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Strange, Paranormal and Inexplicable Events In Hot Springs, Arkansas
This topic is very condensed because if I went into detail and covered it in detail it would take years to explain what I have been shown on this subject. It will be helpful if you have good knowledge of scripture.
My name is Darryl Foshee. I use the name "John" on my www.john33.com website. While the page you are viewing is factual and true, I have hesitated for years to write about these strange happenings but I sometimes wonder if it may be important to record these events along with events which were of a divine nature which is what www.john33.com addresses. I have always been the recipient of spiritual and supernatural events. Many people are insulated from the supernatural and never experience anything of the extraordinary or supernatural. The entire bible and belief in God is supernatural so don't get the idea that this is "far-out."

My association with God, the father and HIS son Jesus, are included in my supernatural experiences on www.john33.com ... although those experiences were of the divine category they were still supernatural in nature, however, this page deals with (scientific) paranormal entities that I do not categorize as divine or godly but they may have been associated with the divine in some misunderstood way.

Ezekiel describes a space craft and there are stories that speak of patriarchs being taken up in flaming chariots or having similar encounters.


About 1990 I was ordered out of my home by a divorce judge and was forced to live in an old house that was in my family's estate and was rental property managed by my mother. Mom was in Florida at the time that I was ordered out and she told me by phone to move my office equipment and possessions into the old rental property that I referred to as "Mold Hole." My youngest son chose to live with me at the separation BUT after a short time he decided to move back home with his mom (my wife) and my other children. This was largely because of the ghostly apparitions that occupied "Mold Hole." A horrible smell was only one of the objectionable conditions that came along with the ghost. (a peculiar "smell" sometimes accompanied the spirit) Slamming doors and strange sightings were the icing on the "cake of horror." Objects disappeared and reappeared on a regular basis. A business associate and lady friend would check on Mold Hole when I was out of town until she saw "the thing" and after the sighting she refused to go there when I was not there. I ordered "it" out of the house using the name of Jesus and it left! However, it moved into my mother's home and mom began to spend more time in Florida. Before mom moved to Florida she called me soon after I ordered it out and told me "the thing" had moved in with her and the slamming doors were a real nuisance. Mom began spending more time in Florida with my sister and I soon moved into mom's (much nicer) house. Yes, it was there! Too many things to describe here but one day a business associate was visiting and my drink was resting on a coffee table and something began stirring the drink very briskly!! We both sat quietly and watched the iced drink swirling for what seemed to be eternity... several minutes anyway. Finally I picked up the drink and took a sip. I was afraid she was going to "flip out" if I didn't make it stop!

March, 1994, mom was in Florida. A few months before her death which was June, 1994. I was sitting in the recliner, watching TV and leaning forward. There was a thunderstorm in progress and I felt a large wet blob hit me on the back! I thought, "I must have a roof leak." I turned on the light and looked at the sheetrock ceiling for water stains. No water leak! I went into the bathroom and examined the wet blob that had dropped on my back and it appeared to be like clear, thick, aloe vera gel. I didn't think to save it, I simply wiped it off and rubbed it between my fingers to get a feel for the consistency. It looked exactly like Aloe Vera Gel... about 2 tablespoons. I was told that it was ectoplasm.

A few minutes (or hour) passed and I was walking down the hall to the bathroom and as I turned to go into the bathroom another large blob hit me on the outer calf of my leg. THE SAME SLIMY, SLICK STUFF! Well most people would have panicked but I was used to strange happenings. You can read about some Demonic Encounters on www.john33.com/demons.htm BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THAT LINK! IT'S WORTH THE READ!

I could tell you many paranormal experiences but that is not the purpose of this report... I want to warn about end time deception by these beings which I believe to be demons, evil spirits or even fallen angels. I was told, in the spirit, to learn about these things and report my understanding and opinion to my readers. The reason is because they will be used in the end time days to deceive those who do not have the covering of the Holy Spirit of God. At least that is what I was shown and I am obedient to do as the Holy Spirit of God leads me.


Several years prior to these events, a friend and I were night-fishing on Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs, Arkansas. This was in the late 1970's. My friend is now deceased and I recently asked his son if he ever talked about our encounters and his son said that he had not. Steve (my friend) never talked about the strange encounters. He once told me that I was going to meet face to face with some of the entities and he did not want to be there when I did. Steve grew up in the Baptist Church and he did not believe in Satan, Angels, Demons, Ghosts or any of those types of things. I could never understand how he could not want to discuss the things we saw. I had two cousins who were Seven Day Adventist who stood under a spacecraft for several minutes and they would not speak of it. Their father (my uncle) literally made them tell me about their encounter. They were afraid people would think they were nuts and they did not want to be ridiculed publicly or privately. I am told that is why most people react that way.

Back to business... Steve and I were (night) fishing plastic worms over a brush pile in a very desirable fishing area of Lake Hamilton. Our underwater brush pile was between 2 islands, Little Goat Island and Big Goat Island on the lower part of Lake Hamilton, near the deep water dam. This lake was one of many formed by the Ouchita River in Arkansas, my home. We would cut trees, tie cement blocks on them and pull them out by boat so that the piles (trees) would bottom out near deep water 100 feet plus but the piles would be in shallower water about 30 feet, on the thermocline, where the lunkers hung. We would anchor the boat a good cast from the brush piles and many times limit out without ever moving the boat.

One night, near midnight, we observed a glowing ORB, a little larger than a basketball. This orb would move around several feet above the ground on the island known as Little Goat Island, then it would move through thick brush at about 10 miles per hour all the way to the far end of the island which was about 100 yards away... it would make some moves at the end of the island as though it had a purpose and then return to the original starting point which was right in front of us which was about 40 yards across the water to the point on the island. This went on all night. Finally, about or nearing sunrise it vanished and we pulled the boat up on the island and investigated. We expected to find some sort of disturbance of the brush or ground but there was nothing but a circular fire ring of rocks where a bonfire had burned many years before. NOTHING WAS THERE! No sign of any disturbance of the brush or ground. I don't have a clue what that orb was doing but it appeared to have a mission! Like so many other people who have had sightings, we didn't tell other people because we did not want to be ridiculed or called nuts or even worse, we could have been called liars.

About a year later, Steve and I were night-fishing on the other side of the island and I was facing away from the island while Steve was facing the island and suddenly he spoke out in a very firm and commanding tone for me to GET DOWN FROM THE FISHING CHAIR, RIGHT NOW!!! I could tell Steve had seen something and I stepped down from the fishing chair and sat down in the running seat. Steve never moved any faster than he did at that moment as he started the 115 Mercury and sped out to the middle of the lake. He then shut down the motor and explained that while my head was only a few yards from the overhanging brush on the island, a small orb was moving to and fro, within inches of my head. He was very disturbed and Steve was hard to rattle! He was more disturbed than I had ever seen this "cool dude"... nothing shook him but this did. We realized that this was the same spot on the opposite side of the island that we had seen the larger orbs about a year prior and while we were both baffled, Steve never spoke of it again. I miss him, he died in 2003, heart attack.


Steve and I were fishing near dusk on Lake De Gray which is about 20 miles south of Hot Springs, Arkansas and was formed by damming the Caddo River and is about 1/2 hour from Lake Hamilton which was our "night" lake. Lake Hamilton had a lot of pleasure craft making waves through the day and night fishing was the best chance for catching wall-hangers. A "wall-hanger" is a black bass that weighed over 8 pounds. However, Lake De gray was a much wider lake and had less pleasure craft (water skiers) making it a great lake for day or night fishing. Lots of dead timber standing as it was a new lake and the flooded trees were still standing in the creeks and inlets that emptied into the main lake.

Back to business... about 15 minutes before dusk we were casting plastic worms in the middle of a flooded forrest which was at the mouth of a wide creek which emptied into the main channel of the lake. We heard a very large, two-legged creature walking across the creek in what we estimated to be 4 to 6 feet deep at the place of crossing. This creature was so large it was able to walk across in about 4 feet of water! An outdoors man can easily tell the difference between the sound that a two legged creature and a 4 legged animal would make. In the first place any 4 legged animal would have been swimming the width of the tributary and not walking across. You must take the word of a couple of men who had spent much time in the wilds and hunting any and everything that had fur, scales or fins... IT WAS DEFINITELY A TWO LEGGED CREATURE WALKING ACROSS THAT FLOODED TIMBER. We sat quietly and heard it as it finished the crossing and stepped out of the water. Our mind's eye clearly visualized what was happening. You can bet we were there the next day. We moved up the creek, through the timber to about the spot we estimated the monster had crossed the previous day. At exactly the same time, the same creature crossed but this time he/she crossed at about the spot we were sitting the day before! This thing obviously could smell us and knew where we were, so, it simply crossed below us. Each day for many days this cat and mouse process went on til we finally accepted the fact that we could not get a sighting. I can tell/promise you it was at least 10 to 12 feet tall in order to wade across at that depth of water.

Several months to a year later my brother was with me and I asked him if he would like to run up "Brushy Creek" to see or hear "Big Foot" cross the tributary. He knew what I was speaking of as I had told him many times about the happening. I'm sure he had little faith that it would happen and he was happy to agree to a run across the lake. We were a little early and as I pulled near the timber I dropped the trolling motor into the water and warned him to not even whisper. I trolled up the creek, working my way through the timber and my brother was amazingly silent as I pulled into a good hiding spot. Not many minutes passed until we heard "Old faithful" and I only wish you could have seen the size of my brother's eyes as the giant walked across the timbered creek not 20 feet from us but the dense timber and brush kept him out of sight. Brother was speechless!


My brother's eyes in the last experience on Lake De gray reminded me of a time when I was living at Mold Hole and "Brother" was passing late one evening just as I was coming in from a road trip. I had just discovered that my hot water tank pilot lite had gone off. (as it did quite often) I was heading down to the basement to lite the pilot and I asked if he would mind going with me and then we could visit. He agreed and just as I had opened the basement door and entered the basement, upstairs, in the house, something ran the length of the house a few times, making a very loud noise as it sounded large as its feet hit the foor, right above our heads. Brother's eyes were as large as pie plates as he gasped, "What the hell was that?!" I calmly explained that "it was just my ghost." I had told him many times about the apparitions that I lived with but like most folk he did not believe. HE WAS NOW A BELIEVER! He left for his home immediately after I walked him out of the cellar with the flashlight.


About 1978, I was coming home late from a poker game. About 1:00 AM and I was slowing my 1977 Mercury, Grand Marquis to about 20 MPH to round a sharp curve on a very small road. A hairy monster which stood at least 8 feet tall stepped in front of my car and put his/her arms high in the air as if to say "stop." I will never forget how ugly that creature was. I swerved to the right and in one step this monster was in front of me, I swerved sharply left and then sharply right, each time I swerved he stepped in front of the car.... with my right tires off the road when I stomped the gas peddle to the floor, causing the car to slightly "fishtail" just as I passed this horror. There was a loud "thud" on the roof or trunk as I shot by it. My Mercury had a 400+ cubic inch engine and it was extremely powerful! I don't think I could have gotten by this thing if I had not been overpowered. I was in my very early 30's and a very good driver. I had several miles to travel over the very small road to the next major highway and I was never sure if the monster was on my car til I came to a convenience store and pulled under the lights. It was all I could do to keep my speed down as I traveled the small, narrow road to the next highway. There was no moon and it was very dark that night. I had another experience at that same spot a few months earlier but it involved a spiritual encounter. Was this a coincidence?? Is there a vortex of some kind there? It was on old hwy 88, a short cut through from Highway 70 west and highway 270 west, Hot Springs. I think there is a vortex there. I have published a website, www.hotspringsar.us describing the possibilities of a vortex here in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


These entities are recorded in Ezekiel as well as other books of the bible and there may have been many more that the Council at Nicea may not have allowed in the Canon which became the foundation of our bible. I BELIEVE THERE IS SOME MAJOR REASON AS TO WHY GOD HAS ALLOWED THESE EXPERIENCES IN MY LIFE. It has come to mind that science (NASA) (HUBBLE) may allow aliens to be used to mislead the church and God's people in the last days. Aliens and UFO's are reported to do extraordinary things that defy the laws of gravity and physics.


When God created the global flood HE did it to destroy the advanced civilizations which I believe were fallen angels or aliens. These ancient, advanced civilizations are proven to have been well over 30,000 years old. This time period is proven by scientific methods such as carbon 14 dating, etc. The same scientists are confirming that the flood was for real! There is evidence of several global floods, one about 13,000 years ago and another about 5,000 years ago. Hard-core creationists still believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old. A 6,000 year-young earth is hard to believe considering the available scientific evidence and scripture! I do believe that God's creation of Adam may have been 6,000 years ago but evidence says that there were pre Adamic civilizations before God created modern human life that we know as "Adam and Eve." Cain married one of them! (Genesis 4:16-17) 16 So Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden. 17 And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

In the book of Peter, Peter tells us that Jesus will destroy the earth and the heavens by fire. I am led to understand that the reason HE must destroy the heavens as well as earth is because the "heavens" are chock-full of fallen angels aka "aliens." These are evil beings which the book of Enoch describes in great detail. Enoch describes them as fallen angels but I am convinced that "they" have convinced us that these "beings" are aliens! Many people are misled to believe that they are lovable "ET" beings and our friends. The book of Enoch is full of useful information which was not allowed into the Canon by Constantine at the Council of Nicea (325 AD). I strongly suggest that you read the Book of Enoch! You can Google it!

I had wondered many times why our Lord would burn the heavens in the end times. I knew why HE would burn earth... to rid HIS eternally saved followers of all evil and bring down HIS "New Jerusalem." HE had used a flood at one time to rid the earth of evil beings and would use fire the next time. WHY THE HEAVENS? I simply did not know or accept aliens as fact but that was several decades ago before HE began to educate me on this topic.

In Genesis, chapter 6 we learn that Noah was the only person left on the planet who was perfect in his generations. That is only in the King James Version because the modern translations have changed it. "Perfect in his generations" simply means that Noah's DNA had not been polluted with the genes (DNA) of the crossbreeding that had already taken place on earth.

Chapter 3 of Genesis: We read that the serpent was in the garden and beguiled Eve. Furthermore, many of us theorize that the serpent had sex with Eve and go so far as to say that the serpent was the father of Cain. How else do you get a murderer, like Cain, from Adam and Eve, who were two of God's created beings. Was the crossbreeding that polluted the genealogy of man between the evil lineage of Cain and the perfect DNA of Adam and through Adam's third born son, Seth. All others had been polluted by the lineage of Cain... or even aliens? Of course the serpent was a beautiful creature before God cursed it. Incidentally, one of the major species of aliens are called reptilian! Coincidence?

Genesis 6:9... These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

Genesis 6:2 reads...  That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

The "sons of God" mentioned in 6:2 could very well be aliens. Some theologians think they were the Godly lineage of Seth, Adam's 3rd born son. Cain was the first born and he killed Abel, (the second born) and Seth, the third born was said to have been the exact duplicate of Adam, or "God's blood."

Some theologians believe that "the sons of God" were the fallen angels and I am one who recognizes the possibility that the "sons of God could have been what we see as aliens. It is not far-fetched because as I see it, the fallen angels are what we know as aliens. It is reported by UFOLOGISTS that there are several species of aliens. "Grays," "Talls" and "Serpents" are the main 3 categories. A government training manual for those who work in this area teaches that there are 160 different species. I will repeat myself: The government knows that Aliens and UFOs are for real! Remember, I was shown that they are actually the fallen angels posing as aliens.

Whatever the "sons of God" truly are, they were evil and this act of interbreeding is the reason God created the flood and destroyed all living beings except for those that God loaded on the ocean going vessel that Noah and his workmen built over the 100 years it took to build it. It was 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet tall. That is a very large vessel. The size of a modern, ocean-going vessel of today.

People have the idea that mankind of that day was primitive and ignorant... incapable of building such a ship. WRONG!!
Take a look at the pyramids... we can't duplicate those today with our technology and computers. Those people were actually advanced and far more capable than we are today. There were ancient civilizations that were further advanced than we are... alien technology! According to the book of Enoch, the fallen angels taught mankind about mining and metallurgy for a few things... they taught women how to use make up to make themselves more alluring. They taught man many other areas of advanced technology. If you read the book of Enoch, you will know that is what caused God to throw those fallen angels into dungeons and are awaiting their punishment... for that which they taught mankind that God did not want man to know. A few of the things included pharmaceuticals, creation of weapons, make up for women to make them more seductive and alluring. "Man" is hung up on evolution. Get over it! We didn't evolve from monkeys, we were made by the most brilliant entity ever.... GOD!

The scriptures tell us that God threw Satan and 1/3 of the angels from heaven. We don't know when this happened but science tells us that there is evidence of ancient civilizations that date over 40,000 years ago. There is evidence of nuclear warfare and computers dating back many thousands of years before God's creation of Adam. This pre-adamic civilization must have been the fallen angels. It only makes sense.

At this point I am taking a short break and I am enclosing what one of my friends offers who has experienced some of these encounters with me... from an email sent to me:
"I like it!  Very interesting stuff and I'm so glad you are finally documenting your encounters.  I know there are many more incidents you did not mention, perhaps on purpose, perhaps too numerous.  Keep going."

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