The Fall In The Garden

Did God Design The Fall?

This is according to my understanding and what I have been led to understand.

Most Christians believe that God's created beings were the first and only beings on earth. They believe that HIS creation was tricked by a snake. Tricked into eating a restricted fruit and God's recipe for mankind was spoiled. In other words; Satan or a snake outsmarted God's creation and God's plan.

Other people believe that there were others on earth who were not of our God, more commonly referred to as "pre Adamic man." Cain took his wife from this community called "Nod."

Some people don't believe in anything. "It was all by accident and man evolved from slime"

Learn from the oldest book.

1) In the book of Job, the oldest known book, we see how God tricked Satan into testing Job to fully develop his understanding and love for God. We can see the same technique used in the Garden. This process which began in the Garden has been ongoing for about six thousand years and God's kids are being developed. The ones whose names are not written in the Book of Life are faltering or growing in the wrong spirit. The countdown is happening as I write this.

2) The lesson from the book of Job helps us understand that God allows Satan to appear successful in destroying God's chosen servants, when in the end, God's servants and subjects triumph and prosper in the Spirit.

3) We are led to believe that God's created beings, Adam and Eve, fell to Satan's trickery. Just as we are taught that God was angry and had to destroy that which he had created by way of the flood. In many lessons taught us, we are told that God was "angry" or he was "disappointed" or "sad" or some other such human trait.

4) We are taught to believe that God was emotional and created things that were imperfect and failed to perform as they were designed. For example; Lucifer and 1/3 of the angels did not perform as God intended, etc, etc.... I believe they fell but it was by God's design, for what ever unimaginable reason. Our minds cannot grasp the things of God, so don't even try. Just accept that it was His plan.


God has never made a mistake! Everything that God has designed has performed exactly as he designed it. God is perfect, God's plans are perfect and everything God does is perfect! He is not capable of making a mistake.
Example; look at the intricate human body and the universe. Pretty amazing don't you think? Even with centuries of knowledge to draw from and enormous computers, "man" can't even duplicate an apple! We don't even know what gravity is!

I want to discuss The Fall In The Garden!

In God's Garden of Eden, He created "Trees" or "Beings" or "Systems" or who knows all of the brilliant creations of which we are only allowed a brief glimpse? I think by now we have all figured out that only a "hint" is recorded in Genesis and what is there is cloaked in mystery and secrecy. Once again, you might ask "why?" Once again I say; "who knows?" Is it important to know the details? Who hid the details? Is the complete truth known by any human? Was it ever known by a human? Should we even care?


We read in Genesis that God created Adam, Eve and a lovely garden paradise. He placed them in the garden to care for it and perform certain work, as we read that Eve was to be Adam's helpmate or workmate.

God warned them not to "eat" the "fruit" of the "tree" of "knowledge." God warned them that they would die if they even touched it.

There are four words that are vague and the true meaning of these words are critical. We must remember that much is lost and even changed in the translation from an ancient language and culture. The four words are; "eat" - "fruit" - "tree" - "knowledge."

I have read many different opinions on what the word "eat" could have described. Among the many explanations, I read that it could be as simple as to literally "eat," as in "eat the fruit." However, I don't discern that the simple eating of a fruit would bring about such disciplinary action. The "eating" of the "fruit" of the "tree" must have been far more evil than the simple eating of an apple... which is what we are taught as children. It's alarming to me that our understanding goes no further than that explanation. The first lesson taught to us is a metaphor! In my opinion, this is no way to teach the lessons from the most important book of learning... a book that determines how we spend eternity. To actually teach us that a miraculous and wonderful creator made Adam from the dust, breathed life into this very complex and amazing body... then cloned Eve from Adam's rib AND then punish them with death if they ate an apple, is not consistent with such a wonderful creator... GOD. (That is the teaching from Chapter 2 of Genesis) Chapter 1 simply states that God created Adam and Eve from nothing. SOUNDS LIKE TWO DIFFERENT CREATIONS TO ME? That will be covered on another page, that is, if God shows me that page!

From this authorized method of teaching, I sense that "something" or some group of people did not want us to ever understand God, ourselves or our relationship with this marvelous creator. It makes me wonder just how far-reaching Jesus' statement in Luke 11:52 really is?

“What sorrow awaits you experts in religious law! For you remove the key to knowledge from the people. You don’t enter the Kingdom yourselves, and you prevent others from entering.”

If we can't read the truth and the complete story then either God didn't want us to know or He would have shown it to His prophets... or... some of the writers, scribes or (early) church had a hand in hiding the whole story. Anyway you shake it, it is no sin to explore what is written and apply the scriptures to consider the possibilities. In the scripture above; Jesus said they hid the key to knowledge. OK, that's pretty much what I just wrote.

Back to business...
The serpent told Eve that the forbidden act would make them as "gods" and they would know "good" and "evil." Now that's some kind of special fruit! Some of the modern translations would lead you to believe that she would know the
difference between good and evil, if she ate of the fruit, but that is not what KJV tells us. The KJV tells us that she would "know" both good and evil. Not necessarily the difference between them but to know them both. I believe that the word "know" is meant in the sexual sense as it (usually) always means in biblical terms? I don't know what the tree was... it could have been a "being" a "system," or something beyond our comprehension? The act of "eating" of the fruit of the tree is a mystery too. Some people believe it to be sex... or to have sex with the "being" or "thing" that was referred to as the tree. The people who accept that theory believe that the "tree" was Satan and the eating of the fruit meant "to have sex with Satan." In my opinion, that is a possibility as are many other scenarios. Sex may have been a part of it but there are many other ways to fall. In this realm, in this life, I have seen people fall into drugs, alcohol, gambling, business or just plain old greed and wrongdoing, which would benefit the "wrong doer." Or a combination of those and many other traps.

According to scripture, the "fruit of the tree" was tempting, beautiful and Eve desired it. I don't think that describes a piece of fruit. Or maybe I just don't know how to look at a piece of fruit.

Strange things happen to me... I have things happen that are inexplicable...
A few days ago, I received a movie on disc that I did not order. I'm convinced that the Lord arranged that I receive this movie as it had to do with this very page you are reading. To be able to
fully understand what Eve was up against. Let me explain... I started to mail it back but something told me to watch it. I am so glad I did. I saw what Eve was up against in the Garden. The movie was about a family of vampires living in a quiet community. They were a close-knit family of beings. The "star" vampire was supposed to be a 17 year-old high school senior. He was very good looking, strong, perfect. He had money, every girl in school wanted to be his girl. The world was at his command. He singled out a new girl in school and she fell madly in love with him. He invited her to his family home, which were all beautiful and rich vampires. They adopted her as a human "pet" and protected her from all evil and danger. She was in love with a "god." I realized how most every person watching the movie would love to be any one of these rich, beautiful, super-natural, athletic stars. The young girl was constantly begging her boyfriend-vampire to bite her and make her one of them and he refused! He wanted her to simply love him for her lifetime and remain a pure, heaven-bound human. He stated several times that hell was his destiny but even knowing this the girl still begged him to take her into the family so she could be complete and be 100% fulfilled in their world. I imagine the "tree" to be something like this situation. He was as "a god" as you will read in the scripture below.

Final note: Most secular or worldly people watching this movie would have desired in their heart to be like them! Many girls, watching the movie, would visualize themselves in her position and choose to join the eternally, rich, fun-filled, exciting life, just as the star in the movie wanted. Jesus warned that if you commit the act in your heart, you are guilty. The influence Hollywood has over us is alarming!

Genesis 3

 1Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?

 2And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:

 3But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.

 4And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die:

 5For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

Regardless what the act was, God warned Eve that she would die if she even touched it. Apparently death was not in the original design of Adam or Eve but the act would make death a part of their being. Some argue that they were supposed to die that very day after touching it... some say that, that same day, death became a part of their destiny. I read one report that "they did die that same day"... based on the scripture that one day is as a thousand years to the Lord. Adam was over 900 years old when he died and I don't know if we are told how old Eve was when she died but I don't believe she outlived Adam. Therefore, if you subscribe to the "long day" theory, they died the same day as it was less than a thousand years... or one day. Not a bad theory!

The serpent had lied to Eve. He told her that she would not die and she would be as a god. Not as "GOD" but as "a god." The first lie recorded in the bible. The serpent was not in the form of a slithering snake at that time. That came after God cursed him. He was obviously attractive and cunning. What was it? Was it in the form of a human? What did it look like? Wouldn't you like to know? Maybe not!

Eve fell for the lie that the serpent told her. She "ate" of the fruit and even brought Adam into the sin with her. Adam fell for the lie which was passed on by Eve. Now death is in their destiny. Their days were numbered there in the garden. Not only was God going to throw them out of paradise but they were going to work and struggle to make a living... pain and suffering was part of the new life in the "outside jungle." Obviously it was a horrible curse under which God had placed them! Read all about it in Genesis, chapter 3.

As we study and read Genesis we eventually read that....
Cross breeding and intermarrying with the evil lineage of Cain and his wife was the direction of God's creation. It appears to me that there was a race of beings already living on earth... This may come as a shock but this theory does not violate scripture in any way. Refer to Genesis, chapter 6 and read about the population explosion, Fallen angels crossbred with the Godly line of Seth, who was Adam and Eve's third born son and was of the same Godly makeup as Adam... unlike Cain who was evil. Do yourself a favor and carefully read the first 6 chapters of Genesis after you finish this page. Perhaps some of the points published here will shed new light on your understanding as you read those chapters.

Lucifer aka Satan must have been elated to see God's creation now intermarrying with the evil beings there, outside of the Garden. It appears God's plan and his creation were spoiled...ruined, a complete failure.

Not so!

Remember! God never fails! His true kids, those whose names are written in the Book of Life, prosper in the Spirit or in the ways of God, through these (seeming) failures and tests.

How did the obvious failure of his creation in the Garden fit his plan for man? We will get to that but there is one more mystery we have to acknowledge. It is very controversial and is difficult to write about because I can only consider the scenarios that come to mind. We must realize there are things of God that are superior to our understanding that I may not even be able to imagine them, therefore, it is impossible to even write them as a consideration. With that in mind, I will write the possibilities that my mind can conceive. Usually I feel extremely enforced about the pages I write but usually I only write about things that can be confirmed through scripture. This page deals with unknown factors because as mentioned earlier; it appears "somebody" or a group has withheld facts, or, possibly God himself doesn't want us to know. However, I am led to believe that we are victims. Jesus must have thought so too... remember Luke 11:52 and the surrounding verses. 52 “Woe to you experts in religion! For you hide the truth from the people. You won’t accept it for yourselves, and you prevent others from having a chance to believe it.”

I repeat; This does not violate the Word of God nor is it a sin to consider it... Remember, the Church persecuted Galileo for his belief about the way the solar system is arranged. It still goes on today, most Christians are afraid to have a thought...

NOTE: For the last 500 years the world and science have accepted Galileo's theory, right or wrong?


Scenario 1) There was already a race of beings here on earth and God dropped his "insurgents" in... just as our special forces are dropped in behind enemy lines and co-mingle with the occupants of that country. Our guys live among them, teaching them and introducing them to our ways and our intentions... gaining their loyalty and recruiting them into our ideology and our mission. In the case of the Garden; God's creation even crossbred with them. The Godly line of Seth was interbred with the evil lineage. We can get support for that from the 6th chapter of Genesis where we read that NOAH WAS THE ONLY PERSON LEFT ON EARTH WHO WAS PURE IN HIS GENERATIONS. I have underlined it in verse 9 below .... "Perfect in his generations" meaning that he was of the pure lineage of Adam and Eve which continued from Adam's third-born son, Seth. Scriptures tell us that Seth was just like Adam, not like Cain who was the first born and evil and the 2nd born son, Abel was killed by Cain. This is why some students of scripture believe Eve had sex with Satan and Cain was the product. I will leave that for the Holy Spirit to help you as you seek knowledge. I know something was wrong! You don't usually get a Bull Dog when two Poodles are bred. So, how did we get a mean, killer, like Cain from two created beings of God? Something is not right in this picture.

If God wanted His creation to breed with the other inhabitants, we must wonder "why?"

Important! Use the King James Version! This reads differently in modern translations.
I repeat; modern translations will not read like this. Do not trust the modern translations alone.

Genesis 6

 8But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.

 9These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God.

 10And Noah begat three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

 11The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence.

 12And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.

Stay with me on this scenario...
God's lineage had been crossbred with the evil lineage. Now comes the flood. God destroyed the beings that were unable to be saved or simply too impure in their genealogy;
they were blood-thirsty monsters. Noah's offspring were pure enough to be spared and to grow in the ways of God. While Noah's sons and their wives had the evil DNA, his sons were at least half of Noah's pure lineage. From this point, after the flood; a choice was made available. The ones who were able to hear the instructions from the mind of God were led in that direction. Man would have a choice as to whom they belonged and served. From Noah, who was pure and from Noah's wife who was not pure... they now had the blood of Adam, through Noah, and they had the blood of the evil line of Cain (and his wife) through Noah's wife. Remember! Noah was the ONLY human left on earth who was pure in his generations.From that point on, they could choose whom they would serve. We know that Noah's son, Ham, proved to be totally evil and Noah even cursed him. Here we see that the lineage of evil made it through the flood. If you trace the lineage of Ham you will see (it appears) that his descendants were the evil people who Joshua would have to destroy many hundreds of years later. Shem was the more Godly line of Noah's three sons.

Through it all...

It was God's design that His creation would crossbreed and live among the evil bloodline. After all, that is how it happened, according to scripture. If it was not His design and HIS plan then He was outsmarted by another force. I believe He is incapable of failure. His plan stands.

If you believe God created Eve then you must surely believe that HE is all-knowing! HE knew the design. He knew she would not pass the test before He placed them in the garden with the serpent and the forbidden tree. Read that again until it becomes crystal clear, that God designed Adam and Eve to fall. It is also very clear to me that He set the entire scene to allow the serpent to trick Eve into partaking of the forbidden. As a child of God we must rest assured that if He designed the fall, it was for our good
or the good of the beings who were trapped here before God dropped His creation in behind "enemy lines." Somehow this imparts an entire new meaning to the term "saved." Man was "saved" from something other than that which was of God. Read it again! Be sure you understand. As surely as we are saved from the grip of Satan when we consider ourselves saved. I hope you absorbed that... Back to business.

God wanted a line of beings that loved him by choice, not because they were created beings... God wanted his "man" to live alongside the evil line of "beings" and choose God and his ways over the adversary, Satan, and his ways... HE wanted a race who would be given the opportunity to choose and those who would choose HIM and his ways to be HIS people.

Scenario #2) God simply created man (Adam and Eve) here on earth... ignoring the fact that Satan had been cast here previously. If this were the case God expected his creation to live along with an evil angel that he had thrown out of his Kingdom. We would have to believe that God would carelessly create his creation to live in a world that is occupied with evil, knowing that it would mean a miserable existence for his Creation for no reason.

In other words it was all by coincidence. A coincidence that an evil angel just happened to be here on the same planet with God's created beings. I find "coincidence" hard to believe where God, the supreme creator of all heaven, all galaxies and ultimately earth, decided to create man on the same planet that he had cast Satan.

Luke chapter 10:18, tells us that Jesus saw Satan fall from heaven.

“Yes,” he told them, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning!

I am sure there are many different beliefs and thoughts. Which ever you choose to believe there is one thing that is consistent... GOD IS NEVER WRONG AND HE DID NOT MAKE A MISTAKE.


I repeat myself several times to make the point...

Now I will tell you what was given me to write: God knew Eve would fail. God knew she would "eat" of the tree and God knew that death would become man's destiny. It was necessary for mankind to die in the flesh for the rest of the plan to work.

Fast forward to the present...

We die in the flesh, those of us who are "Born of God" while in the flesh are filled with the Holy Spirit that Jesus sent to us and then we are able to be "Born Again" of the Spirit. Now we can enter the Kingdom of God... Heaven. There we spend eternity with God and Jesus, along with the others who were received into the Kingdom... our Spiritual family. Each stage was necessary... It was the plan of salvation all made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus. AND... if Eve had not fallen we would not have the opportunity to have eternity with God, in a beautiful home. The worst part is that we would not be of the same "body and Spirit" as God and Jesus. The perfect plan of God called for Jesus to send the Holy Spirit and allow us to be BORN OF GOD. Yes, Jesus defeated Satan on the cross, by dying and being resurrected. Now we can follow HIM into the Kingdom. HE IS THE WAY. THE ONLY WAY. It is only by receiving HIS Spirit, the Holy Spirit, that we can be 'Born of God" while in the flesh then after death, upon our Spiritual Resurrection or born again of the Spirit, we can enter the Kingdom.

If Eve had not eaten of the tree and brought physical death to mankind, man would have to live eternally, apart from God! Not what you have been taught? Of course not! Wonder why? It does not change the scriptures only your understanding. The scriptures remain the same and say the same thing but now your understanding may be more like the way we should believe; that God is perfect and does not make mistakes.

Remember, this is my understanding presented for your consideration.

The plan of salvation was made from the beginning. God placed the seed/egg into Adam and Eve that would lead to the birth of Jesus, our Savior, HIS SON. It was HIS plan all along! HIS Holy Spirit would impregnate Mary with the perfect, spiritual seed of God. First, by being born of the water (human birth) and being BORN AGAIN of the Spirit we can enter heaven. Flesh cannot enter the Kingdom, only Spirit. John 3:3, Ye Must Be Born Again! However... WE MUST DIE FIRST, BEFORE WE ARE "BORN AGAIN" OF THE SPIRIT... THANKS TO EVE, WE ALL DIE. IT HAD TO BE THAT WAY TO GET HOME.

John 3:3

3Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

I hope to see you in the kingdom.

Your friend,


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