Wolves Disguised As Sheep
Wolves disguised as sheep are disciples of false doctrine and false teachings who may teach a doctrine that may possibly prevent well-meaning people from seeing the Kingdom. In many cases they preach 95% truth but that 5% may keep people from knowing the truth. Jesus warned about wolves disguised as sheep. It is my intention to expose false doctrine that can keep innocent people from knowing the truth . Some people who read these pages don't know the true word of God and they may reject it. Pray for guidance and understanding. May God bless you and be with you so that you will use Godly discernment .

This page will be offensive to some folks.

It is up to you to decide where you want to spend eternity. In Heaven with Jesus or in hell with men such as these false prophets. Men and women who teach non scriptural lies such as Pre Tribulation Rapture and Once Saved Always Saved, among other topics.

They are brilliant entertainers, you will like them. Hollywood and the church are full of entertainers. The question you must ask yourself is this; do you want to be a groupie and a fan of a devil or do you want to be a true disciple of Jesus? "Wolves" are betting that you will fall for their pitch and join their club.

At one time I had pages on these wayward preachers but I took them down. Thousands of people came to these pages each month and read the truth. They could exercise "Free Will." I had become so disgusted with trying to warn people that I just backed off and let them go. I can't really tell you why other than the fact I became so disgusted with people who were supposed to be men and women of God. These same people can't pick up the bible and read the truth for themselves. I simply gave up on them.

I'm Nonpartisan, Neither Republican, Democrat Nor Any Party Between.

It is important for you to understand that politics has become a form of Spiritual Warfare.

Today, I heard a preacher, teaching his usual political message so effectively that I switched to golf. I usually try to watch these wolves so I can keep abreast of their tactics, lies and techniques but that is one reason I took down their pages, I just became tired of hearing and reading their lies. I actually became totally disgusted with foolish people who follow them. Spirit led Christians should be able to discern these ravenous wolves who so blatantly defy the scriptures. Don't these people read the bible?

Wall Street and deregulation allowed the bogus mortgage scam which fueled the bogus housing boom which further broke the nation for your children and we will never recover. The Bailout of 2008 topped it off. We officially became a fascist nation that had crawled under the cover with the political church, Banking, Big Oil and Satan. All at the expense of the Tax Payers for generations to come. Our nation and it's people will never recover. We lost it.

Foreign nations now own America and they will soon own our Interstate system as well as all national parks and lands for starters. Soon we will be a third world nation facing starvation. America is now owned by China, Japan, Russia and other global elitists. Your children and grand children are enslaved by the world markets and Wall Street who represent these people and nations who own you. It has already happened. You may think you are wealthy but soon you will know and understand you are busted and may become enslaved in poverty. Our currency may soon collapse or be worthless, as will everything else as hyperinflation destroys the nation and it's happening. The politically led church is not worried, they think they're going to fly away and avoid the trouble which they brought down on America. I believe the bible but these people do not teach the bible. They teach their man-made doctrine. They aren't flying away anywhere before the tribulation, so, if you happen to be alive in that horrible time, expect to experience the horrors just as Jesus warns about in Matthew, chapter 24. Read it carefully and you will see that those who teach that you will fly away before that day are liars and they are teaching this lie to cause you to doubt the entire word of God when you are having to experience the test... because we will go through it! I hope and pray that I'm wrong but Jesus clearly warned us in Matthew 24! Read it!

A democratic nation gets what the people vote for. If you happen to be one of the few who has been directed to this page then ask Jesus for direction and guidance.

Your friend,



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