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Home Owners and Contractors Will Both Benefit From This Opportunity To Meet.


Is better prepared to do business when he/she knows the terminology and how the contractor charges for the improvements. The more the homeowner understands, the better the results. They can learn these things from this site.

As a matter of fact, interested homeowners come here by the thousands each month to gather information and find contractors who can fill their needs.

Contractors come here to see what is new and available to them.


I founded www.buysellfind.net in March of 2000. We design, build and host simple, yet effective web sites for small business. No Swinging monkeys or dancing bananas, just simple business card type sites that provide information that the prospective buyer needs to make a decision. Many people are caught up in "Flash" sites with entertainment value. I simply try to help the buyer find the seller and convey the needed information and the contact information.

In order to accomplish the following:

1. Provide the consumer with enough information to locate and communicate with home improvement professionals about (possibly) their largest investment - their home.

To simply gather enough information to feel comfortable about the contractors they invite into their homes for an interview.

Here at www.side4less.com - www.windows4less.net - www.sunrooms4less.com - you can see how to measure for siding and windows. How contractors price and what you are charged for. Learn the nomenclature and language .

All of this can be found on this very informative site so the homeowner can communicate with the dealers or their representatives. The better informed homeowner will feel more qualified to make the decision to improve their home.

2. Provide a source of low cost sales contacts for the home improvement contractor, therefore, passing these savings on to the homeowner. When the homeowner is better informed they will be able to do business much quicker.

3. Build web sites for the home improvement contractor at a very reasonable cost. Therefore, the consumer will be able to meet contractors on the internet and view their achievements and credentials.

3. Host the contractor's web sites at a very reasonable cost.

4. Provide free consultation to those who need and want to profit from the Internet and learn how to greatly benefit from modern technology.

Home Improvement Manufacturers and Contractors

Makes no difference if you have other links, you want this one in your marketing effort. Check to see if you may LINK from this very popular site to your site.

If someone in your organization tells me, "we're linked, we're fine, we don't need more exposure," they're saying "we've got all we need," "we don't need or want any more business." I would question that attitude. That person simply does not understand sales. More exposure to the buying public equals a lower cost of sale for you.

You might ask them: Why don't we want thousands more interested homeowners seeing our site each month - regardless of other things we have going? If the answer they give you makes sense, I'll buy your lunch.

We know how to help in the following areas:

Home Improvement of all types. Siding, Windows, Sunrooms, Solar Panels, Geothermal Systems, Standby Generators and Roofing. Who knows what will be coming in the area of home improvement and methods of saving energy which saves you money?


Internet applications

We will design and build your site

We will publish your site on the web

We will host your site

We will manage and edit your site

We can do that for less than a dollar per day! Do the math!

We will show you how to use your site as a money maker! Just having a site is not enough, you must market your site to make money. Our directories are an effective marketing tool.

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