What's Wrong With Christians

That's a statement, Not a question..

How Society Sees The Typical Christian.


Oh! By The Way... This Does Not Apply To Everybody... If The Shoe Fits Wear It:)

I think I know what causes the destructive practice I outline on this page... Are you ready for the horrible truth?

Here it comes... It appears that many Christians are brain washed by their leaders. Yes, I am sad to tell you that most denominations censor the outside world and thoughts of other Brothers and Sisters in-Christ, in the same manner as would a cult. Denomination leaders are convinced that there is no truth other than theirs and they can't learn any more... furthermore, they are the only ones who will be in the Kingdom... and... "your opinion is worthless."

I am sorry to say that from all appearances it is cult-like and not appearing to contain the love and wisdom from Jesus. These folks are cruel and rude to others who have a thought or may want to exchange their ideas for growth. I see little ladies turn into horrible monsters of wrath when an idea or thought is expressed that is not in line with their belief. Their conduct is anything but Christ-like.

Now Remember... I am a Christian. If this description fits you, take it as constructive criticism. The Christian community really needs to work on being more tasteful and kinder in our conveyance of God's word. If you truly believe in our Lord, Jesus then you must know HIM well enough to know that this conduct is not from HIM.

This happens to me a lot...
One Christian calls another to talk about a point of interest in the bible. Within seconds the hair is standing up on the back of their necks and they are on the attack! The person who was called is telling the caller all about his credentials and how he/she knows everything there is to know about that subject... or any other subject covered in the bible. Within another few seconds he/she is telling you what's wrong with you. The preachin' they just put on you was not relevant to the subject you mentioned but it gave them an opportunity to show their wisdom and 'score' with God. You learned your lesson! It's not likely you will ever open a conversation that could lead to true growth and maybe even the key to the Kingdom.

They Think God Needs Defending...

Trust me... God does not need you to defend him from anybody (or me). Maybe that deep-thinking person called to talk about issues and answers that the intellectual community needs to hear. But you can't enter into an informative fact-finding conversation. You're so insecure and scared of your own lack of knowledge that you just start defending God with your limited understanding! Immediately you start with your grade school mentality of scripture and understanding... YOU START PREACHING... Throwing one-liner passages that you have committed to memory.

Consider this: If you can't exercise your intellect and soul power by asking God ~ WHY ~ How will you ever get to the point you can witness to a person who really has questions and needs? At this point in your spiritual career you can only witness to simple-minded people who don't know enough to ask the obvious questions that the more brainy, secular world asks.

You're happy in Christ! Now grow in knowledge by asking! Grow enough to engage in stimulating fact-finding conversations. Do you really think you already know so much that you don't need to grow in understanding and issues? Many of you well intended Christians sound like you know ALL there is to know.

Yeah I Know...

Right now (most of you) you're thinking what an egghead I am and how wrong I am. After all you've probably got the monopoly on divine knowledge... I (or anybody else) can't be as well founded in the faith as you. You've got the credentials... you are well informed... you've memorized the passages and (most) all verses that apply to just about anything. You've memorized rebuttals and comebacks for just about any statement that could be made. Some of you are still wet behind the ears and have lived 20 or 30 years... furthermore you were saved a few months or a few years ago and you really know most everything. Congratulations! You probably turn many people sick and away from the gospel.

Or Wait...

Maybe you're a 70 (some-odd) year-old Christian Soldier and you surely must know about everything! You've schooled and influenced thousands of Christians in your long life. You even take it upon yourself to scold or straighten out anybody who states an opinion... even while their words are still echoing in the room... You've jumped right down his/her throat and explained the issue and how wrong they are... really makes no difference if what they said was 100% accurate... it must be restated by YOU reflecting your eternal and divine wisdom. You've got descriptive phrases that make you comfortable with your backward turn-offs such as, "Righteous Indignation" and so on.....

Heaven Forbid...

That a person actually opens a topic for discussion... They're really asking for trouble here! If there happens to be five Christians in the room... you'll have five Christians settin' you straight! Individually they may be divided in their own knowledge but collectively they can tell you that... "you are wrong!"

Chest all puffed up... breathin' heavy... eyes all aglare... ready for battle!
Get out of my way, shut-up and listen! Get ready for MY version of "how to do it". Don't bother with any kind of intelligent discussion, my little mind is made and I ain't got room for any other viewpoints.

The Real Killer Of The Faith...

That person who dedicates his/her time to committing the bible to memory...
This person can quote scripture sideways, upside-down or head-on!
MAN! To hear'em talk it scares you while it bores you to tears. You must be kind... It may be the only accomplishment in their lives that can set them above everybody else! After a while they really believe that memory work and being able to pray long, involved, wordy prayers gets them to heaven. It has been my experience that these folks are beyond reach. It's a good thing God loves them but the world does not like their ways. If the "world" doesn't like them then the "world" won't pay attention to their divine wisdom. Wisdom that you were endowed with to help the less spiritually endowed (the world) become aware of God's plan... "The Gospel!" Are they wasting the gift God gave them?

These poor, misinformed, mental midgets get praise from the less knowledgeable,
therefore affirming that they must be Holy Disciples of God.

If you run across one of these folks,,,, RUN! They sure make it hard on the genuine, spirit-filled Christian to have an intelligent, interesting discussion.

This is how most Christians are viewed by society... I really can't argue with them.

Take a LQQK at yourself... can you be a better representative of God?

Still your friend,



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