(John 3:3)
God Of This World
The God Of Material
This messsage is for the few who know God or for those few who God has chosen.
Early August, 2011, I was working in the kitchen. Father God gave me a message. It may not come across as clear as it was in the way HE gave it to me. I will do my best to make the point. I already knew what I am going to write here but I did not understand it in "living color." It meant a lot more coming directly from the Holy Spirit. If you have had a message from Father then you understand, if you haven't then it may not mean as much to you.

First I must explain that for several years I have been hoping for God's approval to engage in the trading of stock options. I am a student of the market and a chart maker and reader. I have a good understanding and ability to make money but have not been given the "go-ahead" from Father God and I just "dabble" and make token plays. Nothing serious yet and perhaps never. I do not make a living from this. I enjoy it but God must anoint the effort for me to engage or I fear it would be against HIS will for me. Because the economy is so bad and the thought that I may need to engage in business has encouraged me to further investigate.

I had been experiencing supernatural happenings in my daily business routine. No doubt that supernatural happenings were rampant. They were not in my favor. All of the happenings were against me and it was as though the entity was trying to get me to violate God's will for me. I was experiencing success but something was interfering with my potential. It was very frustrating. It was as though something of a supernatural nature was interfering and controlling everything... even my Internet connections and machines, you could better describe it as a "jinx." I knew it was a hindrance or "persecution" because I had experienced it before. If you have studied the book of Job, you know that was the reason for Job's test. Satan wanted Job to curse God. Even his wife told him to curse God and die. Those of you who have studied scripture know that Job remained loyal and praised HIM through it all. He fussed at God but he never showed disrespect. Neither did I. I hope and pray I will walk through death's door before I ever do anything that shows disrespect or dishonor to my Heavenly Father.

Big Mistake...
This same kind of "stuff" was happening to me in the 1970's and I asked HIM to leave me alone so I could excel in my materialistic efforts. HE DID! I ended up backsliding and spending the next decade in a living hell. Oh, I realized some monetary rewards and the lifestyle I desired but I lost everything else. I lost God, family, home, self respect and everything that comes with a materialistic, centered life. The worst part of it all... I lost God. That is how I came to know what most people feel and the hell in which they exist. To the best of my knowledge it took about a dozen years to get God back in my life.

OK... Supernatural interference was driving me crazy. I knew where it was from and I kept asking if there was any protection at all for me? Then HE spoke later that day. Now keep in mind that I was being protected but interfered with. It was simply frustrating, not harmful.

The message in my words...

Darryl, you are in the world, a place that is controlled by the god of material. The god of the world. If you are going to play with the things of the world you are going to be slapped around and persecuted by the lesser god of the world... I threw him out of the Kingdom and sent him to earth where he is held prisoner. He controls that place, it is his domain. He is the "Prince of Air." CONTINUING... You, Darryl, are mine. I am a Spiritual God. The supreme, Spiritual God of all. You are my spiritual son, you belong to me. You are participating in things that come under the lesser god of the world, the material god. You are not his, you do not belong to him, he does not want you to have the things that the people who worship him receive. The churches and people who worship the materialistic god of the world get those things. They pay their part, they pay their tithe to their church and make special offering or sacrifices and under contract they are entitled to reap rewards. The worldly preachers of the material world teach about him. They make contracts or "covenants" with him for material rewards. They receive them. It works for them. They are simply selling their souls to the lesser god. You know him as Satan. They know him as their God. The false church teach these lies. CONTINUING... Your spirit will come with me, the supreme God of everything, because you do not worship the lesser god of prosperity and material. However, those people who make those materialistic covenants with their god will remain under him when I burn it all. You will come with me as I destroy the entire earth and heavens. They will be consumed along with Satan and his angels. Their spirit will remain aware and endure eternal darkness and suffering that is beyond our human ability to comprehend.

There... you have the heart of the message.

Those are my words and the following is my understanding. If there is anything close to the "rapture" it is this; the worldly preachers teach about it, it simply means that your Spirit and all those who worship me and are mine will leave this earth in the Spirit and join me in heaven. The false preachers are partially correct but they have changed the meaning to satisfy their lies and wrongful teaching of "rapture." (www.john33.com/rapture.htm) The "rapture" or more correctly, "the taking away" will not take place before the Tribulation but immediately after the Tribulation.

I may come back and edit this page to bring more of the message to you but for now that is it. As I wrote this I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit of Father God. I hope all who read this understand it.

Your friend,

John (Darryl)


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