Evangelicals," would not support him/her. They seem to demand a leader who will foolishly squander their powerful vote. I think all Christians should get out of politics anyway! They have no business in that filthy arena!

Ignorance is no excuse: God is a natural God and HIS laws of physics must be practiced or certain destruction is imminent. America is at that point of no return. It's just a simple matter of physics!

Still your friend,



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