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I have a friend who had accepted Jesus. This friend recently told me that she "is no longer interested in Christianity." She finds that Eastern Religions make more sense and they are not saturated with materialistic hypocrites. I had warned her not to place any trust in organized religions.. I told her not to look to church members to be representative of the true Jesus, simply because they attend church and pay their tithe. I warned her repeatedly that they could turn her against the "true" Jesus. Many of the man-made doctrines which are taught in these "clubs" with 501 (C) (3) status, could cause her to fail. She recently told me that all those things had happened.

This is not rare, nor is it hard to understand. On this page I will discuss a few truths that are not understood or taught. They are important facts. Facts that are supported in scripture but hidden from seekers of salvation and those who truly want a personal relationship with God.

The facts below apply if you have not had a divine encounter. All of these facts do not apply if God and His Son have sparked the "New Creature" experience. When that happens, the facts below are modified or even suspended. This "experience" is what you are praying to acquire. There is no way I can know "when" or the conditions that will bring you to the TRUE BORN AGAIN STATUS... This "experience" is what you are seeking! When this happens, you will be a different person! Your life will be changed, if you allow it... however, If you fight it, resist or cling to the "world," you will not complete the transition. A terrible mistake and the opportunity may never return.

Truth #1... Generally speaking: If you can immediately understand the doctrine it is probably man-made. To think that you can understand and relate to the Creator of the universe with no more than your mortal mind and limited experience is naive. The Kingdom of God is spiritual and those things require "spirituality" which is made available through the Holy Spirit of God, sent by His Son Jesus. Learning, study, prayer and patience is usually required. The "saved" or "born-again" experience will come if you are sincere and keep on asking and keep on praying. For some it is right away and others require more of "something." Is it more study? Is it more prayer? Be patient and don't rush into acceptance of a belief system because others do. I qualified this as "generally speaking" because it can be immediate.

Truth #2... Very few, if any, "Sunday-Morning-Christians" can do more than repeat what they have memorized or a slap-stick version which has evolved through their humanistic thinking. "Sunday Morning Christian" is the way I refer to people who attend church and never go beyond the typical (spiritual) level of membership. These SMC's buy books, tapes and other "trinkets." They are amazed at the writings and teachings of authors and showmen who preach for cash. It is never ending! They are continually looking for "signs" that will confirm "that" which they want to believe but they have not (yet) been truly anointed by the Holy Spirit of God. At this point they are still seeking. These SMC's are not the kind of sponsor or "tour guide" you want to lead you into the chambers of the "Most High." They are in need of help, themselves.

Truth #3... Barring a miracle, which can happen, If you want a true relationship with God, study is required.. HOLD IT! Let me explain; you can achieve complete salvation and admittance into the Kingdom in a brief instant without any work or study. I am speaking of the normal transistion... prayer is required.. "Prayerful Study." Jesus tells us that we must work hard because "the road is narrow and few will ever find the path." However, if a miracle occurs in your life, you will want to study.. you will pray.. you will work hard! WARNING... SMC's will label you as "radical" or a fanatic, among other descriptive names. You will not be readily accepted into their circle. Jesus promises (that truth) in the scriptures! He even goes so far as to say, "you will be hated because you belong to Him." One thing is for sure; they will feel uncomfortable around you.

Truth #4... Generally speaking: A true person of God will never ask you for money or make you feel as though you should pay for anything to receive blessings from God.. You may want to "give" but it will never be asked of you. A true Servant will teach you tirelessly and endlessly. A "few" even refuse money!

Truth #5... I don't believe that you can truly have the "born again," "saved" or "begotten" experience unless you "get into the spirit." It may be very brief but I believe that for you to truly reach that level of spirituality you must be "in the spirit." It is not of this world! There are a few ritualistic methods you can use that may work for you. I describe this method on www.john33.com/miracles.htm. However, I believe it comes from prayer, study, and... or Jesus choosing you at any instant! It can happen because of an encounter or experience. At any time a miracle from God can happen. A happening that is unexplainable or.... it can come upon you in the calm of life. There is no specific method for achievement. Be ready!

Understand this please! Be prepared through prayer and study. At least be trying and be ready. I think that's really all you can do, the rest is up to Jesus.

Here are a few excerpts from that page.... "ritualistic" method...

Just a few months previous my Mother, a devout Christian and prayer warrior had given me a book. I think the title was: "PRAISING GOD IN ALL SITUATIONS." Well, I had a thought: "I'll put the book to test."
I began doing what the author of that little book taught. I started praising God and thanking him for causing the air conditioning to fail, I praised and thanked him for my fever, I thanked him for the opportunity to exercise my faith and continued to give him praise. I explained that I knew it was for my own good and that something good and great would come from it all. I kept repeating my praises and thanking him for every unfortunate happening in my life as well as all of the wonderful things in my life. I reasoned that the overcoming of the unfortunate things in my life had helped me to know Him.
I began to mean every word.


However, I kept on praising him and praying. I kept asking my prayer be heard in the name of Jesus. Soon I began to "feel" something happening... I began to believe that it truly was a blessing! I began to "get into the spirit" and within a few minutes I was meaning every word and my faith began to swell! Now I was thanking him and meaning every word of it! All of this took about 15 - 30 minutes (or so)... THEN THE AIR CONDITIONING CAME ON! It started working as well as ever and the car cooled down. Soon (I can't remember if it was immediately or over hours) my arm was well, my fever left and I felt fine!

As I wrote, those are excerpts from the page that explain several miracles in my life. You can read them at www.john33.com/miracles.htm

Good luck,


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