Why are some prayers answered and others are not.

June 27, 2009

Before I forget, let me give this example... I was visiting with a dying man. The Lord gave to me a message to give to the man. The Lord told me to tell him that he was already healed if he would make a covenant with the Lord. A covenant that would involve this man's confessing and repenting... Asking the victims of his wrong doings, which he had done under the guise of a Christian. He was to confess to the victims and tell them that he was wrong and his actions were not of God and he would make corrections. In other words, he was to ask their forgiveness and he was to repent of any further wrongs. His "wrongs" would have become a living testimony and would have helped his victims to even come to honor the Lord and the Christian faith... ( I was instructed to not tell him the conditions of the covenant, that was between him and the Lord)

While this man was under this "condition" his church was praying for his healing. They had no knowledge of his shady and corrupt business practices or the condition that the Lord had offered the man through me, a messenger... therefore, they could not understand why their prayers, the prayers of the church were not answered and why this man was not healed. Many of the church members became bitter. It hurt their faith in God. The sins of this man had continued to harm the Christian faith, even after his death. You see, he never made the covenant and he never confessed. I waited patiently and hopefully each day. As far as I know he died in this failed state. However, God works in mysterious ways and he may have made the Kingdom? It is not for me to judge, I do not know. I know this; it was after this, and I believe that largely because of this, that I was commissioned to write and Publish www.john33.com ... is that the good that came from this? After all, the bible tells us that all things work for good for those who love the Lord and are called to his purpose. Did the "good" that (may) have come from that experience ultimately work for good? Even though the praying Christians at the church have no idea about these facts. That is why we should never question God or the answers to His prayers. Those people may never know these facts but they may go to their graves doubting. I hope not but I am afraid that is the case. I know of other failed souls that resulted from this incident. It was a real eye-opener for me. I have tried to bring the truth to light but I am limited as to how far I can go. The sins that resulted from this incident will not allow me to go further. I can only stand by and watch failed souls continue. It is a horrible and eternal failure of many. The "trickle down" theory will be greatly magnified at the final judgement, when the sum total of our sins are tallied. If the "unknowing" could only see into my mind. I wonder; If this site is a result of what I witnessed... will the good that comes from this site, in some strange way, offset the evils that were originally committed? I have no idea! But I do know that "all things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called to his purpose." updated 1-10-10

In recent months I have seen trials and problems surface in most every person's life that I know. Some are life and death issues, some are financial problems, some are a combination of everything imaginable. It seems as though lives are being tossed upside down. I believe I know the reason for this upheaval but that is not the purpose of this page. In as few words as possible I will try to briefly give the reader enough information that they can at least ask questions, send email or seek the answers on their own. At least they will know the recent turmoil is not imaginary and others are suffering too.

There was a time I would have boldly proclaimed that this message is direct from the Lord, through His Holy Spirit but as I become more aware of my human frailties I am afraid to make such claims, even though I truly believe it is direct from God.

In recent months I too have seen the evils of the "Evil One" manifested in the world. It has become all too obvious. I was shown six years ago why these hard times would be sent to us and what would happen. It was not crystal clear and the message and knowledge was in bits and pieces but I knew... As we know; hind-site is 20-20. The picture is very clear now. Here again, I wish I could go into detail on this but that is not the purpose of this page.

The purpose of this page is to explain "why." Why some prayers are not answered for most people. Without too much verbiage, here it is...

Jesus taught us to pray in the following manner: "Our father which art in heaven." The opening salutation is the first clue and maybe all we need to understand... "OUR FATHER." That is who we are addressing. If you have not surrendered your life to God you must ask yourself; "Is He your Father?" OR... is He your part-time God that you call upon in hard times to work some "magic?" That's the first clue. Are you even addressing the Creator or are you speaking out into vastness. If you are His, He is hearing you. I cannot explain it beyond this but be aware that you need to belong to Him before you address Him as "Your Father." Are you His? If not it is time to find out how to become His and allow Him to be your Father. Time is up! Be sure your prayer requests are in tune with His word and accept the fact that His "will" supersedes your will... also, give it time, His time. Remember, He knows your needs and what is best for you and sometimes the answer is "NO."

In these last days, the door is closing and there is little room for error. Have you waited too long to try to come through the door? I refer you to Luke 13:25 When the master of the house has locked the door, it will be too late. You will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Lord, open the door for us!’ But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from.’

I believe this scripture applies to this day. One or two months ago it was revealed to me, in the Spirit, that the door is closing or is closed... then in the same thought I was reminded of the scripture above.

There is no time left for me to try to convince unbelievers that I am a messenger and many of the messages I pen are given to me from Him. Accept it or not... but you may wish to consider the words on this page. If you do communicate with the Lord, then pray about it. If you do not pray, perhaps you should consider these truths and make an attempt. I no longer feel that it an easy thing to do. Jesus tells us that only a few will find the way. I refer to the verse immediately preceding the above mentioned verse. “Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail.

If you are (still) looking for answers and if you believe you are highly intelligent and trained in the art of debate... and if you wish to argue truths because of your imagined importance and brilliance then you will go to hell. That is not a derogatory statement or an insult just a fact. The Lord does not recognize self-imagined, human-taught wisdom... only Divine Wisdom. If you ain't got it, get it or go to hell.

That's about all I can say. if I can help beyond this page, drop an email and I will try to help.

Your Friend,



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