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There's just a few left. I'm too old to have more built.

My lady friend came from Florida, to my home in Hot Springs, Arkansas with the intentions to marry me. We had been planning the union for months.

I had met her on a previous trip to Florida to sell my line of custom clubs. We visited long distance by phone for nearly a year and she was flying over Arkansas on a business trip and decided to stop in Arkansas to see me. She stayed four months! After a few weeks she asked how I made a living and I said "come with me." I took her with me to the driving range at a gated community, Hot Springs Village. At that time they had eight golf courses and a permanent residence of about 15,000 people... all golfers. I had worked there as a salesman 20 years prior and owned a lot and membership.

After sitting in chairs watching the golfers hit balls, I said, "watch this." I walked over to a prospect and asked if he would mind hitting my club and give me his honest opinion. He hit a few balls and asked the price. I explained that I sold them for $295.00 but he could have that one for an even $200.00. He called his visiting son over and asked for a hundred dollars because all he had on him was a hundred and change. I sold several clubs that afternoon and Cindy said, "it must be a good club." It was that!

My main business was marketing private label clubs but it was too easy to slip a few extra clubs in my bag and sell them to whoever they paired me with at check in. Soon most residents in "the village" had my club in their bag. That was in the early 90's. A competitor who had a store a few miles from the main entrance to the village copied my club, advertised it heavily and sold many hundreds or thousands so the Village became saturated with my propietary miracle very quickly. My main market was businesses across the entire USA. I just dabbled in sales to the residents of the village.

Colon cancer took me down at the turn of the century and even though I was the recipient of a "divine healing" which can be read about at: Miracles #7 and #8 explain this.

I was convinced by the VA specialists that I should have the section of colon removed because it had been there a long time and probably had spread but just in case all preventative measures should be exercized. I listened and opted for the chemo, radiation and surgery, not sure if it was the right decision but my brother was buried the same day I was diagnosed and my sister was putting pressure on me too. However I think I was just lacking faith as I was diagnosed May 13 and the healing took place 4 days later, May 17. Read about it on the aforementioned link.


Home Of Fluffy McDuff, Master Club Builder
"I Would Rather Have Only One Club In My Bag That I Can
Hit Well, Rather Than Fourteen Clubs In My Bag That I Can't Hit"

The Key To A Great Club Is In The Shaft...
The Marriage Of A Unique Head To A Unique Shaft When Both Components
Increase The Desired Results Of The Other Component And Both Are Suited For The Individual's Needs.

Great Heads Don't Play Well With Just Any Shaft - The Key To A Superior Club Is The Shaft!!!

Who Do We Help?
Seniors - Ladies - High Handicappers
You'll Love Us! Here's How We Do It...
  • Build A Driver For You - A Tee Club - So You Can Hit Tee Shots With Confidence - At An Affordable Price. The Tee Box Is Where Most Golfers Feel Pressure.

  • You Need A Fairway Wood That You Will Be Able To Consistently Hit Your Shot Off Of The Fairway With Confidence, Moving The Ball Towards The Pin, We Make Your Game Better, More Fun!

Custom Made For Your Game!

Are You Worried That You Don't Know What To Ask For When Getting A Custom Built Club? Don't Worry ~ We Know How To Get The Needed Information Out Of You!

First ~ Let's Get You Off Of The Tee Box
Fluffy's Custom Driver
Seniors, Ladies And Mid To High Handicappers
Let's Build A Club That You Can Swing Easy And Hit'em Clean, Right Off The Grass.
Remember - Free Consultation Available - Ask Fluffy


Even fewer iron shafts left, call for availability.

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