See the new "inmates" who are looking for a friend

Shelter Program

Needs meet Friends

The animal shelters have needs that can't always be met by their budget. If individuals/friends are made aware of their needs, they can probably be met. *(see note at bottom)

Here on this site we will give much needed information to the public, allowing them to become more knowledgeable about programs that Dan Bugg, (Animal Services) has in place. Through knowledge and communications, the public can become more involved in helping our Little Friends.

Soon you will be able to come to this site and visit any and all participating shelters. We will help the Shelters update their sites as often as possible, showing pictures and descriptions of the newcomers. 

This is the perfect place to come when looking for a pet. You can browse the different shelters and find the perfect pet. 

Think about this, you actually save a life while performing a service for your community. 

Some of the finest and most loyal pets may be found at the shelter. 

* The Hot Springs Shelter is in need of an Operating Room. The largest expense is the lighting. If you care to donate or help this cause call the shelter direct or email.
Individual Program

Lost & Found

If you lose or find a pet, email or bring a description and photo if you have one, we'll put it on the site. This service will be widely advertised so people will know to come to saveapooch to find their little friend. 

If that person doesn't have a computer you can go to the Animal Shelter or Library to view this site on a computer,, or call a Member/Sponsor of saveapooch.com where you can get help 'online' to look for your friend. (a list will be available)

Puppies & Kittens

When your pet has a litter, here's the perfect place to come to find homes, we'll match the little ones to those who are looking for a pet. We can even show pictures!

Pets are healthy for a child's development and they bring comfort and companionship to the elderly. 


Don't forget our sister site, (saveakitty) provides the same service for Kittys.


You do not have to be a member to use our services, we are here to help everybody! However, membership in our saveapooch/saveakitty organizations include a personal webpage for you or your business. Check this page out, gift membership in saveapooch.com is a wonderful gift.

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