Select Your Contractor / Dealer

At some point-in-time a trained professional is going to need to come into your home and see first hand what can be done to correct any problems you may have with windows, siding exteriors, insulation, sunrooms, heat and air, etc.

This person should be qualified, honest, informative and above all have a desire to truly help you solve your problem or project.

This Representative should be from an organization that has proper credentials, such as:

1. Better Business Bureau Affiliation (in good standing).
Of course that alone is not a major factor but it can say a lot about their desire to do business in an "up front" and progressive manner.

2. Past history of satisfied customers who can attest to the expertise, integrity and ability to perform. If the person or company is brand new and they don't have these credentials that does not mean that you have to write them off but you do become an experiment, good or bad, you're taking a little gamble.

3. Look for A Company/Person who can show that if he becomes disabled, sick, hurt or deceased, there is a company or organization who can and will fulfill all promised obligations, such as warranties, etc. I have known of situations where the Contractor/Worker died while the job was in progress! If you don't think that is a BUMMER! The poor guy is dead and there is nobody left to finish your job.

4. This person or company should provide insurance for all areas of liability such as, accidents or damage to your home/property.

5. Does the person or company have an internet presence? Can they be reached via Internet. Remember, the internet is becoming as needed as the phone was a few years back. When you maintain your credentials on a web site they are there for the world to see! Also, they're able to access information and find what's best in this changing world. Without an internet presence they may not be up to date on products and services that may be important.

IMPORTANT! Beware of the person who proudly states: "I can't turn the durn thing on."
(The Computer)

Much of the needed information and techniques used by today's professional is attainable by way of internet! If the guy who is standing in your living room is telling you he is computer illiterate ~ what else is he uninformed about? We are living in the "Information Era".

Use your own judgment, your gut feeling !
Is the person standing in your living room the kind of person you want to trust?

If the answer is YES then go ahead and check him out. If the answer is NO don't go any further.

I hope this has helped you (at least) a little bit!

If we can be of help please feel free to contact me.

Your friend,



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