The Unspoken Truth
As always the scriptures used in this message are paraphrased but you get the message...
Recently a friend of many years asked me to help him in a business venture. This man had fallen on hard times and nothing was working for him. I was involved in some business dealings that I had a talent for and I had wanted to engage on my own for financial gain BUT, the Lord had seemed to say and had shown that HE didn't want me to get involved in business as it might interfere with my service to HIM. I had been obedient and had not engaged. I knew better! If a project is not anointed by the Lord HIS servant had better stay clear! If you are of the world you can have a go at it.. but not me.. I am not permitted.

My friend was desperate and asked repeatedly for help. I seemed to reason that perhaps in this case it would be "OK" to engage. I was confused but I said I would help. The troubles began! Everything went wrong. Every single thing we did to get it started seemed to be a problem! I had seen this before. I kept asking him if he had repented... I explained that the Lord cannot bless anything that is founded in sin. Because I look to the Lord as my source, it would be cut off if it were not blessed and willed by HIM.

As for the problems we had encountered? Well, I knew that Satan can throw up blocks so I did not know if the blocks were from Satan or Christ. I was lacking discernment and that bothered me. Because of the situation I just outlined here, my heart was not fully in this project. I was timid and timidity can only bring about destruction in this type of business. You must be fully committed to succeed. At this point I have been blessed because there has not been a real opportunity to make a decision, therefore there has been no activity.

My friend had known Christ and had been the recipient of miraculous healings that I felt could only be credited to God. Hard times had befallen him and he had been living outside the laws of God. He knew he had fallen into bad company and wanted to return to the "FOLD." I was alerted by the Holy Spirit that I may be stepping into an area that could interfere with a lesson in the making. A lesson being administered by Christ to bring one of HIS own back into line... or to brIng him (completely) into line for the first time? Most times we are taught through hardship and suffering. It seems this is the only way humans can learn a lesson. Animals respond to and learn from kindness but not humans. At least that is the rule of thumb.

After the "alert" I asked my old friend if he had repented and confessed his sins. He seemed to sidestep or avoid a direct "yes or no" answer. I tried repeatedly to find the truth. I was deep in prayer. I wanted to help but not if I was intruding. I knew that I could be drawn into the mixer and I did not want another lesson.. lessons can be painful and I was innocent. I mean.. we are dealing with the eternal soul here and I did not want to interfere.

At this point in time, I am still waiting for the truth... truth is the basis for everything! It seems that the truth is unspoken... no lies just unspoken truth? That is what I fear.

I normally do not mix the spiritual with the material but that is how it stands right now. If it were only me it would be simple but I must rely on another person to make the right decision.

All things work for good for those who love the Lord... Remember? Well, it occurred to me that the unspoken truth is rampant! This page is the direct product of that realization... "THE UNSPOKEN TRUTH"... Ask yourself if you are practicing this innocent little hell bound act.

The "Unspoken Truth" is another way of describing "a lie." Deception by any name is a lie.

Deception and lies are products of Satan, the enemy of God's people. The unsuspecting victim may use deceptive phrases and words to disguise Satanic traits but they still deliver the practitioner of these attributes... to hell.

For example: These "tricks of the trade" are employed by lawyers and we all readily agree these tricks are evil... yet when the church-going bench warmer uses these tricks, they wrongly believe they are safe from judgment and heaven bound. They have not lied. They simply have refrained from volunteering the truth, the base element of Christ.

It should be alarming to know that most Christians use these tricks of the trade. I think that these unsuspecting, counterfeit Christians are prime examples that prompted Jesus' teachings and warnings which HE left to us as simple one-liners, such as... "the road is narrow and few will find the path," "my people will perish for lack of knowledge," "get away from me I never knew you." These are all warnings. Jesus is warning us that many lessons taught from man's organized religions are tickets to hell. I know this because that is the destination of those who fall into the situations mentioned by these examples.

Jesus warned us and God's Prophets told us that HE will write HIS laws in the hearts and minds of HIS people. Jesus confirmed this message when HE sent HIS Holy Spirit to teach us and lead us into the Kingdom. If we do not know these truths and if they are not written in our hearts and minds... If we do not recognize this unlawful conduct as evil then we are not HIS. You don't have to be a member in good standing with a church to recognize these truths.

What if you don't know these things? Does this mean you should give up and continue in your path to hell? NO... When we are shown these truths we have the power to choose... One book declares; THE GREATEST POWER YOU POSSESS IS THE POWER TO CHOOSE. Truly a great little book! We can choose to pray for salvation. TRUE SALVATION. In the flash of a moment it can all change. In this moment of creation or in the "Born of God" change you become a New Creation, you are born of the Spirit of Jesus... the Holy Spirit. Then you will know!

NOTE: For a better understanding of the "Born of God" experience and the "Born Again" experience:

Example: if one of Jesus' disciples had known the plan of Judas and he chose to not speak out. He is guilty. He was not asked, so he did not tell, even though he did not lie, he is guilty of the unspoken truth or deception. He would find himself in hell alongside Judas. He had become an accomplice to the Son of Hell.

I believe there is a vast difference between speaking out when you are not asked or if it does not involve some person or the outcome of something that may be critical. In other words, I am not advocating just skipping about reciting every truth you know when nothing is at stake or being discussed. Understand? Read that again.

The same principle applies in our lives today. Deception by any name is a lie. In fact, this form of lie is even more evil than a "blurted out lie"... this form of deception is ongoing and premeditated. Uh-Oh! The road truly is narrow. As narrow as the path is, it is easy to travel if we choose to practice the truths which are written in the hearts and minds of a born-again disciple. It does require prayer... constant prayer. The Apostle Paul advised us to pray constantly. We are also commanded to confess and repent. These practices make it very hard for Satan's influence to rule our lives.

Now ask yourself if you are guilty... Are you? If you are guilty then do something about it.. now.. eternity is waiting and your soul is at risk. Critical isn't it?

Your friend,


NOTE: As of 8-8-9 I am inclined to believe I should back away from this situation. My original thoughts appear to be accurate.

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