Is There Only One Way?
Jesus said; "I am
the way"
"I am the way the truth and the life"

The Question...
How is it possible that Jesus is the way to the eternal, spiritual world... known as The Kingdom Of God? The answer is simple. The answer you seek is probably on this page.

Could it be true that when you Truly Receive Jesus a change occurs within your spirit and "being?" A change that explains the scripture that declares you a NEW CREATURE! A "new creation," with the ability to make the transition into a "born of God" creature or as many say... "born again." A "new creature" or "new creation" which is able to enter the Kingdom? During the 1960's the "church" began replacing the biblical term, ""born of God" with the term "born again." It became faddish to say that you were "born again." Most people have no clue what it really means... they usually simply mean to imply that they are "believers." It seemed to no longer be embarrassing to say that you were a believing, follower of Jesus by simply saying that you were born again.


Can this be? Yes! It is completely understandable... If you overcome the effects of doctrine that has been taught the followers of organized religion or man-made doctrine. The teaching of spiritual scripture has been twisted by materialistic man, thus, reducing the almighty spiritual power of God's word to be no more powerful than the limitations of the materialistic teachers and preachers of materialism who have misled the church for (near) 1700 years... NOTE; that's how old the bible is, about 350 AD, the product of the council at Nicea which was formed about 325 AD... several decades later the canonized text was authorized by this council. We call it the bible... Jesus referred to scriptures, not the "bible," there was not a bible then. That is another topic of interest!

Strap yourself in and try to stay with me on this issue...

I don't expect most people to completely understand what they just read. It has taken generations of watered-down doctrine, which has numbed the people to truth so don't expect to be restored in a matter of minutes.

Step-by-step... first baby steps of understanding... then longer steps... soon with the help of The Holy Spirit many will break through! Many will be able to see the power in the word and through divine discernment be able to rise above the materialistic brainwashing to which the Christian community has been subjected. I think Jesus said it best; "The Truth Will Set You Free."

First Step To Understanding and Finding That "One Way."

The first step towards removing the residue of the brainwashing is to quit thinking of the word of God (the bible) as unquestionable, holier-than-thou, superstitious, white magic! Think of it as a book of science, a book of wisdom and applied physics which was left to you by God's many prophets and The Son Of God Himself.

Stop being afraid of reading the book! Leave the guilt behind! Ask yourself why you feel guilty and not worthy enough to read the book and learn what the Creator of the universe wants you to know. Is this what "the church," your parents or society unknowingly planted in your mind, probably from childhood?

The Bible: Tear into that masterpiece! I mean OPEN IT! Pick a good starting place like one of the four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. I used Matthew to find salvation... that's all it took for me to come to know Jesus as a friend and savior! Absolutely do not begin in the Old Testament. The Old Testament can be very confusing and a beginner should stay with the New Testament only! The Old Testament is the combination of a Jewish history book and a book of prophecy. Authors such as the prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Daniel to mention a few declared that which God gave them to preach to the people. My advice is to stay clear of the OT until you are certain that you are "Born of God."

Back to business...

View it as valuable information that you want and you want now. Because it is HIS book, pray to HIM, in the name of HIS SON JESUS and ask Jesus to send HIS spirit to teach and direct you. If you don't do this it may be meaningless? Nobody is looking! I just gave you the formula for eternity! Use it!

Before you read further, please understand that you must truly want Jesus in your heart. If you are not sincere and if you are not truly prepared to solve and receive the secret of salvation, then I can't promise any change or "birth" of the Spirit of God. You must want this gift from God. Pray and put your heart in the hands of God as you continue.

Here it is in simple steps; Open one of the four gospels... Read a verse or two... pray, in earnest... read the same verse again... be sure you understand and "feel" the message... read the next verse, pray, continue in this fashion til you finish the short little book. It only took the book of Matthew for me. After studying Matthew, I came to know Jesus as a friend... then I began to study the entire bible. Eternity is waiting! You want to come to know Jesus... any of the four gospels will do it. Matthew, Mark, Luke or John all contain the life of Jesus and His message. Each book is from another view point and each book has another little treasure for you. You will come to know Jesus and more importantly, you will come to LOVE HIM. THEN HE WILL ENTER YOUR HEART! When He comes in, accept Him and keep Him! His Spirit will live in you and you will grow.

Back to business...
It has been my observation that many people have been taught that it was too holy for a worthless, unknowing person to read and question the meaning. Perhaps you have been afraid to read the book and ask questions? Perhaps you have been convinced that you are not worthy to know the secrets of the Kingdom? Time to find out!

In the first place, many people had no one who could truthfully answer the questions. The person "they" asked just resorted to throwing out a verse or two because they couldn't answer the question and they were ashamed to admit it! Did you hear answers like; "That's just the way it is"... "Do not question the bible" and on and on and on... did you get answers that did not provide the true answer to your question?

Hold that thought...

You must understand that we live in a universe made up and ruled by physics! Fifty years ago the study of quantum physics would have been laughable! Now the theories are being harnessed and becoming the basis for understanding and an entire new field of science.

I believe and have believed for years that the next step of scientific research and understanding is "SPIRITUAL PHYSICS!"

The question...
How is it possible that Jesus is the way to the eternal, spiritual world? The answer is simple... SPIRITUAL PHYSICS! Our Creator established the entire universe based on HIS all-encompassing laws of physics. After all, we live in a material universe but the unseen laws of physics are ever present! Our scientists are learning and discovering new worlds and laws of the universe every day! I wonder why so many people do not believe that our Creator, who is spiritual, cannot base HIS Spiritual Kingdom on SPIRITUAL PHYSICS? The laws of physics that your Heavenly Father and Jesus revealed to you through the scriptures... But... then the "keepers of the books" decided what you should know and how to create their man made doctrines with which to teach you. That is called ORGANIZED RELIGION.

They made it a point to give you thousands of different denominations to tie up your mind with confusion so you would finally just quit looking.

The "WORD" came to this earth as a man to establish HIS Heavenly Father's laws and methods for HIS kids of planet earth to enter HIS Kingdom. Since that time many religions and different denominations have emerged.

Here's an example of how new doctrines are born: Around 1829 Joseph Smith had a dream and allegedly went out into the garden and was shown golden tablets which is the basis of the Mormon faith. The golden tablets were never found but the people of the Mormon faith are not doubtful.

That short synopsis is simply an example. I'm not Mormon, I align with no "doctrine of man."

Many different beliefs and theories have surfaced. Many "religions of men" and beliefs have been established since "THE WORD" came to earth in the flesh. We came to know "The Word" as JESUS or more correctly, YESHUA. Is there more than ONE WAY to the Kingdom? I'll trust Jesus and HIS instructions for finding "the" way.

Note: I do not align with any doctrine or denomination other than the doctrine of JESUS... the instructions HE left for us are adequate to receive the Holy Spirit and after receiving the Spirit of Christ we are able to learn and discern the truths required to be born again of the Spirit.

I try not to criticize another faith! There are those who are critical of my faith in GOD and HIS SON JESUS but that's OKAY with me... I know Jesus because I have experienced the Christian experience of being saved, born-again or begotten or whatever you choose to call it.

Fact is; I know Jesus personally! He's my friend! I have a personal relationship with HIM! Doubters will doubt me but that is their problem, I will not make it my problem. Because "they" have never had the "experience" nor have they met Jesus, they simply cannot imagine my testimony. For that I am sorry but I can only try to explain these truths. It is so easy for me to understand that it is the Spirit of Jesus that has changed me into that "New Creature." Knowledge or study of all the religions in the world cannot make a person understand.

I will repeat myself here: The term "Born Again" just became popular and widely used in the 1960's. Please be assured that I have no problem with that term being used (INSTEAD OF BORN OF GOD) to describe the experience or status of an individual in the church of Jesus... (not intended to endorse any particular "brand" of Christianity) "The Church Of Jesus" is my way of including any church that recognizes Jesus Christ as our savior. (I may not agree with their man-made doctrine which adds to or takes away from Jesus' teachings)

Religions or denominations are (mostly) all based in "goodness," "kindness" and a "do unto others" type of foundational and fundamental faith. (generally speaking)

Ask yourself...
If it only required goodness, kindness and "Do unto others" most all of the religions would meet the requirements! In other words; it really doesn't matter what you believe or teach, you are all correct! If you believe that way, you may be too liberal for the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said He was the way. Why go any further before exploring Jesus' way? Why experiment when so much is at stake?

In my opinion it requires the instructions left to us by Jesus, which I think of as SPIRITUAL PHYSICS! Results that can only come from a perfect doctrine instilled in a human and that perfect doctrine is called the Holy Spirit, THE SPIRIT OF GOD... THE PERSONA AND CHARACTER OF THE CREATOR!

Knowledge and understanding that cannot be understood and taught by "man." This requires direct instruction from God. Instructions that must be "downloaded" into the receptive person who has been "conditioned" to receive the understanding. A "condition" we refer to as "saved" or "born-again." A method of direct communication, to the individual, from the Holy Spirit of God.

Jesus made a special effort to tell HIS followers to patiently wait for the Holy Spirit. Finally, fifty days after Jesus ascended to HIS Father in heaven, the HOLY SPIRIT showed up... The disciples were anointed in the Holy Spirit and preached in languages they did not know... or the people heard them in their own language! That is truly to which the term "TONGUES" refers. Now you know the truth about "tongues!" The original "tongues" was a miracle! The preacher or spreader of the gospel would preach and those from different countries and different languages could understand them in their own tongue (language). This should be evidence that it is available to all nations and all people. "Whosoever" calls on HIS name will be saved. (paraphrased)

Allow me to recap...
The Holy Spirit was sent to us by Jesus. HE told HIS disciples as he left in HIS new spiritual body that HE would send "The Comforter," which is The Holy Spirit. HE further instructed HIS disciples to wait for it! They waited 50 days then THE DAY OF PENTECOST fell upon them! They were filled with the power of The Holy Spirit and preached in unknown languages which was quite a witness to the crowds and nations! Wonder why they were required to wait 50 days? Unsolved mystery?

No other doctrine that has had that happen. That is; A religion or faith that the leaders (disciples) spoke in languages they did not know and the listeners understood them perfectly. This is proof enough for me that HIS Kingdom is for ALL nationalities and ALL people who will receive HIM and live by HIS doctrine established and paid for by HIS SON, JESUS. I believe there will be people who will come to know Jesus from most all faiths. Accepting Jesus and trusting HIM is the critical factor. However, Jesus said the road is narrow and few will ever find it. That means that only a few of the professed Christians will find the road too!

Jesus introduced His followers to the ONE ALTERATION TO MAN required to change us into a "being" that is worthy of being entrusted with the powers of the KINGDOM OF GOD. The scriptures tell us we are a NEW CREATURE or a NEW CREATION! When it happens you will know it!

I'll never forget the moment it happened! As I get older I have less of the same sensation that I experienced when I was younger but as we get older it is harder to achieve (for some of us)... Perhaps not for all people but it seems to go along with scripture... Even King Solomon preached that we should strive to achieve this status when we are young! That's not to say it can't happen in later years...

Now don't misunderstand! I am not saying that I get "SAVED" over and over... I am saying that "getting into the spirit" is a sensation and experience that repeats itself! Many religious folks argue against that point because they have never been "in the spirit" in the first place... therefore they don't really know about that to which I refer. Many folks confuse this with "tongues" and other doctrines of man. "Getting into the Spirit" is a stand-alone happening that enables you to participate with the Spirit of God directly. When this happens, I do not speak in tongues or do anything unusual... I am simply elevated and "lifted up" in a sensation of understanding and love that is not human. It is divine... Sorry if I jumped off track:)

HE is the truth and the only way to the Kingdom. HIS Holy Spirit enters us and changes us into a "NEW CREATURE" This is the needed transformation that enables us to enter THE KINGDOM. All of this because we accept Jesus, "the way."

Don't argue with the messenger - argue with GOD'S LAWS OF PHYSICS! If you have not experienced the transformation... PRAY FOR IT! Don't shrug it off.

I am in the process of publishing a page that addresses questions that you might find helpful.
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I rest my case.

Still your friend,


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