Chapter 1

Zenith and Mobius, are two agents representing the universal, infinite

power, ALPHA. These two highly regarded agents are on a mission on

planet earth early in the 21st century. They're invisible

to sight, radar or any detection devise known to man. They can,

however, manifest themselves in the human form at will. For the last

several thousand years they have been on missions in other galaxies.

They're excited about their new mission on earth, in fact the entire

Alpha Kingdom is excited. For the last several thousand years Alpha's

most important plan has been in the works here on earth.

Zenith and Mobius are not the only agents on planet earth but none

have as much authority as these two. They are highly regarded and

trusted by Alpha to handle any situation.

It seems that the planet is in its last days and life on earth is

growing increasingly hard for many of her inhabitants. There are many

on going wars around the planet, most governments are corrupt. The

citizens for the most part are immoral, greedy and without love or

compassion for others. The planet, it seems is doomed.

Nature has gone awry, earthquakes occur on a daily basis, floods,

hurricanes and volcanic eruptions pollute the atmosphere.

Pollution has caused the moon to turn blood red and the sun to grow

dark. The family is nonexistent, brother against brother, father

against son. All values have been replaced by greed and the desire for

personal gratification and pleasure.

All of these things were predicted but very few people are aware as

they have been discouraged from reading, the electronic medium has

replaced books. The few who have read about these predictions do not

take them seriously, they have been convinced that these are senseless


Zenith is known as "Zen" by his fellow agents, Alpha still refers to

him by his proper name, "Zenith". Zen, when manifested in his human

form is a big man, seven feet tall, golden bronze complexion, bright

green eyes and reddish blond hair.

ALPHA calls the other one "Mobius" but his fellow agents call him

"Moby". When manifested in his human form he is slightly smaller than

Zen, with fiery black eyes, olive complexion and dark hair. Both have

a great sense of humor and love their jobs. They worship Alpha and

would never consider leaving the Kingdom.

Zen and Moby have been in many battles, they are highly regarded in

all galaxies and considered to be two of the most powerful and

courageous in all of the Kingdom.

Zen and Moby knew Mesmerizer very well. This was the major

reason Alpha wanted these two here in the last days. You see, Planet

Earth pretty much belongs to Mesmerizer and his agents.

A long time ago Mesmerizer was secretly recruiting agents out of

Alpha's Kingdom. He successfully recruited about 1/3 of all agents.

He was heart broken that Zen and Moby wouldn't leave Alpha and join

his group. They liked Mesmerizer but most agents were loyal to Alpha.

"Mesmerizer made it all sound so good and harmless, it would have been

easy for any agent to have fallen into the trap", Zen quipped.

"I know, he always could charm the stars out of the heavens," Moby

whispered under his breath. "It sure looks like he's got a mess on his

hands here on planet earth."

"Did Alpha give you the statistics? Are many people able to learn the

lessons?" Moby asked. Zen explained, "I have the statistics Moby, it

looks as though few people are able to gain the knowledge -- or spirit

needed to escape the gravity of the planet.

Zen Continued. "They've so many myths, the people can't separate

truth from myth, they have hundreds of imaginary heros, characters

who have super human powers." Moby responded, "Say Zen, the people

don't believe in those made up characters do they?" Zen answered, "The

way I understand it, by the time they reach adulthood they're so

bored with fairy tales about miracles they don't believe in anything

but themselves. There are a few who are trying to escape the trap but

Alpha says very few are going to make it."

Moby asked, "I wonder which one of Mesmerizer's agents was so

creative?" Zen chuckled, "I don't know but confusion was always a

favorite line of attack for "Messy". He always hated it when I called

him "Messy".

"Moby, the first thing in the morning I'm going to brief you on the

mission and exactly what Alpha expects of us -- right now I've got

to have some sleep." Zen apologized. "OK Zen, I'll be by early," Moby

assured him as he departed.

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