The Watchman

Ezekeil Chapter 33
8: If I announce that some wicked people are sure to die and you fail to warn them about changing their ways, then they will die in their sins, but I will hold you responsible for their deaths. But if you warn them to repent and they don't repent, they will die in their sins, but you will not be held responsible.

This account is a brief accounting! I have just hit the high parts. There have been many cases in recent years. Too numerous to mention here and some are confidential.

To make my point I must tell you the entire story. I hope it will not be too "wordy" but it is necessary to help you understand the "Watchman." You see, it appears that I may be a Watchman and some people reading this page may be. I thank my friend, Crystal, for helping me to come to understand the role of The Watchman and the fact that I may be an appointed Watchman.

I must set the stage with this detailed story before I make the point of THE WATCHMAN. I do this for you to understand that the duties of a Watchman may be confused with simple day-to-day living. When you are called by God to point out the dangers so that souls may be saved, they should not be taken lightly. You may be a Watchman.

Note from John: Through the decade of the 1980's I was in rebellion. Sometime in late 1989 I began asking God to let me come back. Finally in 1993, after much prayer and study, He anointed me and gave me a novel to write entitled THE KING'S 12. While writing the novel, I was completely engulfed in the power of the Holy Spirit of God... I was truly restored and the battle quickened. Spiritual warfare as well as attacks from demons were rampant.

Looking back I can see that I was in the spiritual womb, being led, protected and taught by God. I have continued to grow in knowledge and spiritual blessings from that time. I am still very human and at times have less than "holy" thoughts - especially when challenged by human beings who are under the influence of the evil one. There is now a warring spirit within me that is not sympathetic with the evildoers who do evil in the name of Jesus. It is beyond "righteous indignation" and more of a warring spirit. I am hard on myself as well.

August, 1997... A Message From God

November, 1997: I was working on a novel that the Lord had instructed me to write. The title, "Alpha's Guerrilla." He told me to write the novel to explain to His people who are involved in churches that teach a false doctrine to come out of them. HE instructed me to write the novel in August but I put it off until November. He would not let me rest!

While working on the noveI I was "in-tune" with the Holy Spirit. I felt that I was almost totally submerged in an enveloping plasma of The Holy Spirit of God.

I took a short break and walked out into the hall and at that moment, in mid-stride, The Lord gave me a message. He said (paraphrased in my vernacular) "If Wayne (my brother) does not make the right choice (decision) I will take his business and all things which rightfully belonged to you" (me). (My brother and I had a bad "falling out" over a business deal) In the same message He continued to deliver a message about my sister, but, it was not as clear. It was in the same spirit of warning and condemnation but the message was not clear about her.

The following April (six months later) I heard that my brother was forced to sell off major assets of the business to keep the rest of the business intact. I thought that was an obvious sign that The Lord had begun to bring HIS warning to fruition... My brother must have made the wrong decision... what the decision was - was a mystery to me. The business in question continued to slide downward for the next several years.

I told my sister about the message at the time it happened... I told a few other close friends... I believe I was supposed to tell my sister as her test would soon come and she had to know what The Lord had told me. I did not know this at that time.

Note the following is needed to understand the sin perpetrated against a brother... a sin that had to be rectified for God's promise to come to fruition:

The land was part of a residential development that my brother and three other partners were developing... It was showing a loss of over $600,000.00 when I presented my plan to them. My brother believed it would work - he convinced the other "key" partner to go with it. They gave me a meager $500 for the first weeks advertising. I sold over $100,000.00 in memberships the opening weekend, 1/2 of which was CASH!

THE PROPERTY: There was nothing but honey suckle and rattlesnakes but I sold the dream and the plan... Needless to say this opened some eyes! That opening was in late September of 1981, the end of the marketing season was fast approaching. I sold over one million dollars in memberships, by myself, that first year!

The second year I trained a sales force of 10 people... the sales force was a group of people who were fired from competitors. They were called THE WILD BUNCH. The group consisted of a "hit-man" - two cocktail waitresses who wore questionable dresses for the business world - several used car salesmen that couldn't hold down jobs because of alcohol and a few other folks who could not get jobs. I couldn't get any of my friends who were highly skilled, trained, professional sales people because they simply did not believe the project could be done - no marketing money, a product that had not ever been done, akin to time share but all they received was a slip of paper that said they had a 99 year right to use... etc. No ownership of any kind, UNHEARD OF!

After three years the business was appraised at 12 million dollars... I had made my brother a rich man and was promised 1/2 ownership. My brother refused to pay me commissions owed me. He forced me out of the business by making me feel as an outsider and had taken over the salaried employees... Employees that answered to me as their boss now treated me like a stepchild... That was in 1984. In the beginning I was promised equal partnership, instead my brother gained 100% of the company with money he borrowed from my mother. My mother became so concerned about the money she had loaned him that she came to see me for advice. She explained that she had loaned him a large sum of money and he promised to pay it back within weeks, it had been a year or more and she was worried because she had not told me or my sister about the loan... my brother told her not to. When I confronted him he denied the amount that my mother had stated and agreed to pay back a little over half of what the actual amount was.

Broken hearted and confused I began drinking excessively. I had fallen away from the Lord four years earlier and was in hell. I literally worshipped my brother: The one person I thought as "perfect" turned out to be my downfall. He systematically alienated me and drove me away from a business I had built for him... he offered no help... my "decline" was good for him because he reasoned that very soon I would be dead and buried and he would have a clear conscious.

As a result of my loss, I drank excessively, lost my family, my children would not speak to me and I was living in an old run down rent house that my mother let me use. The mold was so bad it destroyed all my fine clothes and shoes. That was in 1990. The old house had ghosts... spirits... call them what you like but they were there! I have plenty of witnesses to some strange happenings. My lady friend would not even come near the place after an encounter with one of the dark figures. I became angry with them and would shout at them. They loved to slam doors while I was in the shower! Sometimes you could detect a strong odor that is associated with demons, ghosts, spirits, whatever...

Years of pain, suffering and misery passed... each day was a conflict... spiritual warfare. Finally in 1993 passing through Atlanta, on my way to a land development, where I was working as a salesman, I heard Charles Stanley on the radio and I began to pray... I FELT THE HOLY SPIRIT! Not like it had been in previous years but it was there! That was around my birthday, Feb 26, or possibly ON my birthday! I think it was on February 26. Then when I returned to Hot Springs that summer I was struck by The Holy Spirit! God told me to write a book honoring HIS "12." I did. That August I wrote "THE KING'S 12." WHAT A TRIP!!! Supernatural happenings everyday! I learned and grew. Everyday was a battle! No money, persecution, "stuff" happened to me that you would not believe!

The years passed... My brother and I had "patched" our differences and had tried to resume a normal relationship... 2001, my brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. I called my sister and told her how sickly he looked. She flew up the next day or so. It was at this meeting I realized that I had truly forgiven him.

The three of us were in my brother's bedroom and we prayed. During the prayer the Lord spoke to me and told me to tell my brother that he would be healed if he would establish a covenant with the Lord. I knew the details of the covenant but the Lord instructed me to NOT tell him the details. I did not understand "why" but I try to carry out the Lord's commands. The covenant was that he would confess his sins against me and many others, ask forgiveness and attempt restitution. You see, the real sin was that he had professed Christianity while these acts were committed, therefore, his confession and repentance were required for God's plan to be fulfilled. A professing Christian's requirements are a little more stringent than a non Christian.

In my mind, my brother would not have had to pay the money back but simply that he had it in his heart to do so. As the bible tells us about Abraham and his son, Isaac... Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, for God as God had instructed him but at the moment of killing, the Lord did not let him... he just wanted Abraham to demonstrate that he was willing to slay his own son for God.

My sister asked and I innocently told my sister the details of the covenant.

Before my brother was diagnosed with terminal cancer (2001) he called me and told me that some E BONDS (in my father's name) had mysteriously surfaced. These bonds were in my father's name and had to be cleared through the estate. My brother asked me not to tell my sister because "it would just drive her crazy if she thought there was 1/2 million dollars in bonds not accounted for." I called her immediately! I would not be a part of any deceit.

The first bond had surfaced in 1997 or 1998, the value of those three bonds were $2,500.00. it was cashed and my Brother, Sister and I shared the proceeds... it was now 2001... my father had bought many E BONDS and I wondered where they were? To this day I have no idea who has them or where they are. I can only assume that his family has them.

May, 2002... my brother died and his family has not had anything to do with me since... for no obvious reason. I was diagnosed with cancer the same day (May 13) as my brother's funeral. I required 6 weeks of chemo and daily radiation, then one month later... surgery. They never called one time to see if they could help... WHY? This will prove to be important to the salvation or a rocky eternity for somebody.

My Duties As A Watchman...

My first assignment was to write THE KING'S 12 in 1993. I was still so new to the new duty assignment I did not realize what is so obvious now.

1997 - My next (visible) assignment as Watchman was to write ALPHA'S GUERRILLA and warn His people to come out of those false doctrines.

2001 - During prayer with my brother and sister in my brother's bedroom, HE instructed me to have my brother establish a covenant with the Lord to be healed and saved. (The duty of a Watchman) He told me to tell my brother that he was already healed if he would make the covenant. I gave my brother the message. To my knowledge, he did not repent and make the covenant. If anyone was instrumental in preventing his repentance, that person should pray for forgiveness. According to the scriptures I read, it would be better to have a millstone died on your neck and you be cast into the sea than to be instrumental in sending someone to destruction.

2002 - I was instructed to warn His people by way of the internet - I was instructed to begin the web site ministry, A site to point out the false doctrines and false teachings which are New-Age and taught in most all churches. At the time He told me to do this I was leaving the radiation treatment clinic as I had been diagnosed with colon cancer. I was miraculously healed, even before the chemo and radiation were started. The doctors convinced me to go ahead with the treatments because it had probably already spread and all precautions must be taken. They performed surgery after the chemo and radiation - no cancer! There was nothing there. You can read all about it on my miracles page. He did tell me during prayer, about a year after the surgery that He was going to "bring me home soon." That was about 15 years ago.

2003 - He instructed me to warn His people about the demonic leaders, who are taking America and the Christians who were being misled, to hell. This was during election year (2004) and The Lord revealed much about the end-time prophesy and how our leaders would be instrumental in bringing them about. I spent thousands of hours working the internet to reveal these truths. It is all happening as He showed me as of this writing March 2006 - however I think it mostly fell on deaf ears. He showed me how the "Religious Right" was largely of the false Jesus and wolves in sheep's clothing. They had been in bed with the republican party for years and were used to cause many Christians to bring about the plan of Satan. (I am not republican or democrat, however, I used to be a staunch Republican)

As of this writing, Sept, 2008, our nation is on the brink of collapse. The Lord showed me this beginning in 2003. It is truly eerie!

I should be used to it by now, I did my part! I warned many people, it did no good, that I can see. I did as I was led by the Holy Spirit! However, it appears that some folks are headed for hell and there is nothing that can stop them. You must try if you are a Watchman!

This account is a brief accounting! I have just hit the high parts. There have been many cases in recent years. Too numerous to mention here and some are confidential. Why am I led to report these truths? I don't question. Many of us are Testers, Watchmen and fit the description of other roles.

As my time draws near, I am issuing a warning... these truths are exact! Pray for deliverance and the ability to confess and repent. I have done my job. I have done all I know to do and what was required of me as a Watchman. Perhaps these accounts will help some folks understand their role.

Because of God's laws of "Spiritual Physics" I believe that a lost soul will be either trapped for eternity or face the second death... I really don't know which it is for mere mortals. The scriptures tell me that for Satan and his fallen angels (demons) it will be hell for all eternity. If you are failing the grade and If your name is written in The Lamb's Book of Life perhaps you will repent. The ball is in your court, your eternal soul is in your hands. Hope you do the right thing!

Are You A Watchman?

Your friend,


Hell, is it real?

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