Tampering With The Word Of God...
Most Churches Are Guilty And TV Evangelists Are Notorious.


I'll highlight and skirt the topic... All according to my understanding.

Most people really don't believe in Heaven, Hell, Jesus, God, The Holy Spirit or any of those "churchie" things... Those things I mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg. It would be easier to say that most people don't believe in anything except: Money, sex, pleasure, fine homes, expensive cars, jewelry, clothes, etc... Those things can mostly be categorized under Material, Mammon, Ego, Vanity, Lust, Greed... among other things. The god of this world is the master of those things. The true Christian's God is Spirit which is pure and perfect. A Spirit which is void of those worldly desires and free of the desires and temptations of the flesh. The Spiritual realm is not easily accepted by materialistic man. The organization and power that serves the lesser god of this world is "Hollywood" and has produced countless movies dealing with the super natural. They have numbed us and dumbed us to this other realm and most people think of it as pure fantasy. With the exception of those who are practitioners and students of the occult and they are faithful and knowledgeable about these matters. The occult practitioners are aware but they usually use their knowledge and awareness as an alternative to trusting and worship of the Creator and HIS family which is headed by HIS Eternal, Logos or Spirit (Being) who became HIS Son on earth, who we know as "Jesus," "Yeshua" and other names. We know Jesus' Father as "God," "Yahweh" and other biblical names. Excuse the spelling as these names are (many times) spelled differently by different people. I'm not sure how to describe Jesus' relationship with HIS Father God except that Jesus was with HIS Father, God, in the Kingdom of God before Jesus came to earth as God's Son. I will say at this time that by receiving the Spirit of God which Jesus sent to us, we become Spiritual Sons of God. (Born of God)

A glimpse of the mystery. This is strictly my understanding...

In the first description of the creation of man in Genesis, chapter one, God created the male and female in his image. HE declared it "good." There are those who deny the natural desires, that the two, we know as Adam and Eve, had for each other but it is apparent that those were part of the design and were declared "good." He ordered them to reproduce which I assume was done the same way it is done these days... HIS original creation was that of a pure and virtuous man, free of the imperfections and wrongful desires of the flesh. Possessing none of the imperfections found in Lucifer who had already been cast from heaven and obviously to earth. The first creation of man in chapter one was a true Godly creation... pure in Spirit as was HIS creator. The same Spirit we know as the Holy Spirit... Now it is sent to chosen ones who are appointed by Father God as well as Son Jesus.

Something happened that is not in the bible that I read. It appears that much is left out and we skip to the second description of creation in chapter two; This creation was made from the dust of the ground and Eve was cloned from Adam's rib... this (more) describes a materialistic creation and there was no declaration that this creation was in the image of God. Perhaps it was, perhaps not. there is no indication.

Some students say there were two different creations and some say that chapter two was a recap of chapter one. I am led to believe that there were two creations. For one thing the Creator in chapter one is called "GOD." In chapter two the Creator was called "LORD GOD." In chapter four HE is known as "LORD." Lack of continuity is not called for in such a critical recall of an important document of the history of Creation. I have read different opinions on why the names vary but it appears that the explanations are from "MEN" wanting to help GOD not be doubted. I have also read that the Jewish Rabbis, the keepers of the books, deliberately changed them... so much in fact they are still confused as to what was original. Jesus did call them sons of Satan and snakes. I have read that the difference in names had to do with the function HE was performing. HORSEFEATHERS!

HE needs no help for those of us who know HIM. These explanations appear to be the works of the enemy creating chaos and confusion... products of the Adversary. What was left out? Was it Constantine's effort? Luke 11:52 says a lot. I am not one who condones explaining away "things" with more made up "things." No Sir! Jesus nailed it when HE told them in Luke that they had removed the key to knowledge. Men tampered with the word just as they continue in the act today.

A lot is missing in the early accounts of creation in Genesis. There are a few books that were not allowed into the canon which was the compilation of allowed scriptures and books by Constantine and his Council at Nices.

Research and find the Book of Enoch on the Internet! It was a very popular book which was read and adored by the early followers of Jesus but Constantine's bunch didn't allow it in the "best seller," the text that was to become our bible. What a shame! Many Pagan rituals were allowed in the New World Church of Rome, but not the works of the very fine, Apostle, Barnabus or the Book of Enoch. SHAME! The early church fathers were "sell outs!" Just as surely as was Judas!

Fast forwarding to that which we can read about... The first few chapters of Genesis deal with the fall in the Garden. Since the fall in the Garden, we can see that man became more naturally of this world and thereafter, most human thoughts are centered on the material things of this world.

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Drop into the future...

There are those who will be saved from this world and the cursed destiny of the enemies of the true God... Fast forward...

How did the true God send a "life saver" to fallen man... the lineage of the ones HE created in the Garden. (Hint) He sent HIS Son, to live among them and to show the way out of the jungle and into God's place of dwelling. When HIS Son left the world HE sent HIS Spirit to live in "the few." These few would find their way to God's house with the help of the Spirit that Jesus sent to live in the few. This is mistaken by some to be another fairy tale like the tales that the parents, preachers and teachers had told them. This one is true. However, the tricks the false preachers and teachers used on them, messed with their minds and they have a hard time believing in anything except, older whiskey, younger women, faster horses and more money!

SO! In order to help the "willing" see the truth, this Spirit that Jesus sent lives in "the few" and helps them see and understand the truth. When this Spirit explodes into life it is a Spiritual Birth. Some call it "Born Again" and the true term is "Born of God."

Continuing on...

When carnal man is "Born of God" he becomes a new creature. A more Spiritual being, less materialistic. A new creation that more closely resembles the nature of Jesus, God's only begotten Son. There is much said in those few sentences. Those sentences may contain the secret of the Kingdom of God. The true Christian's goal is to acquire and reflect that perfect Spirit of Jesus. The first step is to fully understand what you just read. Then each step takes us closer to HIM. Some say it is entirely predestined or predetermined, some say that it is for "All Who Call On The Name Of The Lord." Time for you to find out. You see, we are (just about) out of time. (www.outoftime.us) There are those who do not care to become that "new creation." These people are truly of "this world." The chances are slim that they will seek salvation and truly repent of their materialistic ways and desires. You may ask yourself; "Is this predestined?" As far as I see it appears to be predetermined or predestined but that is only from appearances and that which I see. I can see the argument for predestination!!

Some people eagerly jump at the conversion to that of a "New Creature." For no apparent reason these unique few are excited and eager to become a changed person. This site will help some people come to understand these matters. Perhaps you are one of the few? I hope so! You should too!

Sadly, most people think they can live a life of pleasure, partaking of all of the material things of the flesh, named in the first paragraph and upon their death go into a blissful, heaven that consists of even more of all of the same things I listed in the first paragraph. In other words the false, Christian wannabe's dream of heaven is an endless continuation of all the things that caused Lucifer to be kicked out of the Kingdom of God and the same things that they crave and work towards. For some, I'm sure plenty of good booze and choice of drugs are mighty important and they don't have to do anything but indulge. (I used to really love good scotch and beer was a part of my diet)

Christians make jokes about Muslims being rewarded with 72 virgins in their heaven for performing certain acts. How is the Christian's faith any different? With the exception that the Christian wannabe heaven is not limited to any particular number. So, quit laughing at the Muslims! Most Christian wannabes are no different! They look forward to a "life of plenty" on streets of gold. Whatever their private beliefs are, the truth is that they are based in material objects. What's the difference?

Who teaches people these things? Preachers? Teachers? Parents? I guess so! All of them. Where else would they learn all this "stuff?" Our parents start us out believing in Santa. That would be a sweet, little red faced man who flys around in a sled which is powered by horned animals, delivering goodies down the chimney to all the good children. After that season passes, parents start teaching about Easter bunnies that produce chocolate eggs. In the meantime the tooth fairy will bring you cash for the loss of teeth. Parents knowingly or unknowingly water down the miracles of Jesus with the fantasies of these magical creatures. It's never ending... Super Man, Mighty Mouse, Spider Man and on and on. They all work miracles that dwarf Jesus' miracles.

TAKE A BREAK FOR A NOTE: The holidays, Christmas and Easter, were both Pagan holiday rituals that the early church, under Roman Emperor, Constantine, accepted into the (supposed) new Christian doctrine which was approved by the Roman Empire. Something stinks here! A "state religion" in bed with the Roman Emperor. A newly formed religion which was powered by Paul's letters. Because of the ruling that took place under Constantine and his Bishops, Paul makes up 2/3 of the New Testament and Paul clearly states in his letter to the Romans, 13:1-6 that God appointed the government and their employees and reminds the reader to pay their taxes to Rome. How sweet! Paul wrote those instructions over 3 centuries before Roman Emperor, Constantine revived them as the foundation of his new doctrine which came out of his Council at Nicea. Over 300 Bishops from all churches gathered and assembled the material that would make up the state approved doctrine of the Christians. Much like that which happened during the years of the GW Bush presidency when the "Religious Right" crawled in bed with the Political Right Wing. This was the beginning of the end of the American Empire. The nation began it's total collapse in 2008, the last year of the Bush Dynasty... commonly known as "The Bailout." The mistakes and crimes committed by investment banks and the Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson, which had destroyed the world economy largely by way of the bogus mortgage scam was partially paid for by tax payers. The total, dollar amount was in the (many) trillions so the entire amount could not be legislated but they used nearly one trillion to head off total and immediate collapse of the world economy and it was passed on to the Bush successor, Barack Obama. He continued with the same policies such as Monetary and Military. No change, no difference. He was locked into the situation. The Bush policies continued and still do as of this writing. Fascism and a state religion in the making. The American nation has been destroyed and probably will be broken up as was the Soviet Union several decades earlier. The collapse of America is taking down the world economy as I write this. Today's date of editing is 1-16-2012 and this page was originally published about 6 months ago.

Back to business...
Then as the baby, American, Christian grows into adulthood the preachers replace those fairy tales with fairy tales about a God that will give them eternal happiness in heaven and all they have to do is say a little prayer in front of a few people who represent their church. Then the typical preacher pronounces the person as "Born Again." Most churches even promise them that no matter what they do from that point on will not keep them out of heaven. They call that 'Once Saved Always Saved." Fairy Tales Galore!

My friends, if you've been brainwashed with all that stuff, you have a long way to go to avoid the pitfalls of hell. I know, I know, you are taught to not believe in hell either. The church may have told you that there are no demons, no Satan, no hell, no special gifts of the Spirit, no miracles and you probably have been told that God doesn't heal you directly that HE only does it through doctors... I can think of some more lies they may have told you... hold on... I'm thinking. Oh yeah! The prosperity covenant... this is when you agree to send certain sums of money to snakes who call themselves Evangelists and God will return enormous wealth and happiness to you. Here's the scary part... it can happen! The problem is that it is probably from the lesser god of this world AKA Satan. Be careful who you make covenant with! Think I'm kidding? I'm not! I see the TV devils working their majick almost every day. If you're lucky, they'll just take your money and that's the end of it.

Some Preachers Are True Friends Of Jesus, Some Are HIS Enemies...
Very few preachers fuss at me. Most preachers who are "friends of Jesus" have no reason to publicly agree with me as it may offend some tithing members who ultimately pay their high salaries. The true enemies of Jesus simply don't want to expose themselves, so, they avoid me or my website and convince their tithing, members to avoid these truths.

This is a large site, most questions are covered and I reveal some of the more common tricks from hell. Tricks such as changing the meaning of a statement made by Jesus or adding "things" or taking away "things" ... "THINGS" like teaching people to speak in a "gibberish" they describe as the true gift of tongues and saying that it was a gift from God... Or teaching innocent seekers of salvation that all they have to do is walk down the aisle and utter a simple little "Sinner's Prayer" and BINGO... they are guaranteed admittance into the Kingdom... regardless of any sinful act they may continue to be guilty of and even though they have not truly confessed their sins and repented of them. I can go on and on and I will. I'll point out some of the deceitful tricks that will land you right in hell... that is, unless Jesus is a liar and I happen to know Jesus is truth. So, if you want to avoid being Satan's play toy and the object of eternal suffering, try to understand Jesus' true teachings.

My mission is to expose false doctrine and false teachers while revealing the truth. If you want to understand and are looking for the way into the Kingdom of God, welcome aboard. Then it will be up to you to dance to the music. When you've had enough you can get off of the bus. Or if you are really touched and if the Holy Spirit of God comes to you and resides in you, you may want to get your own bus. Then you can tell others how to catch the next bus.

Let me warn you, it is a tough job! It's hard to get the job and you've got to be really lucky, blessed and willing to work hard and be prepared for a little suffering. I didn't say it isn't worth it but be prepared. If one hundred seekers of salvation read this far, maybe a dozen are even the least bit interested... out of that dozen maybe one or two will attempt to get the job as "Bus Driver." SMILES:) I just write what HE shows me to write. There is somebody out there that this page is for. Is it you?

I may come back and write more on this page from time to time but for now, I'll just say that if you are interested in applying for a position in the Kingdom of God, begin reading the site you're on now. www.john33.com ... if you pray and check over the links on the main page you may find yourself interested. There's nearly one hundred topics, take a look. Something may interest you.

Let me know if I can help.

Your friend,

John (Darryl)


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