Do We Go To Paradise At The Moment We Die?

Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise.

As usual I have to cover a few other truths before I get to the point, please be patient.

Luke 23:43 tells us that HE said to the thief on the cross next to HIM that the thief would be in paradise with HIM that day. I know the argument that points out that the placement of the comma determines what the truth is... Whether Jesus is saying to him, THIS DAY I AM SAYING IT or I AM SAYING YOU WILL BE WITH ME IN PARADISE THIS DAY. A man placed those commas. In other words, a man, determined the way that promise made by Jesus is received. Whether it was intentional or not it is less clear what Jesus meant. The scripture was altered by the placement of a comma.

"Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise."

There are those who say the bible has not been altered. The better point to make is that scriptures were eliminated when compiling the original canon, which became the bible. Roman Emperor, Constantine, and his assembly of 318 bishops met in 325 AD and determined which scriptures would be allowed. Over the years, the text which we now know as the bible was further tampered with. In the 15th century, a man was responsible for the breaking up of the text by way of numbering verses and stopping and starting the flow of information with the ending and beginning of chapters, add to the breaking up of the intended thought with the fact that the scribes, who translated the scriptures, (probably) had their own biased opinions including the group of men who oversaw the scribes and PRESTO! You have an altered or biased lesson. Then the seminaries who train our preachers and teachers have their own biased opinions of the way the scriptures should be interpreted and taught and "man" has further altered the intended lessons, from God's messengers that were to be taught. All done by "MAN." We have a book, altered by man, which the preachers hold high in one hand and scream that "this is the pure truth and word of God." The very ones who scream this the loudest are the most guilty of preaching lies and man-made doctrine. I watch them almost daily.

This is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. HE told us that the "One HE would send would lead us into all truth." That "ONE" was the Holy Spirit of God, sent by Jesus. Jesus also referred to the Holy Spirit as the "Comforter." Jesus warned us that there would be false teachers and wolves dressed as sheep that will take you to hell. HE warned us!

Take hope! You can and will know the truth when you receive the Holy Spirit. If you do not host the Holy Spirit from God, you lack discernment and can fall for anything. Most people I know who think they are true Christians do not truly have the Holy Spirit nor do they have discernment. They cannot understand much anything. They fall for the trash the TV Preachers teach, all of it. TV Preachers usually preach about 90% truth and slip in 5 to 10 percent lies. Lies such as "Once Saved Always Saved," "The Pre-Trib Rapture" or "Tongues." Those three are the main lies, there are more. Don't fall for any of their lies or your chances increase that you will see hell. I said the scriptures have been altered or biased, I did not say to ignore them. I believe the bible but I say you must have the Holy Spirit to truly understand the message, especially after the way Constantine censored and hand picked the scriptures they wanted in the text. Be especially cautious if you use one of the newer translations. Use the KJV along side.

Yes, some of the scriptures, books and messages from the scriptures have been altered. And yes, it is continuing to be changed through the later translations. Each and every translation by "man" alters the meaning a little more. Differences in culture, time and language makes it virtually impossible to end up with the exact same meaning that was written down in a different language, several thousand years ago by a person who understands a completely different culture.

It was true even with the King James Version which was translated after the Geneva Bible. The King James Version was considered by many, if not most of that day that it was a "political document." King James hired 50 scribes to translate and compile the KJV which was more favorable to the King without the footnotes that were in the Geneva Bible which did not compliment or favor the king.

Since then, each translation has gradually changed the meaning of the bible even more. I was led to publish a page on that;

The purpose of this page is to discuss when we will be resurrected and ascend into heaven. Will it be at the moment of death or will it be when the Lord, Jesus returns and the trumpet sounds. Both can be proven, it depends on which scriptures you use to make the argument.

The best advice I can give to any person is; not to worry about it, it makes no difference to the Christian if you sleep a while and the Lord returns and resurrects your Spirit and gives you the new heavenly body or if it happens at the moment of death. This debate would not be so widely argued if the scriptures had not been tampered with and the lessons from Paul were not used. I go with what Jesus said or what HIS appointed, hand picked disciples say. Paul's writings bring about confusion on most every topic. I am not a follower of Paul as an authority upon whom we should trust our eternity. Paul was not hand picked by Jesus, Paul did not know Jesus, Paul was a Roman, Paul was a Pharisee, Paul killed Christians and more importantly; Paul was wrong about too many things to lead me to trust him. The Lord showed me that if you cannot accept and believe EVERY THING that a person teaches, then he was not appointed by Jesus. According to Paul, women should keep their mouths shut in matters of the church and speak about them only with her husband. Paul taught that Jesus was returning in his lifetime. Paul taught that the only sign needed to be assured that a person had received the Holy Spirit was to utter a strange sound when Jesus clearly taught that the recipient would receive FIVE gifts, not one. (See Mark 16). Those signs seem to be unique to the early generation of newly converted Christians. I know of few or any people at all who have or have ever had all five gifts mentioned in Mark 16. Read them!

There are many things that Paul taught that resulted in confusion and division and still do today. Most different church doctrines that come to mind are based on Paul's teachings and not those of Jesus, Peter, James or Jude.. These messages and authors make up a small part of the New Testament. The New Testament is "ALL PAUL" Peter was the one who was supposed to be the "Rock" upon which the church was to be founded. What do we have? A book that is "All Paul." Very little by Peter, the intended Rock of the church. I have a real bone to pick with the ancient ones who compiled the canon. Why did they leave out Barnabus? He was a great writer and follower of Jesus' true teachings. Barnabus had a "falling out" with Paul and they went different ways. I can understand why!

I repeat; The Lord showed me that if you cannot accept and believe EVERYTHING that a person teaches, then he was not an appointed apostle by Jesus. Paul declared himself an apostle, the other disciples did not acknowledge him as an apostle. Luke was not one of the 12 disciples but he made reference to Paul being an apostle. It appears Paul was a "friend" of the Romans and that is why the Roman Emperor, Constantine elevated his letters at the meeting in 325 AD which determined which scriptures and books would be admitted into the approved Christian doctrine, 300 years after Jesus. This became the accepted doctrine acknowledged by the Roman government.

Peter was hand picked by Jesus and HE told Peter that HE would build HIS church on Peter. However two-thirds of the New Testament is Paul. Constantine and the early Catholic Church Fathers (Council of Nicaea, 325AD) elevated Paul's letters to be equal or more important than Jesus' teachings or anything that Peter taught. Paul taught that the Roman government and its members and employees were placed there by God and the Christians should do as the Roman government said. The Romans were evil, immoral and hated Christians, yet Paul's letters said to obey them. Roman Emperor, Constantine must have really loved the part where Paul instructs them to pay their taxes to Rome too.

IMPORTANT LESSON HERE: Jesus said HE would build HIS church on Peter. Yet, today's church is built on Paul. This is the first clue that tells you that the popular, organized church is not Jesus' Church because HE promised that HIS church will be based on Peter. The FEW of us who belong to the true church of Jesus do not abide by their doctrines. We are FEW. Those churches and groups who accept and believe in the doctrines; "Once Saved Always Saved" which is founded in Paul's abused doctrine of GRACE is not Jesus' Church. "The Pre Trib Rapture" which is founded in Paul's letter to Thessalonians, is not Jesus' Church. There is a "taking away" of HIS people but not before The Great Tribulation. "Tongues" or a gibberish that is not a known language is not from the church of Jesus. The "tongues" that Jesus sent was the tongue that was understood by the listener in their native language even though the speaker spoke in his language... not the unintelligible gibberish that the tongues advocates preach. These doctrines are all based on Paul's letters. Peter warned that Paul's letters were difficult and would be twisted by devils, Jesus told you but you missed it! Now I have reminded you, don't miss it again. Study and pray!

I have other pages that deal with those issues but this page deals with the title of this page. "Do we go to heaven at death." So, back to business.

There are those that have died and gone to heaven and met Jesus than were brought back to life. We call those "near death experiences." My position on those reports are simply this; I don't positively trust them. The angel of light aka Lucifer may be responsible. I said "MAYBE" I did not say positively.

Here's the problem with believing those reports. Most of the people who report these experiences were not "Born of God" or as some might say, "Saved," when they died and supposedly went to heaven and were sent back to this realm and life. That situation within itself makes the bible a lie because a person who does not know Jesus and has not accepted Jesus are not going to heaven. Therefore, if these unsaved, worldly people died and went to heaven then we might as well ignore the bible.

Based on that paragraph I just typed, I must say I don't believe the "near death experiences are brought about by God. Maybe "a god" like the god of this world, Satan, the "angel of light," deceived them and then they come back and convince others that we are ALL GOING TO HEAVEN. That is what I have seen. I know one devil that is purely rotten and of hell and he is convinced that he is going to heaven because he knows a woman who died and went to heaven and came back and has convinced this devil that he will be in heaven. We all will be. I happen to know that he was actually trying to find the truth and how he should live to make it to heaven but after this report he has quit looking for the truth and has returned to his filthy, rotten ways and his filthy attitude because he is convinced he is going to heaven.... regardless of anyway he lives.

I do feel that our Spirit is indestructible and must go somewhere when we die, so I am led to believe that we do go to a safe place of shelter, a place that the word "Paradise" would be a good description. Otherwise, our Spirits would be required to wander around in the midst and among demons and devils... such as ghosts. Yes, I have had experience with those ungodly spirits and ghosts, so I know about them. They are here in this realm. Just because most people have no experiences with them does not mean they are not real. They are. Should I call them ghosts or "familiar" spirits? I don't know but I know that there are unseen spirits who make things happen. BELIEVE ME! I have seen it! I have lived in houses that had them. They have tried to kill me. I report this on one of my pages. Perhaps they are all demons and not the ghosts of dead people. I do know the ones who tried to kill me were demons that I think were conjured up by a supposed, tongues speaking, Christian church.

My point is this: A Christian's Spirit is not left here to endure or see their loved ones sin. Nor are they left here with the demons which are among us. I feel confident the Spirit of God's children goes to heaven or Paradise or some place other than here.

AGAIN, I say, don't worry about that! Trust God to take proper care of you.

Your friend,


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