(the results of your decisions may be passed down for generations)

Below are the traits that can be blamed on a condition identified as "Psychopath or Sociopath."





The terms "Psychopath" and "Sociopath" are interchangeable.

How to Spot a Sociopath:

Lack of shame.... a sociopath can steal, lie or cheat on their mate, there is no limit because they feel no shame.
The person constantly lies....
They are able to stay eerily calm in spite of circumstances....
They are extremely charming and generous
at least at first....
They are manipulative....


These people are dangerous to the well being of a family. A Sociopath can and will destroy any possibility of maintaining a normal family and the children are usually incapable of distinguishing this danger. If the Sociopath (aka) Psychopath happens to be the mother, the children may never see this dangerous trait and may blame the father for any and all family problems. Many times the Sociopath will subliminally influence the child and the child may be afraid to show any signs of affection for the other parent. If they do show affection for any other person they will be punished without the child understanding why they are the victims of painful discrimination. The sociopath is very skillful in these areas. Often times they are never detected by the child, they simply grow up hating or resenting the other parent.

Sociopath or Psychopath traits may carry down through generations which indicates that it could be the sign of a demonic entity (possession) or there is always the possibility of genetic conveyance. I always wondered how to know which was the cause.

If the Sociopath is the mother it may be extremely hard for the children to see the truth because children see their mothers as loving and kind. The mother is usually the child's warmest and closest friend. Mothers have held the child close since birth and the child has a hard time seeing the truth - the truth that their mother is not saintly or even perfect.

The Sociopath or Psychopath mother will manipulate and lie to the children, family members (or anybody) for no reason at all. Usually people who lie, do so for some reason but the Sociopath lies for no reason other than to be a martyr, a victim and subliminally blame the spouse or other intended victim who has authority within the family unit. They love to play the role of martyr.

It takes a trained professional who is looking for psychological disorders to spot this trait as being problematic. These sociopaths can put any unsuspecting person under their spell. There is no limit as to how far they will go to destroy an individual and make themselves out to be the suffering martyr. These Sociopaths may actually drive their mate/spouse to wrongful acts that are foreign to their mate's character. It may drive the victimized mate to infidelity, excessive drinking, narcotics or some other crutch in which they can find relief from this demonic influence... never understanding the problem until it's too late.

One man that I know of, bugged his home phone and the conversations. That which he heard was unbelievable! Lies without any basis whatsoever. He bugged the phone because he expected to find conversations with men with whom the sociopathic wife was cheating because there was a history of infidelity. To his surprise the sociopath wife was telling unfounded lies to her family members, mainly her mother and father. However, she would tell convincing lies to any person that she could influence. Many years later he found that she was even making up unfounded lies to his elderly mother. This man (victim) was young and innocent to this type of behavior and he did not identify the problem for many years. Only after his life was ruined and after the loss of his family. The children grew up hearing the same lies and it took its toll.

Hitler said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it".

Beware of this trait when considering a relationship! Be very careful! The Sociopath can ruin the entire life of the victim and many times the lives of the children will be ruined at some unforeseeable time in their life, especially when the child comes to realize what has been done to them by the sociopath parent. One day they may realize what has been taken from them: a parent and possibly a grandparent was taken from them. A grandparent who could have been a true blessing in a family relationship. I know how important my grandparents were to my upbringing and what a loving blessing they were to me. It's a sick person that takes that relationship from their child.

Many grandparents suffer tremendously while others may rationalize that they will not be compromised by a selfish and foolish parent using the child as a weapon of destruction as it is not healthy for the child. The hottest place in hell awaits the Sociopath!

A beautiful, loving and learning resource provided by the grace of God and taken away by a sick parent. Especially if the grandparent is of a Godly nature... that relationship may be the saving grace that guarantees the Heavenly Kingdom for the child. Many times the parent doesn't have the knowledge or relationship with Jesus to help guide the child home that some grandparents have. The younger parent may think they do but it has been my experience that they are spiritually impotent when compared to the loving experience and knowledge of a
truly born-again, experienced grandparent. Many nationalities place high importance on this older, experienced knowledge from the older generation. Sadly, Americans are not as knowledgeable as the Asians are in the family unit.

The relationship between the grandparent and grandchild is absolutely one of the most wonderful and beneficial relationships for the grandchild. A SINFUL WASTE WHEN IT IS DESTROYED OUT OF VENGEANCE because of an imagined grievance by a misled parent. Now you can see why Jesus said the road to life (and the Kingdom) is narrow and few will find it.

Choose wisely and exercise Jesus' commandments that guides us to the Kingdom.

Your friend,

John (Darryl)


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