The Gospel Of Mary (Magdalene)
An Excerpt From The Gospel Of Mary - Taken From The Apocrypha...
This Is Not In The King James Version
Some of the fifth century manuscript still resides in Berlin... the text is dated to the second century.

Mary received a message from Jesus, the resurrected Savior that she reports to the disciples... Peter does not trust her story. He is upset that Jesus would say things to Mary, a woman, that HE did not say to him. The scriptures show us that Peter was like that. The Lord loved him and trusted him in spite of his very "human" ways. I wrote a novel in 1993 and through the novel, I came to know Peter, in the Spirit. He became my friend. Strange as it was, he was there in Spirit.

The Excerpt...
Peace be with you - receive my peace in your hearts. Take care that no one led you astray by saying such things as, "Look here!" or "Look over there!" For the Son of Man is among you. Follow him! Those who look for him will find him! 

Go then and preach the good news of the kingdom. Do not lay down any rules beyond those that I have authorized, and never dispense law like a lawgiver. You may find yourself breaking your own rules and constrained by your own laws!

I Take This To Mean: No Man-Made Doctrines! As I have always said, do not make up (man-made) doctrine and label it as God's word and package it in the name of a denomination. This seems to be what most denominations have done. There should not be different denominations! Only one! The Denomination of Jesus' Church. THAT IS NOT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH - NOT THE BAPTIST DENOMINATION - NOT PENTECOST and so on...

The Gospel Of Mary is not part of the King James authorized bible. It was not accepted by the committee at the first council of NICEA, under Constantine. The "Council" approved or declined the scriptures (325AD) that make up the KJV which was finalized 1611AD. In the books of the apocrypha there are many scriptures that are very informative but not in the authorized KJV bible. The Gospel of Mary is dated to the second century. This fact creates a shadow of doubt.

As for Mary being the actual author of the Gospel of John... one of the four gospels in the New Testament - Mary may or may not be the author... There are those who are convinced that she is the author of the Gospel of John... many believe she is not the author... I accept the belief that John, Jesus' cousin is the author. I don't bog down in arguing over theories that can't be proven - they only raise doubts. Read the holy book and let the Holy Spirit lead you in gaining knowledge from the pure GENIUS that is reflected in the scriptures. It is truly divine and fascinating!

If you simply glance at the scriptures and don't get into understanding through total immersion it will mean very little to you and you surely can't see the brilliance and truth that the bible sheds. I doubt you could skip around "War and Peace" with the same level of insincerity (and neglect) and get much from that secular masterpiece either.

The "Da Vinci Code" has brought a lot of attention to Mary Magdelene... I'm sure there will be a lot of misinformation on this subject... In these last days there will be many who come against the Word of God - - - taking many weak Christians down the tubes.

In my opinion: The book, The Da Vinci Code, is found in the "Fiction" section of the book stores... I accept it as it is advertised... FICTION... A NOVEL! Don't read and accept it as "gospel" or anything anointed by God! IT'S A NOVEL!!! The movie is a work of Satan just as "The Passion" was.

The author (Brown) wrote The Da Vinci Code for fame and fortune. He knew that people who want NOT to believe in a "divine" Jesus would jump all over a text that drags Jesus down to our level of common humanity. Makes no difference that it is not founded in truth as long as it is in print and they can point to the text as some sort of credible source.

In the first place Da Vinci was not a person on which to risk your soul.

Take a break... This remark is way off the subject but a good analogy... Kinda reminds me of Rush Limbaugh... He presented his show as entertainment and many people thought he was serious! They made him a serious factor in the world of politics. I bet Rush laughs all the way to the bank! By-the-way, does anybody know what happened with the drug charges? Was he getting the drugs for himself or somebody else and why? I don't know if he is simply ignorant or acting, either way he is a negative factor for mankind. Another clear indicator of how far we have slipped in our reasoning and discernment.

Back on the ranch...
In the book, the author writes that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and fathered at least one child. I doubt that there is any truth in this theory, however, after consideration, it would not hinder my faith in Jesus being the Son of God and The Savior. God created sex and it's only sinful when misused. Marriage and union of male and female is of God.

We are told, by some, that Jesus' "sect" did not allow marriage. For that matter HIS "sect" did not allow drinking alcohol either but if you place total trust in the KJV, you see that HIS first miracle was making the stuff. I wonder; is this another area in which Constantine and his band of Bishops edited the original scripture? We know they invited Pagan holidays, rituals and celebrations into the authorized text and conduct.

Personally, I see no reason to even consider the thought that Brown instills in unknowing and innocent sheep. Jesus taught us enough, as published, to enable us to receive the Holy Spirit which is our our way to truth and the Kingdom. It then becomes up to us to choose. We excercise our greatest power, the power to choose. Choose well. Who knows? That simple choice may determine eternity.

Throw enough doubt and worthless theories on the wall and a large percentage of dummies will jump all over it and feel that they are knowledgeable about a subject that they were too lazy to explore in it's original presentation. Here's a way they can ignore the facts and put themselves on an equal footing with scholars and theologians who have spent much time and effort to present the truth to this worthless, evil, lying bunch of ghouls who look for a reason to trash "that which is good."

I think it's a way for the New Agers to reduce the Son of God to the level of us foul, evil humans. The (demonic) New Agers want you to be ready to accept the anti-Christ as a divine being of human reproduction. Jesus was/is The Son of God - Not the father of evil human beings! Besides - the facts show the entire story is a lie - but - we Americans buy into lies... look at your elected politicians. Enough said?

Not that there is anything wrong with marriage but Jesus, The Son Of God was here for more important reasons - like saving our eternal souls! This is how some mercenaries pay Him back! They'll have eternity to reconsider their wrongs - in my opinion! Opinions are like noses, we all have one.

There are those who point to the Apostle Paul's teachings about marriage... he suggests that it is better if we don't marry... If that happened only non-Christians would reproduce... No more Christians? Perhaps we misunderstood Paul's intent here? UH-OH, I forgot! Paul wrongly thought that Jesus was coming in his own lifetime. While I am fussing, let me fuss... I'm not happy with the vast number of different denominations who twisted Paul's letters to accommodate their brand of salvation.

I'm sorry to be so cranky today. This page just seems like a good place to vent anger:) Smile, God loves you.

Don't let this novel (The Da Vinci Code) influence your faith! There will be many false prophets as well as writers who will sell their soul for a royalty check and/or recognition.

By the way - I believe Mary was a very loyal and faithful disciple of Jesus. She was there at the foot of the cross while He suffered and died - she was the first at the tomb the morning of HIS resurrection. SHE WAS NOT HIS WIFE! The Catholic church started this celibacy requirement. Peter, the "Rock" of Jesus' church was married! By the way... where is Peter's church? I mean,, most of them sound more like Paul's church. Is this another product of the Council at Nicea? Lord forgive my uneasy, unpeaceful feeling about all of this.

Question everything that comes from the hands of man! If your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life, you'll know the answer... in time.

Your friend,



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