In Pursuit of The Ultimate Experience

The reason for Greek Mythology and most religious denominations

The "Ultimate Experience" Promises The Answer We All Seek.

Without answers we resort to alcohol, drugs, destructive sex, false doctrines and all the other pitfalls that destroyed the same great societies that created the ancient myths.

John's opinion for your consideration...

Thousands of years ago, Greek Mythology was born out of the need for answers.

The myths of Zeus, Hercules, Apollo and Atlas all share common similarities to the Christian faith. The same vehicles and instruments which include but are not limited to: "Father and Son," "Apples," "Hades" and "Sacrifice." All are variations of stories used to express the common needs for a reason to understand who we are and to be able to relate to the explanation of our origin.

Humans crave answers for stability. Humans do not rely on instinct as do our little furry friends. Things must make sense to humans and if we are not provided with the answers we create them. It is the basis for reasoning. Our bible tells the story about Eve, who was promised by Satan aka the Serpent, that if she would eat of the fruit from the "Tree of Knowledge" she would have understanding like that of God. According to the Bible, Eve knew God personally. Even though she had been told not to eat of the fruit she did eat... she even convinced Adam to eat of the same fruit of knowledge. It is agreed by many that the sin was being seduced by the Serpent (Satan). In other words; Satan (sexually) seduced God's creation and she then brought Adam into the act. The fact that Eve was "beguiled" by Satan, led to their destruction in the Garden. We are taught that this sin is the root of our destruction.

Take a break: I have a thought... God is perfect. God's plan is perfect. Everything God does is perfect and without error. If Satan seduced HIS creation it was allowed by God. Satan has never outsmarted God. Whatever the reason, God wanted it that way. This whole "thing" is playing out just as our Father God designed it. We may not understand it but we will never understand God's brilliance. There was a reason! We will know after we become citizens of HIS Kingdom. I think I know a good part of the reason but it is not clear enough to publish.

Are you scrambling?

If you have not had the "Ultimate Experience" you are scrambling for the answer. You may even look in all the wrong places for the answer. Remember the old song? "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places." Looking for the answer, in the form of love, sex, drugs... even the perfect church or the perfect preacher... all common tools that give temporary solutions but usually end in tragedy... Financial ruin, broken marriages and suicide are a few of the horrors that may take control of our precious time we have on this planet. Just a brief time to find the real answer. Why? What is the reason that we must know the answer? If there is an answer other than the "knowing" that comes with the "ultimate experience."

We all know that history is re-written to the satisfaction of the writer or those who are in control of our human societies. I have seen history re-written in my short lifetime. Some of the very people that we give credit for being "near perfect' and the Fathers of our nation, were nothing more than ambitious politicians who served money, glory, ideology or self worship. Given enough time we are taught and we come to believe in a total lie. A lie that we are willing to die for and sacrifice our sons and daughters to preserve the lie. This is usually done within a generation and certainly requires no more than one generation. Only those who have had the "ultimate experience" will know the truth.

I want to tell you about sects who may have never had "the experience" and make up their own myths and legends because they make sense to them. They call them "Denominations." Myths, legends, beliefs they spawn because they can understand them because they come from their minds, not the mind of God. I believe that in order to receive anything from the mind of God you must have had the "ultimate experience." The problem is this; Very few have had this experience and therefore very few can understand divinity or any teaching thereof. They can be easily fooled and fall for false doctrines.

You may ask: How do we know the story in the Holy Bible is anything more than another myth?

Answer: Because there are those of us who have had the "Ultimate Experience." Soon you can know... We are telling you it is real. Just as Jesus had His "Original 12" who were commissioned to spread the gospel, He promised there would be those who would follow, who would continue to spread HIS truths. Jesus Christ also warned that there would be those who twist His truths and are false... phonies... shysters... con men... devils... call them what you will but they are of the lesser god, Satan! And yes, they create myths and false religions (or denominations). If you or the one you follow has not had the "Ultimate Experience" you should pray.... pray In earnest, sweat blood and mean it! Apply the methods Jesus teaches in HIS little one-liners to test the Spirit. "You will know them by the fruit they bear." Do they bear good fruit? Do you bear good fruit?

Quit chasing wind bags who build large churches and create great wealth for themselves. This will not work any more than watching a good movie that inspires you or listening to a great song that raises the hair on your arms. These are nothing more than emotional experiences and will not take you to heaven. Quit chasing these false messiahs and get on your knees and seek God, IN THE NAME OF JESUS.

The only people who have a clue are those who have had "The Ultimate Experience."
The "Experience" may be described by different names and phrases.

One such phrase: "Baptism By Fire."

John The Baptist: John came along before our Lord and had the world ready for HIM! The "One" who would baptize with fire,or as we know it, the Holy Spirit! John Baptized with water and it was the way a sinner could publicly confess his sins before the world and declare to the world that he was "washed clean." he publicly declared himself to be a repenting sinner. The sinner washed himself clean of the world and promised to begin a new life of righteousness and goodness. John explained that this was good but there was an "Anointed One" coming that would baptize them with fire and with this baptism would come salvation and power! We know it as Born Of God. Some folks refer to it as "Born Again." There is a difference. You can read about it here:

I leave you with this thought: Is there an answer other than the "knowing" that comes with the "Ultimate Experience?" Just a knowing... that's all. Let the world argue and debate over their interpretations and how the "T" is crossed or how the "i" is dotted... just relax in the "knowing" that you are HIS. Just be sure you have had the "Ultimate Experience" aka the truly "Born Of God" experience... not an emotional experience brought about by a "super salesman" aka "Preacher." Use Jesus' little one-liners to qualify others or yourself... "You will know them by the fruit they bear." Do you bear good fruit?

Another little one-liner that is a very sobering lesson; "The road is narrow and few will enter."

Have you had the Ultimate Experience?

Your Friend,

John (Darryl)


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