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I have seen so many wonderful miracles from God that it may be hard for many to believe them! These are super natural ... paranormal ... inexplicable by science or any laws of physics that we know. The keywords here: "that we know" ... Fact is, we don't know very much! Does that come as a shock to you? I always say; "when man can make an apple that is edible I'll trust man" ... until then, I'll trust God only!

I will write about some of the more profound miracles here but rest assured there are many I have witnessed that are less dramatic but nevertheless miraculous.

One of the first miracles, I wrote about on my 'born again' page, www.john33.com/bornagain.htm ... I will duplicate here, this is copied from that page. I will number the miracles that I write about here.

Miracle 1

Lightening... thunder and heavy rainfall... July, 1971... Hot Springs, Arkansas... Central Avenue, just south of Oaklawn Park Race Track. I was getting into my car, I had just left a small corner grocery store. The moment I got into the car I could feel His presence. I knew He was in the car with me as well as I knew my own name... I knew Him... "Jesus!" I kept crying out to Him, "You're Here" "I Can Feel You."

Tears overwhelmed me and I began to cry uncontrollably because I had never felt such love as I felt at that moment. When the "Holy Spirit" entered me It was as though an electrical wire touched the back of my neck and in a flash I was free of pain and I could turn my head. I was healed in that instant of a chronic disorder that had been associated with a facial paralysis. I had recovered from the paralysis about 6 months prior but chronic neck pain had "hung on" and was a constant reminder that I was not completely well. In that "flash" I was healed of that physical condition and at that same moment I truly came to know Him and love Him. In an instant I was "born again"... Actually I was "begotten" but I knew it to be "born again."

I hurried home and tried to explain to my wife what had happened, she said she understood but I knew then as I know now, she could not have understood. Not her fault... until you've experienced such a thing you simply can't understand or perhaps even believe such an experience in its fullness. Years later she experienced an instant healing, I'll tell more about that here on this page. That will be 'Miracle 2'...

Miracle 2

1977 was the year. My youngest son was almost 2 years old. My wife was in the early stages of an arthritic condition. The knuckle on her index finger was so swollen that she was almost unable to change my son's diaper. Her condition was rapidly deteriorating.

I was in bed reading the bible and my wife and I began talking about the Lord and her arthritic condition. I asked her if she would like to pray and ask for healing. She agreed and we prayed together. As in so many cases, at the end of my prayer, The Lord told me to tell her to ask Him for the healing. She cried and asked for the healing, at that moment she cried out that she could feel a warming sensation in her hand, she declared that she was being healed!

I asked her to declare it before someone, I suggested she call my mother and claim the healing and witness the miracle from God. She did and she was completely healed for the next 28 years. I think the arthritis has started again recently, 30 years later. This may simply be God's plan for her life as she is 61 years of age at this writing. Many of us have chronic disorders from the natural aging process and it may well be it is as simple as that.

30 years ago... A healing, from arthritis, a miracle from God in the form of a super-natural, instantaneous healing!

Miracle 3

The year was very near the time of Miracle 2, described above or perhaps a year earlier.

I was in my early 30's and for about 15 years I had a small 'bump' behind my left ear. It was about the size of a large b.b. - for those who don't know what a b.b. is it is about 1/8 of an inch in diameter, or slightly smaller.

This bump was unchanged during all those years, then one day I noticed that it was considerably larger and had become much softer. I went to my doctor who happened to be a very highly regarded surgeon. He expressed concern and told me it did not look good (bad prognosis) and we should cut it out immediately. He scheduled an emergency appointment which was to be within a few days.

That evening I was on an out of town business trip and some of my associates maintained an apartment there in that town. We were visiting and one of the "more wayward" of the group asked me what it meant to be "saved". I began to explain it to him and we had a long conversation. I witnessed until about 2AM, then I had a strange urge to drive back home. A two hour drive mostly interstate... I headed home.

I'll never forget the location on the interstate where it happened...

After talking with my associate for hours about Christ and salvation, it was very easy to "get-into-the-spirit" - I prayed and did just that! Those of you who have been through that experience, you know how certain it is! I could feel the presence of Jesus and the love that filled the car was beyond words. I was driving up the interstate, praising Him and suddenly I heard myself saying, "You could heal that bump behind my ear if you wanted to." He told me to touch it and ask for a healing. I did. I went back to my prayer session and praised Him for a while longer, then settled into my seat, turned the radio up and drove home.

The next morning when I awoke, I felt for the bump and it was gone!

I went on to the doctor as scheduled and he was amazed! He said I was very lucky that it was gone because he confessed that he was convinced it was not going to be good for me.

I shamefully admit that I did not tell the doctor about my prayer experience. I have never forgiven myself for not telling him, that could have been for his learning experience. That miracle may have occurred for him to see the power of God. I have asked forgiveness from God many times for the failing to witness that to the doctor. We should ALWAYS make these miracles known! That's what they are for! A testimony for the unbelievers as well as reinforcement for believers. That was about 28 to 29 years ago years ago and the bump has never returned.

Miracle 4

He not only healed me, He fixed my car!

I wrote about this miracle on the 'Healings' page... www.john33.com/healings.htm ... I will duplicate here, this is copied from that page.

Summer, 1976, Forest City, Arkansas

At the time I was 31 years of age, living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Forest City where I was running sales leads for a home improvement company. A few days before, I had a small "bump" surgically removed from my forearm, nothing to it, just a few stitches. The first night out my arm became slightly inflamed, I was running a mild temperature and the area on my arm was red in color. I did not feel well at all. The weather was hot and humid, a typical summer day in the "Mississippi Delta" area.

I was driving a near-new 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic. At the time I only had a few thousand miles on the car. Running down country/county addresses in the heat was no fun even though the car was air conditioned and very comfortable. For no apparent reason the air conditioning quit! August heat, fever, sick, and now... no air conditioning. My first thought was: Guess I'll "pack it in" and head for home. I had a young family and I was the only bread-winner... my wife did not work, she was a full time housewife and mother... I needed to do some business.

Just a few months previous, my mother, a devout Christian and prayer warrior had given me a book. I think the title was: "PRAISING GOD IN ALL SITUATIONS." Well, I had a thought: "I'll put the book to test."
I began doing what the author of that little book taught. I started praising God and thanking him for causing the air conditioning to fail, I praised and thanked Him for my fever, I thanked him for the opportunity to exercise my faith and continued to give Him praise. I explained that I knew it was for my own good and that something good and great would come from it all. I kept repeating my praises and thanking him for every unfortunate happening in my life as well as all of the wonderful things in my life. I reasoned that the overcoming of the unfortunate things in my life had helped me to know Him.
I began to mean every word.


However, I kept on praising him and praying. I kept asking my prayer be heard in the name of Jesus. Soon I began to "feel" something happening... I began to believe that it truly was a blessing! I began to "get into the spirit" and within a few minutes I was meaning every word and my faith began to swell! Now I was thanking him and meaning every word of it! All of this took about 15 - 30 minutes (or so)... THEN THE AIR CONDITIONING CAME ON! It started working as well as ever and the car cooled down. Soon (I can't remember if it was immediately or over hours) my arm was well, my fever left and I felt fine!

The next few days passed, I finished running my sales leads, made several sales and actually had a good week. What a trip!


The next day after getting home I was going to lunch at my favorite luncheon restaurant in Hot Springs. It just so happened my cousin had a radiator shop and he specialized in air conditioning repair, his shop was just across the street from my favorite little luncheon restaurant.

Now remember, my car was new and still covered under warranty but the air was working fine and I did not want to go to the trouble explaining all of this to the dealership repair shop.

While on my way to lunch I dropped my car off across the street and asked my cousin to take a look and see if he could see any reason for my air to be intermittent.

"Well Eddy"... "Did you find anything?" I asked. My cousin said, "No... but
let's check that "inline" fuse on the fire wall." We discovered that the fuse had "blown" but had miraculously melted itself back together. I have a background in electronics and I can tell you: THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! But it happened! God fixes cars too!

I have used that method (praising God in all situations) a few times since and it still works! What a great little book! I wish I could remember the author and the title for sure. If I find it, rest assured I will post it on this site. You have to realize that was 1/4 century ago. I bet some of you know the book, let me know!

Miracle 5

This miracle was granted while I was in my "backslidden" period. A time when I was in rebellion and acting a total fool. This was shortly after I backslid and rebelled. It seems that while I had turned my back on God He was still with me.

The miracle...

A lady friend, who I worked with and knew very well was going to have breast implants. She was affluent and vain, as many people are, who have money and tremendous pride. She did not have a relationship with God but she honored Him by acknowledging Him and never speaking against Him or His people. She further knew that I had a relationship with Him at one time and she also knew that I still acknowledged His love and power... Even though I was living outside of His doctrine and in rebellion.


While being examined and prepped for her implants, the doctors found a tumor, tests showed it to be a malignant tumor. Now she was going to be looking at the loss of her breast, not enhancement! What a reversal! She was depressed and crying when she asked me to pray for her. I felt like such a hypocrite to come to God with a prayer request while being so rotten!

We sat in the car, and I began to pray, soon I was actually able to "get into the spirit." I felt His presence, I knew He was there. As I mentioned earlier, He usually asks me to do something or for the person I am praying for, to respond by doing something. He told me to tell her to ask Him for the healing and to mean it! She agreed and I really believe she "got into the spirit" as she cried tears and asked for healing, I felt it was to be.

A few days later, she gave me the report: The tumor had mysteriously gone away and the implants were back on schedule. I personally thought it would have been more proper to forego the implants and concentrate more on serving God! However, she went on with the implant procedure.

Since then, she has become very religious, even taught a Sunday school class.

I don't know what her relationship with God is today but she has become a tremendous financial success. For some reason, our relationship was terminated and I never hear from her.

Miracle 6

At the time of this miracle I had been reinstated as a 'begotten' child of God. I had suffered tremendously and God brought me back into His 'fold'. I had been humbled, punished (severely) and had grown tremendously in knowledge and spiritual strength. He had even influenced me (made me) to write a novel for Him, "THE KING'S 12." If you are interested you can find the link to that free-read on the opening page of John33, the link is near the bottom of the page.

The miracle...

A very special friend who shared a lot of spiritual dialogue with me for about 6 years at that time, was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. She was told that only two people in the state of Arkansas knew much about this rare cancer. They were both professors and the one she selected had established his private practice.

The first surgery was performed. Within weeks or months, it came back! With a vengeance! It was much worse and had spread. The second surgical procedure was performed. It came back!! This time the doctor was preparing her for plastic body parts (3rd surgery) and a horrible lifestyle, if she survived at all.

I was praying for her one evening (About 1996) and I felt the Holy Spirit of God fill the room. I knew at that moment He was there and He told me she would be healed. I completely believed and was anxiously awaiting the good report from the doctors. Time passed and finally the day of surgery came. I was very upset and puzzled! I angrily asked God "why" ... after all, He assured me she was healed.

The surgery was performed, the doctor came into the waiting room and made the announcement: "I performed the surgery, there was nothing there, it looked like God got there before I did."

That was about eight years ago. She's healed! This doctor is not a follower of Jesus/God but that was his remark.

Miracle 7

2002 was the year of the miracle but I will start in September 2001.

My brother, who was eight years older than I, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He fought a long, hard battle. He was 64 years of age at the time. During the Thanksgiving holiday period, my sister had come to Arkansas to be with my brother, from her home state of Florida.

During a prayer session, which consisted of my brother, my sister and me... I think but am not sure that my brother's wife was present. While my sister was praying I felt a tremendous amount of impatience, that's the best way I can describe it, perhaps the word "anxious" is equally descriptive. As I was praying, The Lord spoke to me and told me tell my brother that he was already healed if he would make a covenant with God and truly intend to honor the promise. The promise/covenant was to ask forgiveness for some sins he had committed against me, my sister and others that I can't even begin to name. However, I was instructed (by God) to NOT tell my brother what the covenant-promise was. The "knowing" from God was only to tell him to make the agreement and promise... my brother would know the topic. For some reason God did not want me to reveal the details of the covenant... looking back I wonder why my brother did not ask?

My sister asked what the confession and covenant involved... I told her what the agreement involved. I also told a few close friends about the message. Looking back I have come to believe the reason that it was "okay" to tell my sister was because it was a trial for my sister and (ultimately) my brother's wife and (grown) children. I don't claim to fully understand all of that but that is what I came to understand. My sister was being tested as well as my brother's family, as to how they would "handle" the matter... that is an entire story within itself... I won't broach that subject here and now. There is too much that I don't understand for me to discuss the details.

My brother, later asked my sister if I understood what the covenant was. It seemed as though he was unaware. She said she explained to my brother that she did not know the details.

I kept waiting for Brother to make the request for forgiveness (confession & repentance) so he could be healed. It never came. He died May 9, 2002 and was buried May 13.

The entire time Brother was suffering I was suffering severe pain in my right side and abdomen. I was going through test after test and was given a date for a colonoscopy, May 13, 2002. I knew in my spirit that my brother would either die or be buried that day. For several weeks while waiting for the dreaded test, when people would ask when the appointment was, it would remind me that, that date had something to do with my brother's demise. I had no idea "why" that was important.

Upon my brother's death, my sister asked my brother's wife and sons to not have the funeral on May 13 because I needed to keep my appointment and she was afraid I would cancel the appointment in order to attend the funeral... which I would have done had God not prepared me that May 13 was to be critical. The family chose to have the funeral on May 13 and it was as though God was telling me to keep my appointment. I thought it strange that the family would not honor the request. At the time I thought it was inconsiderate and insulting to me... his only brother was denied a very special request? That spoke volumes!

May 13, the colonoscopy was finished, I looked at my watch, it was 11:30 AM, I figured that at just about that time they were lowering my brother's coffin into the grave. I was sitting across the desk from the doctor as he gave me the results. "A large malignant mass that had probably already spread." Colon Cancer!

My dear friend, Terry, was there with me as the doctor gave me the "death sentence"... she was in shock! God had told me weeks earlier that I had cancer "but not to worry, HE would heal me"... At that moment I was not thinking about HIS promise about healing, I was only accepting the impending death sentence.

As we were leaving the hospital, I told Terry, "not to worry, I would not be a problem, I would go to a hospice unit and not be a burden to her."

For several days I had forgotten God's promise.

On May 17, I was scheduled, for surgery, to have an 'Infusion Port' installed in my chest to accommodate the needle for chemotherapy treatment. This device looks like a small golf ball that is cut in-half and it had a catheter, about 18 inches long that would be inserted into an artery or vein which would almost reach my heart. This way the Chemo needle could be inserted into the Infusion Port and not violate the veins in my arms.

Well... That morning when preparing to go to the hospital, I noticed there was no blood! No bleeding for the first time in a year! I had NO SYMPTOMS anywhere and NO SYMPTOMS of cancer! I was healed! I went ahead with the surgery to install the 'I' Port, I felt I had better not cancel, it would not hurt to be ready if I should need to go ahead with the treatments. When things happen this fast you don't know what to do!

Don't ask me... I don't know why I continued. I needed to talk to my doctor. I needed to explain to him that I was healed. That (appointment) would be several days later. The chemotherapy was to start in about a week. I would see the doctor before then and have more tests, I thought.

I explained to the doctor and he asked, "Who healed you?" I told him, "GOD HEALED ME"... He pulled out the pictures which were taken during the colonoscopy... "Look at this... this is a VERY large malignancy" he continued and convinced me that it would be far better to take the chemo and radiation for 6 weeks because it had probably spread. "Better to be safe than sorry"... I reluctantly agreed.

Six weeks of chemo and radiation daily, then a month of rest, then surgery.

I explained to the surgical team that I had been healed and they made a promise. They promised that after putting me "under anesthesia" on the table, if there was nothing there they would not cut. They lied! They cut out a section!

Eight hours later I was in recovery and told the good news, everything went well and there was no "bag" .... no colostomy! I was going to live a normal life without any "devices."

One week later, after asking several times, I finally got the report from the lab results, NO CANCER! The doctors and medical team had avoided me because there was nothing there and they had promised that they would not cut me open if there was nothing there!

By the way... There was a reason God allowed the surgery to be performed, that's another story!

Miracle 8

This miracle is a continuation of 'Miracle 7'...

About two weeks after the surgery, I became very sick. I went to the emergency room where they performed a cat-scan (spelling). The results showed that my colon was leaking! Where the colon had been reconnected was leaking into my lower abdomen.

I am not a doctor and my terminology may be flawed but you get the idea.

I was checked into the hospital and they readied me for surgery the next day. I was taken off of anything by mouth. The plan was to have me drink the radioactive dye and have another cat-scan the next morning to determine exactly how much leakage was occurring.

I was sickened by the thought of being opened up again, I still had the staples (metal stitches) from the original surgery.

At the time they were telling me all this, God spoke to me. He spoke in that way that is so reassuring, there was no doubt... He told me, "Not to worry that He was going to take care of it."

I went into my room after the scan, knowing I would be okay. I overheard the nurses at the station, remarking that, "they were to get me ready for surgery."

A few hours later a young doctor walked into my room, smiling from ear-to-ear. He said, "I have good news for you! You are not leaking anymore!" I was discharged and on my way home within a few hours.

Thanks God! Thank you Jesus!

Miracle 9


This just happened August 21, 2015.

Because my blood pressure has been hard/impossible to control I was scheduled for an MRI targeting the renal artery. The results of the scan of my renal arteries showed renal blockage! My very capable cardiologist performed the renal angiogram and found no blockage yet the MRI showed blockage! Another miracle! Thanks Jesus and praise God!


Miracle 10


It was late summer - early fall, 1992 and I had written and recorded THE KINGS 12... A novel that God had given me to write. I had recorded it with a professional microphone and the quality was very good. At the time of the writing and recording I was living in an old house that had been in the family as rental property and it was located on a very busy and noisy street. Motorcycles, large trucks and cars would rumble by and actually shake the walls of the old structure. It was shocking that none of this background noise could be heard on the recording. I was amazed as this fact was a miracle within itself. A few days passed after I had finished recording the novel and I had decided to add a few notes to the recording, only to find that the microphone was not working. I had served in the military as an electrical systems specialist in the USAF and then had worked for the IBM Corporation for 4 years as a "Customer Engineer," which involved trouble-shooting electronic systems on IBM equipment. I was well qualified to troubleshoot a faulty microphone. After taking the cover off of the mike the problem was apparent! A wire had been cold-soldered at the factory and had completely separated from the terminal and was over 1/4 inch separated from the solder-lug... it didnt appear to have ever been soldered but I'm reasonably sure it had to have been to pass quality control?? In plain English, I had recorded a clear set of master tapes with a disconnected wire from the microphone! IMPOSSIBLE! BUT IT HAPPENED! Remember, there was no background noise on the tapes either! It was as clear as if it had been done in a HI TECH, STATE OF THE ART, RECORDING STUDIO! GOD IS AMAZING! The miracles I have seen by God are truly amazing.

WHY ME? Why have I been so blessed to see HIS handy-work? I thank HIM and praise HIM for allowing me to see HIS miracles. I have to be very careful when telling people of these miracles because people simply do not readily believe me, yet I must shout HIS miracles from the rooftop, for it would be a sin to keep these things secret. Can you see now why I am so confused as to why HE has allowed me to suffer from this excruciating back pain! I cannot find a doctor that will do surgery. The doctor I first saw is demonic and refused to do surgery because the pain did not radiate down my leg(s). It only hurts in my back and hips but has destroyed my life, I have been bed-ridden for more than a year because the pain is so bad when I walk more than 20 to 30 feet that I have to sit or recline after a few seconds/minute. I have seen another surgeon but he has based his decision not to go further based on the original (demonic) doctor's report, which is wrong and intentional.

I knew I was in the hands of a demon after I had an MRI performed in his office but before I had met him in person. Then, it was too late to turn around. I am on Medicare and you don't simply "flip" doctors because you discern that they are demonic. This demonic individual has had his way and thus far God has not stepped up for me. Satan and his little helpers love to get a follower of Jesus in their jaws of death... even if that demon happens to be a doctor/surgeon. They come in all sizes and shapes! I pray for Spirit-filled medical care providers but that is not easy to find out when great distances are involved and I live in a small town which requires that I must usually travel to receive medical attention beyond basic dentistry and my primary care physician.

Please pray for me, Jesus can do it in a heartbeat if it be HIS will. I keep wondering why HE chooses to heal sometime and for some things. I wonder what I'm lacking in this situation?? Such a mystery! IF I COULD JUST GET INTO THE SPIRIT FOR JUST A BRIEF MOMENT AND REMEMBER TO ASK FOR THIS MIRACLE HEALING!!!! IT'S ON ME AND I DON'T KNOW WHY? I HAVE THE FAITH IN HIM BUT I'M LACKING SOMEWHERE!!! Paul's "thorn in his flesh" comes to mind.

Your friend,


P.S. I feel so wrong! My wife suffers from knee and failed back surgery too! Would you please pray for her too? Her name is Jeanie and we thank you! I am so used to addressing my page titles and the content that I failed to include her in the prayer request.

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